Video game OP's

Do you all sometimes remember old game intros? I grew up in the 90’s, when FMV was just getting popular, so sometimes just the weirdest ones come to mind as something I was awed by.

Post your favorites here.

This thread brought to you by: Anarchy Online. A Funcom production, you know, the studio that brought you the point-and-click classic The Longest Journey and then suddenly an MMORPG. Early 2000’s were wild. I was in the beta. It was weird.

Anarchy Online OP


I still have my Anarchy Online box!

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I was hugely impressed by Xenogears’ sick anime intro when I dug into it earlier this year. It also could feasibly be a deleted scene from Eva.

You shall be as gods.


Sick! Rebel or corporate scum? :slight_smile: (tbh I can’t even remember what I played back then, likely a bit of both)

It was a decently produced game as I remember it. The competition was, like, Everquest and Asheron’s Call? DAoC? Ultima Online to a minor extent? God, MMORPG isn’t even a term in gaming vocabulary these days but for a time it certainly was.

Hell yeah.


Tech Romancer had some real good fake anime


Finally I can share one of the greatest moments in gaming history.

I have no idea what this game is, nobody ever talks about it, but this is just pure perfection. I saw it on G4TV like 17 years ago and never forgot it.


7th Dragon 2020’s opening (featuring special guest Hatsune Miku) is pretty good.

And while it’s technically not an opening, the song has massive anime OP energy, so I can’t not link Into Free ~Dangan~ from Dragon’s Dogma.


I best not be hearing smack talked about The Secret World here. The writing and vibe of that game was stellar.

So anyway, the thread here is best old game intros? Well, how are we defining old? Because my mind went straight to the Skate 2 (a 12 year old game) intro for some reason.

Man, ELO’s “Showdown” is an underrated song.

  1. “Rising Zan” has big “Axe Cop” energy.

  2. I’m now downloading 7th Dragon III for 3DS because I don’t have a PSP. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this game, this looks fantastic!

I think the one that really wowed me as a kid was Final Fantasy VIII. I think VII has a more iconic opening sequence, I can practically describe that one shot-for-shot, but the impressive prerendered cut scene with a lyrical song and everything really blew my mind when I first saw it.

A couple of post-90s favourites: Kingdom Hearts - Sora falling to Simple and Clean, S-Tier OP; and Persona 5 having a literal anime opening directed by Sayo Yamamoto (of Yuri!!! on Ice fame) is neat.


I seem to recall that you started with Omni-Tek and if you wanted to switch to the Clans you had to make your way out to their cities? I never actually got that far.

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The trailer for the original X-Com (called UFO in some regions) wrote a lot of checks that the game could not cash, primarily about how easily your soldiers will dispatch… a dozen Mutons… with starting weapons…

The sequel does not make that mistake, and I still absolutely love its vibe!


I am once again beating the RISK SYSTEM drum


I’ve always loved the opening for Suikoden III. Really made me wish there was an anime

And the opening for Ape Escape will never fail to make me smile.

More of today’s games should have intros! They were fun and set the mood.


I’ve never met anyone else who’s played this, but the game that got me interested in PC gaming was a Myst-like called Amber: Journeys Beyond. As a kid, it was kind of a revelation: ghosts! weird science stuff! spooky music!

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Oh, I gotta throw out Sonic Boom! The ultimate classic! (And this is the Sonic CD opening, not the opening to the terrible WiiU game that is only the second-most hilariously bad game in this franchise.)

Make this Sonic movie, you cowards.


Wait, this is just $10 on Itch? In fact, I already own it as a part of last year’s Racial Justice bundle?? What on earth

I could not get enough of this shit


Only played an hour or two of it, but Tales is pretty good.

Atelier games also have decent openings.