Vice Layoffs: Transitioning to more video content

The Polygon show is one of my favorites already.

I have an incredible backpodblastcastlog, so I’m only a couple episodes deep, but yes, it’s totally rad, and they’re all really fun and sharp hosts.

you’re right about accounting for taste. personally i think Polygon was at its best from launch to E3 2014, that’s when they fired a bunch of people and things just changed for the worse.

their videos during that time though were so fucking good. i am not a fan of Let’s Plays i guess this is why i don’t enjoy their videos anymore, but the storytelling about developers and fans that they did prior to E3 2014 are still the pinnacle of games video journalism to me. besides the type of videos that are made, they also just put out too much content, both in video and writing. so many of these digital publications are just plantations.

also i haven’t listened to the Polygon Show cause i stopped checking out their stuff once Waypoint launched.

Simone’s laugh alone is worth the subscription


:joy: know what you’re talking about from seo play

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not sure, but i think Mike was fired. you’d think a company run by a billionaire could afford to keep these jobs around. sad days.

Did they skip recording a podcast today? I’d be curious to hear everyone’s thoughts about this shift.

Yep, damn


Really sad to hear this. Was a big fan of the UK podcast. Hope mike continues in the industry

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Nah, just saw on twitter that it should be coming later.

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F****, please not what I’m afraid of, please.

I’m assuming Zacny is referring to the loss of Waypoint UK (in addition to Motherboard and Vice Sports).


Hope you’re right!

Oof, not a good look.

I’d go as far as to say it’s a bad look.

I think I already know the answer, but is Diver even getting a goodbye piece (that he wrote)? A quick skim revealed no mention of this on today’s podcast, which makes me think they didn’t know.

Conjecture, I’m aware, but… well, damn.

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Hey y’all. It’s going to be a rough little bit here but we want to make sure that nobody goes too far with speculation. The staff members of Waypoint past and present are users here as much as anyone else and we don’t want people trying to pick their lives apart, even if it’s coming from a place of anxiety.


Mike’s been there since the beginning. Loved his work at vice gaming and the UK podcast. Also he’s been great at getting more freelancers (both UK and out). This is really disappointing news. Hopefully he’ll still find somewhere to put his writing (even if he goes back to music coverage like when he was an editor at the BBC). Wish him, and anyone else affected, all the best.


Gonna echo WLV and ask that as all this shakes out we keep speculation to a minimum. Let’s remember these are gonna be tough times for a lot of people we like and are fans of and treat this situation with the compassion befitting that as the people affected navigate the way forward from today.


I don’t have much to add, just wanted to extend my condolences to all who lost their jobs today. Especially sad to see Mike go of course; I wish them all the best.


I was laid off from a job earlier this year with no warning, it was a huge blow, I think mostly because I didn’t expect it. It’s rough, and I hope everyone affected by these Vice layoffs lands on their feet.