Video Game Guide Writers Help Keep the Lights On But Get No Respect

Alex Seedhouse has spent the last few weeks playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3, a mammoth Japanese role-playing game for the Switch that takes a minimum 54 hours to beat. But Seedhouse has been playing for more than 200 hours to write a comprehensive guide to playing the game and finding its secrets for the website he works for, Nintendo Insider. Earlier this month, Seedhouse accused rival website Screen Rant of plagiarizing his work, a claim Seedhouse said was verifiable because of “deliberate errors” in his work that were copied.

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Screenrant/gamerant I feel are big on manipulating SEO to get to the top of the search page and I have never liked their website. I always curse myself whenever I don’t pay attention to a google result I’m clicking on and find myself on there.


Big same! I can’t think of single instance where I didn’t regret clicking on something from that site because it was always puffed up clickbait, 12 paragraphs of drivel to get to the part that the headline was talking about, and it turning out to be a misrepresentation of some sort anyway. Very frustrating.

Good article Patrick!

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