Video games or videogames?

Don’t be on the wrong side of history.

  • video games
  • videogames

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And so it begins

I stand with Webster.

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No option for vidya gamez? Mods shut this thread down!

Seems your website has made up it’s mind:


That said… videogames, because it’s 2017, not 1987.


it’s vidjagames

Being wrong about videogames is my whole brand.


It’s pronounced videojames.

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It’s pronounced

I feel like I prefer “videogames” in a theoretical sense. We aren’t playing games that happen to be video based (like “video games” would seem to imply), we’re playing a specific type of game that is intrinsically linked to technology.

But it just looks so ugly when it’s actually written out like that. “Video games” is so much easier on the eyes. Plus, other types of game don’t mash the words together (it’s “board games” not “boardgames”, “card games” not “cardgames”), so I think it’s better to keep it as “video games” for consistency. And for me, readability and internal consistency >>> theoretical correctness when it comes to how we use language.

So “video games” gets my vote, though I can see the argument for “videogames”.

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As a counterpoint to this we do have ‘movies’ as a much shorter form of ‘moving/motion pictures’ (and ‘counterpoint’ for ‘a point to counter your argument with’ for that matter). People often also say ‘comics’ instead of ‘comic books’ and ‘webcomics’ instead of ‘comic books on the World Wide Web’. Basically, the English language has a tendency to eventually shorten common two-word phrases into new, single words.

All that being said, I still voted for ‘video games’ over ‘videogames’ because I think simply smashing the two words together doesn’t look right and we already have a sort of spacing rule established with card/board/dice/tabletop games. If anything, it would probably be better to just eventually have an entirely new word, though that’s unlikely to happen in the near future.

In other words, the correct answer is vidcons.


takes sip of cognac

“I prefer interactive arts.”


how does this even need to be a poll

I will accept v-games as an answer

board games or boardgames?

Waypoint or Way point?

It’s videodromes actually