Video Game Music Appreciation Thread (Video Intensive)


Post video game music you appreciate and I’ll make a youtube playlist of the songs that are posted in this thread!


  • Feel free to post extended, remixed, or arranged songs, but I will only add them if they are from the game itself. Otherwise, I’ll post the original. Example: I’ll gladly post the MvC3 remix of The Sun Rises to the playlist, but not the official piano cover of it that was only on CD, even though it’s amazing.
  • Keep licensed music in the Music category of the site, unless the song is exclusive to the game.
  • For the sake of the mobile/older computer users, only the first song in your post that meets the above will be added to the playlist. So try to keep your posts light for their sake!
  • Try to post some variety. I know the entire VVVVVV soundtrack is amazing, but try not to post the whole thing over a series of 13 posts.
  • When the playlist hits 200 songs, I will lock this thread and open a new thread and a new playlist.

I will begin with a personal favourite.

And here is the link to the playlist:


Donkey Kong Country 2 has the best video game soundtrack ever made in my opinion, with Stickerbrush Symphony being the perfect example of why.


I’ve always been fond of this number from Bastion. That opening guitar lick is so exhilarating.

I could only find extended versions of this one. It sets a tone that I’m not sure any of the games really fulfill, but gee whiz do they use this tune well.


This has been stuck in my head lately




Yo uh Mother 3 has the best OST of all time sry


Ever since Jeff tweeted it a few weeks ago I’ve been thinking a lot about the Pizza Man song in Radikal Bikers. It’s not even good, but I am afraid I am growing to like it. Also, if anyone has lyrics please share it with me.


Way back in the day, back when streaming live video was nothing more than a pipe dream and most of us were watching 120x60 video files in RealPlayer, I owned and operated my own Shoutcast station for video game music. Was pretty popular for it’s time!

Around seven years ago, I used a website called 8tracks to build a playlist (originally what they called a “mixtape”) paying tribute to that shoutcast station called “Videogame Music Worth Listening To.” Unfortunately since then 8tracks has kind of started to suck and now you can only listen to two hours of music a day before they start nagging you to pay for their subscription service. At least my playlist got a gold rating.

As such I can’t really, like, pick a favorite song? About a year ago I resolved to upload my favorite songs to Google Music and it came out to something like 3000 mp3s (out of a library of 10k+).

Like… where do I even begin? I guess… alphabetically?

I… think I should probably stop there for now. I could literally go forever.


When I was a kid this OST tricked me into thinking this was an awesome game. I didn’t think it was fun but the vibes alone earned this baby a few precious rentals.


I’m a big fan of underwater level music, but I think this one is truly exceptional. Ecco was musically on another dimension entirely. What a performance by Tim Follin.


The Seymour Omnis theme in FFX is a cool batshit rave anthem


Gotta get that Persona 5 action on.


Never played Tetrisphere but I’m all about this Aphex Twin-esque breakbeat track:


This always got me pumped at the end of Trigger.


I’m not going to lie, a lot of the Chrono Cross OST legitimately makes me miss being a kid and watching my sister sail on that little polygonal boat for hours.


Okay, got it updated.


I’ve been listening to Sonic Forces’ Westopolis/Vengeance is Mine mashup way too much recently, it’s pretty gosh darn perfect.


Just leaving this here.


Did anyone order some buttrock?


I’m more of a buttmetal guy.