Video Game Soundtracks on Vinyl and Vinyl in General


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So for Christmas I received a turntable from my girlfriends Mom. It was originally meant for her Dad but he didn’t want it and it ended up in my possession. I also managed to take a bunch of their old vinyl records with me.

Flash forward several months, I’ve upgraded the turntable to something more robust and I’ve decided that the niche hobby of collecting music on vinyl wasn’t quite as niche as I wanted it to be. So now I’m starting to collect video game soundtracks. So far my collection stands:

  • Revenge of Shinobi (Data Discs)
  • Thunder Blade/Galaxy Force (Data Discs)
  • Panzer Dragoon (Data Discs)
  • Castlevania II Simon’s Quest (Mondo)
  • Castlevania III Dracula’s Curse (Mondo)

and I’m only getting started. I would LOVE to own the Persona 5 soundtrack but iam8bit is pricing it at $175 for the complete edition which is highway robbery.

Does anyone else indulge in this little hobby? What are some of your personal favorites? What retailers do you tend to gravitate to?

So far I’ve stuck with Data Discs and Mondo as my go-to but I’ve been eyeing others. A company called ShiptoStore is selling the Snatcher soundtrack which I kind of want.


I’ve collected a few, particularly proud of my Outrun set from data discs, Mother 1 and 2 (the Mother 1 is the arranged OST with vocal tracks), and I’ve been lucky enough that some of my favorite games have gotten the vinyl treatment, like Battletoads, Journey, and Undertale.

I definitely know what you mean about the persona 5 set, but for 6 LPs…


The only video game soundtracks in my vinyl collection are the one that Humble Bundle did a few years ago and this cool thing I just got last week

The label is Invada, who I’ve also got the Drive soundtrack from


This is also probably as good of a thread as any to post links to your Discogs if you’re as deep into the record collection pit as I am


Right now, I mostly buy Data Discs. Their releases look so good and they do such an incredible job packaging and shipping.

Brave Wave don’t do a ton of releases yet. Their Street Fighter II: The Definitive Soundtrack is so impressive. Probably my favorite game soundtrack to get a vinyl release.


For a few months, I was planning to start a collection of vinyls from games I like but by the third one I realized that was going to be an expensive hobby. In the end, I have: Life Is Strange (super glad to have this one but crap it cost me a lot), Oxenfree & Transistor.

I was really close to buy the Persona 5 vinyl few days ago though.

Edit: The Oxenfree vinyl wasn’t here when I took the picture (curse you Iam8bit and your shipping delays) and I’m not home for a few days:

Unnecessary pic to show unnecessary stuff


I have the Data Discs Streets of Rage 1&2 vinyls, and went for the SF2 Brave Wave CD. I’d love for Data Discs to move away from solely Sega, but I guess that must be where they have contracts / deals


I don’t have a crazy large vinyl collection but I’ll create an account and add my stuff. Didn’t know that site existed, thanks!


I bought the Street Fighter 2 OST Special Edition from Brave Wave. I think I mostly bought it for th story behind how they go they recorded the master for CPS-1 and CPS-2, each with their own distinct sound. The original Street Fighter II: The World Warrior ran on CPS-1, while Super Street Fighter II Turbo was built for the newer CPS-2.

The packaging alone makes it one of my favorites.


They did a repress of the FEZ soundtrack lately and I snagged one (they’re still for sale if you’re into that I believe on polytron’s store page and it’s not outrageously expensive).

I also grabbed the Thumper soundtrack but it’s only listenable in very very specific instances/moods. It’s a pretty disc I guess for decoration.

Only really want to collect vinyl for soundtracks I’ll really consider re-listening to, as it’s expensive.

I’m just primarily sitting here with dollar vinyl classical music otherwise. Horrible terrible things like “Baroque music for Recorder” and “Baroque Festival” peppered with dvorak and some other composers :smiley:


Oh man I’d want that Thumper.
I was really lucky in that when I turned 18, my dad sat myself and my sister down (she’s two years older) opened his massive vinyl collection and said "as long as you can agree, split this how you want."
She got The Velvet Underground - I got Springsteen
She got The Rolling Stones - I got The Beatles
She got The Who - I got Bowie.

It was one of the toughest fantasy football drafts ever.


I only have one game vinyl so far, the Watch Dogs 2 ost by Hudson Mohawke (which is a real good electronic album), but I have been slowly but surely growing out my regular vinyl collection. Also, since Street Fighter vinyl has come up here, has anyone seen 3rd Strike on vinyl per chance?


One record that I really want to get is the Carpenter Brut Trilogy he put out on Bandcamp. It’s not for sale anymore and basically hovers around 140 bucks on Ebay.


Only game one so far I have is the 65daysofstatic No Man’s Sky OST. Got the iam8bit one and the one the band released themselves but that’s more to do with me just loving the band than anything.

I’d really like the Hyper Light Drifter on but iam8bit is way to expensive, especially once you tack on shipping etc.


the only one I currently own is the OST of Swords and Sworcery LP, which I picked up off of bandcamp. at this point i’ve listened to that record more times that I’ve ever touched the game.

I’d really like to have that Outrun Data Disc, but the one I’m really desiring is that artbook/vinyl combo they did for Rez over at iam8bit. it’s gorgeous and the exactly the kind of thing I’d sit down and zone out to.


I only have Undertale on vinyl, only because I knew it was something I had to have the day pre-orders were announced. I don’t even own a record player, but the packaging itself is so cool I could not resist. I also just feel obligated to give Toby Fox money for that game whenever I can.

Look at how beautiful it is though


I should get the Undertale LP. But I’m hesitant about ordering from iam8bit.


So I bought a turntable with every intention to start this particular hobby and then returned it when I realized that I didn’t have the cash money to invest in a set-up that would satisfy me. I kept the vinyl though. It turns out that I love vinyl & vinyl packaging design just as much as hearing the actual music.

My collection is a grand total of three and has no videogame albums in it yet, but man would Persona 5 be sweet.


I’ve been looking at their stuff and everything (maybe except the price) about their soundtracks looks so good! Is there a specific reason you are hesitant to order from them?

Right now, I still don’t have any game soundtracks on vinyl, but I do own a Japanese import of the Secret of Mana soundtrack. Probably the most expensive CD I own, purely because of the shipping costs I paid at the time.


The only game soundtracks I have on Vinyl are Journey and No Man’s Sky, both of which were done through iam8bit who bless their existence it’s a very good thing.

Now I just need the Nier: Automata soundtrack on vinyl