Velma Can No Longer Call Cops on Her Enemies After New MultiVersus Update

Velma, Scooby-Doo’s bespectacled, occasional lesbian, has been a scourge on MultiVersus. From her solid normal attacks to her projectile and status effect laden specials, Velma has been a genuine threat in the arena—one who can rack up a truly tremendous amount of damage. She is, however, weak in one regard: kill potential. While Velma is survivable and excellent at controlling space, she struggles to finish the job. This inability to kill her enemies led her to call on experts in sudden, frequently unprompted violence: the police.

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They should go full Mortal Kombat with Velma’s kit and have her pull your face off saying “now let’s see who you really are!!” only to reveal blood, tissue, and painful screams.


Watching chuds lose their minds over this changes has been at least a little entertaining.

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