Vice Layoffs: Transitioning to more video content


With the Vice Sports layoffs and Vice shifting more towards video, is Waypoint in trouble? God I hope not. :grimacing:
With Waypoint’s focus on articles over video I can’t help but think they start focusing more on videos going forward. Thoughts?


Shame about Vice Sports, it’s one of the few actually good sports outlets online with any kind of real outreach and platform. I think Waypoint will do fine, as they don’t have to compete with massive established presences in the medium like ESPN who are so engrained in the culture that they end up taking up a lot of space just by them being around. You could argue that the gaming medium is more competetive, but Waypoint is still doing something pretty unique and they have enough of a foothold that I wouldn’t expect them to start cutting people this early.


Hey, this thread name almost gave me a heart attack. Hi.

There aren’t that many sites doing exactly what Waypoint is doing, and they have been shifting more towards finding strong video series, so I’m hoping they will be fine. Though, I think the real hit Waypoint video series has yet to be found; everyone’s kind of doing their own Battlegrounds thing and it’s hard, but I’m confident something uniquely Waypoint will come about and fly high.

EDIT: Seeing that Thump also got shut down.


Waypoint too young to just be layoff at this point. Plus Waypoint been growing at a good pace. I do say they need to mix things up with their videos but other than that their in the green.


So, do people really prefer video over written content? For me, I appreciate good writing much more than good video, and don’t understand the ‘pivot to video’ everyone is trying. Do you all prefer video? And if so, what kind? Like, I enjoy the Breakfast + Battlegrounds, but only as filler, enjoyable, empty calorie content not as any soft of replacement for interesting written content. Is that the kind of video people prefer?

I guess, for me, Waypoint has some extremely smart and talented writers, but some of the video stuff is really just twitch streaming, which is fun, and certainly has a place, and I’m glad they can do and enjoy this, but we’d really be missing out if we lose their written content, where their ideas really shine.


It’s all about that ad revenue. Outlets can secure a lot more money with ads which play before videos than they can with ads located on a static site.


Yeah, never mind, I completely understand that, so long as people are watching the videos. I just haven’t met anyone who likes videos more than words, or who finds video content particularly good at all… But, I realize that’s probably just my bubble.


I’ll say this, I think many people at Waypoint have an excellent video presence and it would be sorely missed if there wasn’t a steady stream of streams.


I like the video too, but (a) wish it didn’t seem like a zero sum game between video and words, (b) would toss video before I tossed words.

Disclaimer I’m also extra salty about this having seen the sports journalism industry gutted of many of its best writers over the past few months, so apologies in advance.


Right there with you. I think there is a happy medium between video and words and imo Waypoint hits it right in that sweet spot.


On your first point, I don’t think there is a too early/small (or too old/big) for a site to be gutted. Glixel had their entire core team and New York office closed earlier this year just a year after being founded. There were other issues involved, but it does show how circumstances can lead to sudden layoffs.

Hope everyone cut in this way fall on their feet (even if they have to change industries).


The radio silence from the Waypoint staff and lack of podcast stream today makes me nervous. Was anything mentioned in the Battlegrounds stream about there not being a live podcast?


I’m just going to throw it out here for myself personally, while most of my favorite critics are writers I personally have a real difficult time with reading. I know how to read but having to read an article that is more than 1000 words can sometimes be difficult. Part of it is dyslexia while part of it is burnout from having to read so much in school/work. Videos are much easier to digest & I can at least listen to them in the background while I do something else. I want there to be more & better writing (and videos) without them really getting in the way of each other, but that’s just my personal experience. Ideally, for me, every written article would have an audio component like a lot of NPR articles do but that is only a dream.


All very fair, and important points. Audio/video has obvious benefits in terms of accessibility. But, this really only becomes an issue if it has to be an either/or between written and audio/video, which, I hope we can all agree that it shouldn’t have to get to that point.


Some people can’t deal with video too, I know at least two neuroatypical peeps who need text only stuff.


Could we maybe change the title of this thread to better reflect that this is speculation at this point?


as said above the title really scared me.

this really sucks, and is just another example of the unchecked stupidity in digital media. this just happened to mtv as well, and a bunch of other people before. hopefully these writers find other jobs soon.

everybody is just trying to be the biggest and most visible, instead of trying to be focused and actually good. while this hasn’t happened to some other publications i used to read, they still bastardized themselves by shifting to video in unthoughtful ways, and writing dumb newsy articles (see Polygon and The Verge). this shit gotta stop.


@Quazarz I mean, there’s accounting for personal taste, but isn’t Polygon the exception here? Their shift to vaguely narrative video content over the last year and a half has been stellar. I do agree about their written output though.


@Quazarz @Link Straight up, Polygon’s video team is easily one of the best going right now. They have some really great people creating unique and entertaining videos. Often downright silly, but also smart and genuine.


The Polygon Show is also the first gaming podcast I’ve seen hosted entirely by women, and wow is it amazing

Polygon’s multimedia projects are some of the best in games journalism imo