Video Game Layoffs Are So Common, This Person Built a Website to Track Them

83 days, 22 hours, 59 minutes, and 20 seconds. That’s how long it’s been, as of this writing, since the last “mass layoff” in the video game industry, when Hasbro laid off 86 employees working for one of its mobile game studios. The ominous countdown clock, tracking the next drop, comes courtesy of, a website whose mission statement is impossible to ignore. The numbers rise, second by second, until they inevitably start over.

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Although not a “layoff” in the strict legal sense, the vast majority of AAA titles massively scale down their contract labor force the day after a game ships. This is a process and pattern that is basically built in to the AAA dev cycle now, staffing up and then down again in the 9-12 months before ship. It fucking sucks and it doesn’t even get picked up as news in the way other mass layoffs do.