Video game OP's

Hell, yeah! Now that’s Sonic to me.

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Don’t worry; RISK SYSTEM secretly being one of the best games ever made is the best kept secret of shmups. HIGHLY recommend it, but huuuuuge photosensitive warning.

If the OP didn’t sell you on playing it, this might (spoilers): the ending theme is a vocaloid song


I dunno about “favourite”, but I definitely have nostlagia for the bombastic intro vids from the Jane’s simulation games.

688i: 688(I) Intro Sequence - YouTube

ATF: Jane's Advanced Tactical Fighters Opening Video - YouTube

Check out that interlacing.

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I was going to post this exact thing. I would watch the Suikoden 3 intro on repeat, it’s absolutely amazing.

Second place is


Final Fantasy VIII intro also sticks out to me as very memorable. It felt so cool to see at the time, and it still fills me with joy every time I watch it.

For my contribution to the thread, I present the original intro for System Shock 2. Most of the intro is exposition, but Shodan’s opening lines are the things of nightmares.


I admit to having never seen the initialism “OP” used for intro cinematics, so I waited a bit to check that these are the kind of thing that was wanted… [Some googling fails to identify which meaning of “OP” this comes from - any help?]

From the Amiga era - the intro (along with the XCOM one posted by Matthias) that I most associate with the platform (and Psygnosis as a publisher):

And, secondly, the most anime, and least representative of the genre of game it actually represented (Apidya is a side-scrolling shooter) I can remember from the era:

[In both cases I’ve linked to where the intro starts]


I still watch the Chrono Cross opening from time to time. I have been meaning to replay it…


It does seem pretty cool, although I’m also awful at it and would love an actual difficulty system* :slight_smile:
Otherwise, it looks like a fusion of anime, R-Type and Ikaruga so I can approve of the actual design!

(*“The plot progresses differently dependant on how well you do” is a great way to make me super anxious about being bad at a thing. )

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Emperor Battle for Dune has a glorious FMV intro. Very heavily influenced by David Lynch’s Dune.

Mechwarrior 4 Vengeance has a similarly campy intro.

Bring back over ambitious FMV!


Atelier had a stretch there in the Dusk trilogy where they were like “we’re gonna direct the hell out of these openings.”


Very minor spoilers: It’s not quite that; the game has a scoring system, and if you get A rank on every level during a playthrough, there’s a secret final level and a different ending. I would also like better accessibility and difficulty options in that game, though.


I’m surprised Melee hasn’t coming up; along with the trophy info in this game, the opening more or less set the standard as to how I perceived Video Games when I was a kid.

EDIT: i may be biased because i am sleep deprived, but watching this again gave me constant goosebumps and i think watching this opening as a kid may have permanently altered the course of my life


Embarrassing for this whole community that no one has posted the Wild Arms intro.

That theme song is sooooooooooooooo good


still get chills.

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These two BLEW MY MIND with how cool and smooth the animations looked!

I was going to cherry-pick like the two best intros to classic LucasArts adventures but could not decide so here’s a lot of them!


They sort of did


Oh god, I am truly going to be here for days…

My friend was convinced that Overblood was the greatest game ever made… I watched him play through it twice. It was so boring.

Resident Evil 2 from the capcom logo is pretty definitive for me. This is how you tease your survival horror with light puzzles OVERBLOOD.

Abe’s Oddyseey introduces to the game’s atmosphere and tone. Strong call to action. Went from cinematic into the game. Holy shit.

Nothing has spelled out ‘NEXT GEN’ like the intro to Sonic Adventure. It’s a beautiful day, but then Chaos strikes and destroys a skyscraper, dig those watery graphics. You’ve got eggman’s spaceship, islands falling from the sky. First person perspective, moving really fast to diet Soundgarden. Cool Tails doesn’t look back at explosions. Sexy pink hedghog, what’s her deal? Was that a cat with a fishing rod? Within this opening cutscene, Mario never felt so lame.

Nothing spelled out ‘NEXT GEN’ until Perfect Dark Zero came out:

Which was contrary to the baddest assed video game ever:

I’d just turn this on and vibe to it when I was 13 years old. Of course if you pressed the start button, you’d get the killer music.

And then you played the first level. A flyover over bladerunner cityscape. Starting at the top of Datadyne tower. Those dark ass bassey synths as you worked your way down blasting company mercs with duel CMPs. I don’t think any game has made me feel as cold and badass as the opening level of Perfect Dark. Youy shoot a fool in the back of the head, he asks in vain “why me?”. Because your on their payroll mate, succumb to the perfect dark.

Oh god I really hope that new Perfect Dark game they have cooking up at least has the dark spy techno of the N64 version.


I recorded sky gunners op off g4 cinematech and rewatched it so many times. I love anime Europe, and airplane fantasy steampunk, and I especially love that song.

Eventually got to play the game itself, which was interesting I guess, but I’m still just all about that op.

Wild arms 1 is good too.


Bandai Namco’s Anime Games tend to have pretty great intros, specifically thinking of the God Eater games and Code Vein, and Scarlet Nexus revealed it’s own Op pretty recently which I think is roughly the same team. I think God Eater 3 is my fave of the bunch, followed by the new Scarlet Nexus one and then Code Vein.


Thank you for shouting these out, it often feels like I’m the only person that cares that God Eater exists.

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