Vice website performance (scrolling responsiveness)


Just wanted to poke my head in and say thanks for the reports on this. The dev team has given the thread a read (shout outs to @aaronshapiro for showing it to them!) and as far as I know, they’re working on improvements!


Hey all. Like Austin said… we know. Seriously.

We’re actively working to refactor some of the scrolling this week. You might’ve noticed the new platform we’re moving each of our sites to (I saw Munchies mentioned). There are hiccups as we scale up. Feedback like this is super, super helpful and we all see it – especially me, a big Waypoint fan personally.

Thanks for being constructive. Improvements soon!


Thanks for the response! Have you looked at the localization code I mentioned above? It looks like there’s some super easy wins there, performance wise. A dead simple global cache object for localizations seems like would go a long way towards making scrolling performance better. (and not just scrolling performance—any rendering of react components)


I can’t speak to specific changes – I’m one of our designers – but our engineering lead working on the issue was reading through the thread today. I’ll drop him a note about that specifically in case he missed it, for sure.


Thanks for looking into this, y’all. Browsing Waypoint at work can keep an okay workday from going sour, but it’s been a literal drag to navigate and enjoy for the last couple weeks.


@nightpool Thanks for your diagnosis; it was spot on. I’m working on getting a fix out soon.


@nightpool We just deployed the translations optimization. Do you see an improvement in scrolling performance? (may need to clear cache or go incognito)


Yes. It’s an absolutely huge difference. The site is perfectly usable to me now. There might still be an occasional hiccup, particularly when pages first load, but it’s at the point where it doesn’t bother me personally. Thank you!


It’s like night and day! Awesome job. :smiley:


Yes, absolutely! thank you so much for the quick fix. These scroll handlers look much, much better (the most I ever saw was on the order of ~60ms, and that was only very rarely).


Thanks for the fix (and all the other hard work you and the team does!)


That is SO much better, thanks to everyone who got this done!


ditto that @robertpenner_vice!


Thanks to the engineers and to waypoint staff for bringing it to their attention!! This was a super quick fix!


Wow that was a quick fix! Thanks so much, it’s much better now!