VentureBeat: "The Video Game Industry Must Defend Itself Against The Right's Bad Faith Attacks"

Big props to Rowan Kaiser for putting my anger at the industry’s cowardice, in the face of this latest round of absurd attacks from reactionary, and lobbyist corrupted, politicians, into an articulate format

It’s this bit in particular that gets me
Conservatives hate games, or at least, they mostly do, and they’re the most thin skinned people alive, so I can’t even begin the sheer capitalist “logic” behind kneeling to them at every turn. I guess because they’re also super bad at maintaining their boycott’s? I don’t know.

sigh I don’t have anything really constructive to add, I’m just really Actually Mad about all this and how nothing seems to ever change

While I wish I can agree with you there, one need only look at gamergate to see hordes of reactionaries who love games. However, if you mean the party elders that guide the reactionary young men, I don’t think they care about video games at all. They just know that it’s a reliable old saw to trot out when the logical endpoint of a society with guns violently asserts itself. But they also know that their dipshit sons who buy the most violent of video games aren’t going to do fuck all about it. Because there’s no better game in a young reactionary’s mind than owning the libs, and they’ve never experienced consequences for their actions before, so why would that happen here?


I’ll grant you, there are lots of young “crypto-conservatives” who play games, but, again, I don’t think there’s a more thin-skinned, impossible to please, demographic out there

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I certainly don’t disagree about conservatives being thin skinned, but my assertion is the reason the industry continues to cater to them is because they buy games. Corporations are many things, but being stupid about money is typically not one of them. Someone did the math and found that X percent of their bread is buttered by conservatives, and that amount, combined with the exorbitant tax breaks the decision makers get, leads them to calculate that eating manbaby shit is worth it for their bottom line. Unfortunately, I think capitalism is working just as intended.