Video Game Music Used for Sampling in Other Music?


So i’ve been catching up with the huge discography of KOOL AD, and a couple of tracks stood out to me from Paradiza Infiniti. The first:

in which the Gannondorf fight from Ocarina of Time is sampled quite prominently.

And the second:

which I think also references OoT, but I’m not sure?? Something about the background reminds me of that game as well, but I could totally be making that up.

Anyways, I’m curious to know if you all know of any other tracks where this sort of sampling comes up? No remixes please :slight_smile:.


Yannick LeJacq at Kotaku wrote a while back about how Drake sampled Mario (inadvertently) and Donkey Kong (advertently) in two different tracks.

Sammus’ (incredible) album ANOTHER M is more or less an entire record of Sammus rapping over Metroid tracks, which is pretty incredible. I highly recommend Mae Jemison, which is just a banger no matter how you slice it.

This sort of thing is also all over the place in electronic music, I’m partial to Ollygon personally but a quick trip down soundcloud will find a bunch of really cool videogamey tracks


Terrorist Threats by Ab-Soul samples the Bastion OST. There’s another much less known rapper called SB The Moor who sampled the Psychonauts OST pretty heavily on his first album.


Drake is really good at doing this

Also Trinidad James talking about his beat sounding like 007 on N64 has always made this song enjoyable for me



Yeah Lil B is a great example:




Wiz Khalifa - Never Been having a sample of Chrono Trigger (Schala’s Theme by Yasunori Matsuda) always blew my mind


Schala’s Theme from Chrono Trigger

EDIT: Goddammit @equitasinvictus

Guess I’ll just have to post Never Been Part 2 which samples Secrets of the Forest


What are the odds we basically post within the same minute?! It’s all good though haha, worth posting twice for Schala’s Theme and Chrono Trigger!


@equitasinvictus @Devour Yeah I saw you both post the same song and refreshed cuz I thought it was a bug at first haha. Also this is really making me want to listen to the Chrono Trigger OST again it’s so good :cry:


one of the only things that reliably makes me cry whenever i see it is the clip at the end of that video

also here’s another Lil B entry with a hot Ico sample


Here is one of my personal favourites

Burial’s Archangel

And Opening Infiltration from the MGS2 OST


For a veryyy extensive overview of this kind of stuff:


Not sure if anyone has mentioned that Kanye West sampled the “Perfect” sound effect from Street Fighter 2 in Facts.


This is perfect, thanks for the link!


surprised I didn’t think of this sooner


More with Chrono Trigger:

Also from 2006, Omarion - ‘Ice Box’ samples ‘Sealed Door’ and also includes clocks in the imagery.


Del the Funky Homosapian once sampled Darkstalkers:

And then there’s this one that’ll get stuck in your head:


wow this similarity just blew me away but i regret to inform you the actual sample is from a smooth jazz track nobody knows (skip to like 3:30 to hear that piano riff)