Vicarious Visions rewarded for THPS 1+2 with Overwatch duty

Vicarious Visions is going to be to Blizzard as High Moon Studios and Raven Software and Neversoft (RIP to all three) are to Call of Duty.

From here on out, I will be responding to all announcements of new Overwatch maps with “Wow, this looks like it would have been a great Tony Hawk level.”


My forlorn hope is that they’re being brought in to fix Warcraft III reforged and remaster other old Blizzard games. But I have to assume that it’s to staunch the slow bleed of talent out of Blizzard.

I’ve seen a few tweets suggesting that this appears to be a move to get Overwatch 2 out the door but I’m sure Jason Schreier or Patrick will come up with something more definitive before too long.

I keep forgetting that Overwatch 2 is a thing

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As a big Overwatch fan this kinda makes me excited? Don’t get me wrong, I liked Tony Hawk 1+2 for what it was, but I still don’t see much of a future in just remaking old Tony Hawk games, and frankly that’s the sort of thing they can get a hired gun studio to complete should they want to.

I just really want Overwatch 2 to come out, if only to get back into new maps and characters like when Overwatch was the multiplayer game.

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According to Jason Schreier they’re working on a Diablo II remake:

Still annoyed at this, I loved THPS 1+2 and was hoping that they’d get to make more Tony Hawk stuff.


That’s a very good project for Vicarious Visions but I wish that didn’t entail them being assimilated into Blizzard.

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Tracer better skate in Overwatch 2. She was born to board.

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They should let VV patch Tracer into THPS 1+2 before they go full Blizzard.

I feel over the years we have learned that it isn’t as easy to create a Tony Hawk game as it should be.

Them still being the remake studio is fun all in all though even if I wish they weren’t gobbled up to do so

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Vicarious Visions are the one of the few non-Call of Duty studio under the ActiBlizz umbrella that has managed to do anything right over the past few years, so I understand why Activision is air-dropping them in to fix the slow-motion pile-up that is Blizzard right now.

Beenox did a great job with Nitro-Fueled, hopefully they get put on whatever the next Tony Hawk thing is.

ToysForBob’s Spyro remaster was outstanding. I disagreed with some of their design decisions on Crash 4 but I am also not as into twitch platformers as I used to be. The more adventure/secret focus of the Spyro remaster was a lot more appealing than the “beat this whole thing without dying” focus of the various Crash games.

I’m pretty bummed because I don’t feel like I want anything Overwatch related anymore but I definitely want more THPS related things. Overwatch was fun for the first year but the more Blizzard tried to push it as an eSport and purposely made changes to casual play just sucked the fun out of it. It was a fun TF2 like game and then it gradually became a CSGO like game.

It was a fun game to play with friends on a weeknight after work and then all of a sudden with a push to become a competitive focused game it was all about ranked play and turning casual play into the place you went to do warmup rounds on which meant they needed to make casual play rules reflect ranked rules.

I really liked Diablo II but you know what I want to play more? THPS 3 + 4

I thought for sure that the success of THPS 1+2 would have inspired Activision to, at the very least, let VV release some kind of THPS3 DLC. I understand that Bobby Kotick’s management philosophy at Activision has always been “making games is a business first - fun shouldn’t come into it,” but I feel like Activision’s portfolio is always one bad Call of Duty year away from utter disaster. VV’s work in the '90s nostalgia space may not have been new territory, per se, but it was at least different territory from what’s currently available. Activision might not have the raw development power of a Ubisoft, but they could theoretically do more than just Call of Duty and Blizzard’s stuff and still probably make a bundle.

Deckard Cain’s Pro Skater

Honestly, if they were going to win me back to this game, they would have done it two years ago. They basically lost their chance now.

Unless they have some kind of massively ambitious 20 hour Avengers-style campaign, I don’t know why I would ever bother with it. It’s exactly what I don’t want out of a competitive game now.