Video Game Zines: What's Out There?

I’m a big fan of zines and zine culture, plus I make a video game zine. Here’s one that a friend of mine made that has game parodies, such as a tooth-brushing simulator. Then there are actual magazines, such as Kill Screen, but I don’t know of any zines.

Does anyone know of any video game zines that I can find/order over the internet?



It isn’t quite the photocopy-and-staples vibe of your classic zine, but I really dug Hannah Nicklin’s A Psychogeography of Games

Would love to see what else is out there!


That looks awesome! Thanks so much!

I think about this more than you would expect. I think there is a lot of cross-over between zines/comics and hobbyist games. But I think “zine” is a broad term and I’m not sure what I want. For instance: how is a online zine significantly different than a game-blog? (Actually, I would say that a blog doesn’t have an established length, but still). Also, are physical copies worthwhile? Or do they have a negative impact on distribution and potential?
These question lead me to think that there are a lot of things with zine-like qualities, but they take a lot of different forms.

The Arcade Review is something I really enjoyed.

The various writing projects of thecatamites such as A1 reviews and My Friend Pokey seem zine-like to me.

Heterotopias looks interesting to me, but I haven’t paid up to find out if it actually is.

Porpentine has put out some stuff that seems zine-like such as Trashgasm, Psycho Nymph Exile, and there was this thing she organized where a few people contributed games to a collaborative release. It was called “Amulet” or something like that, but I can’t seem to find it.
Edit: Sergio found it.

Sufficiently Human seems somehow game/zine relevant

You see what I mean? I don’t really know what makes something zine-like except that it appeals to me in a similar way as zines do.
Also here is a game I made where you make your own zine.

I keep playing with the idea of putting hobbyist game critique and impressions in a game as some form of a zine. I’m not sure if that will ever happen.


Personally, I’m a print fetishist, so the idea of little bite-size booklets are extremely appealing. Plus I love the textures of print on paper as well as the scent of books, etc. So I’m really looking for stuff to print, not just things that feel zine-like.

That being said, Holy Jackpot, Batman! Thank you so much for all of those links! I’m already printing out some issues of Arcade Review and I’m bookmarking Heterotopias for when I’ve got some expendable income.

Here’s a link to my zine. I didn’t include it in the original post because I didn’t start this thread to be promotional, but you seem like you’d genuinely be interested.

And I highly recommend you to follow through with your zine idea! Even though I make no money, it always feels rewarding to have something complete that you can share. Plus, whenever you finish an issue, you know you’ll have at least one reader who’s interested. :wink:

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Loading Bar has one. Check it out (by going into one of their bars).

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Unwinnable would probably be up your alley. It’s even featured some Waypoint writers!

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This looks pretty cool.

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I would definitely recommend Heterotopias to anyone interested in architecture and virtual spaces. There’s some fantastic photo essays in the zines and some cool interviews. One in particular that I remember fondly is a study on the indie game NaissanceE (which is a game all about architecture) and the follow-up interview with the creator. If you want a taste of the kind of writing that’s included, the studies available for free on the site are along the same lines. I like this one about Prey and how it pays homage to the often forgotten Russian designer, Galina Balashova.


we still talking about zines up in here cos this looks like the new hotness

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That looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!