Vermintide 2 Discord and group ups

Hey everyone!

I’m really looking forward to playing Vermintide 2 when it releases early next year and was seeing if I could gather some interest amongst the community in the form of some group ups and hopfully a Discord channel.

For people who haven’t played the the first game; it’s a four player coop horde survival similar to Left 4 Dead but with first person melee combat and set in the original Warhammer fantasy universe.

On the harder ‘Cataclysm’ difficulty with an incentive of getting better gear, having a good group of people will help.

Anyone else planning on getting this when it launches?

Here’s the recent gameplay trailer.

Well, I didn’t realize there was going to be a 2nd one. I loved the first, so yeah, I’m getting this day one now.

Awesome that their finally using that End Times license. Chaos Warriors seem positively monstrous.

i’m just playing the first one right now. i’ll definitely be jumping in for the sequel.

Hey yall, we likely won’t make a separate Channel for Vermintide 2 (unless talk about it takes off on the scale of something like Wolfenstein 2, Mario Odyssey, PUBG, etc) but we can definitely make a role on the discord you can ping to group up.

It’s great to see them go with the addition of Chaos in this one. Seemed like an obvious choice to me and I can’t wait to try out that Elven spear!

I also started playing the original recently while I was waiting for Destiny 2 but really got into it. Love those Bardin one liners!

A role would be great thanks M_o.

Hey folks!

The time is nearly upon us! Vermintinde 2 is out on the 8th March and if you have been part of the beta you can now play up until the official release date.

If people are interested we’ll be hitting up potential groups with the ‘Vermintide 2’ role in the ‘grouping up’ channel on the Discord.

Hope to see some of you there.

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Good afternnoon. I am looking for an invite to join the Vermintide 2 Discord. Lvl 27 Elf. Pimp dps

hey mo could i possibly have a invite to the discord

many thanks


Once you’re on the Waypoint Discord we have a Vermintide 2 role you can assign then ping us in the ‘grouping up’ or ‘online shooters’ channel.

For Sigmar!