Video game replay creativity (machinima thread)


So there have been discussions about replays and machinima here (along with a lot of discussion around the wider topic of LPers and the politics & legalities of recorded footage in general - something the WP staff have even covered when discussing persuading Vice legal to actually let them stream), but one of my favourite things about footage recording is how creative it has always been.

From the early demoscene into (initially speedruns) recording Doom and Quake [with mods applied] (picking up the same terminology and so those recordings being called demos) into it getting the portmanteau of machinima (maybe less used today than a decade or two ago). It was always about limitations and creatively seeing what was possible. Nowadays we’ve got pretty large companies built on top of professionally creating that work - often also being involved in creating official trailers for games.

One of those really cool niche things I enjoy is watching people poking at open world games to build trailers for different games. GTA V/Online is probably the biggest canvas used for this purpose. Take some mods and camera tools and a lot of time, add a great eye for landscapes that approximate what’s in the original trailer, and you can get results like this. The work required for this stuff is impressive but also shows off just how great the final results can be, given decent tools and a really big world to explore and film in.

(I couldn’t see a generic machinima/replay discussion thread so maybe we should use this for that) Are you a fan of replays? What attracts you to watching them? Something new caught your eye or want to bring attention to an old demo you loved at the time?