Video Games That Are Worth More Than $60


I was just having a discussion with my friend about an MMO (Dungeons & Dragons Online) which sells all of its content packs in a bundle for a one time fee of $250, rather than having you pay a monthly fee.

I though this was really smart, because that’s months and months worth of content, and hundreds of hours of playtime. And realistically, if you’re going to be spending that much time with a game, $250 shouldn’t be that much, considering $60 is the price of a standard game that can be anywhere from 15-50 hours long.

With something like an MMO, or Skyrim, or Breath of the Wild, or Witcher 3, I think some strong cases can be made for charging upwards of $100+ for those experiences, considering their vastness and depth of content.

Now, I’m not the kind of person who makes the argument of “one dollar, one hour,” because frankly, I feel that’s a silly way to judge the value of a game, so I’d probably be more open to a change in pricing.

I understand that $60 is a lot, but do you feel there are games worth more than $60? If so, what are they? If not… why not?


I think it is possible to make a game that is worth more than 60$, Persona 5 strikes me as an example of something that more than justified the price, but as someone who can barely cough up $60 for a game, please don’t tell developers that.


Team Fortress 2 prior to it jumping the shark. Such a great game that I’ve sunk over a thousand hours into. The communities that came out of that game were great and you can find servers running unique and interesting maps. Then quick play and a thousand hats came…

If Valve announced Team Fortress 3 running on Source 2 with no hats or quickplay I would drop $80 day one for it no questions asked.


I wish it was the inverse - that there was an easy way for me to pay MORE for a game that I really appreciate. For example, I’ve purchased Invisible, Inc. as a gift a number of times, mostly because I want to support Klei.

For the 50+ hours, and many more to come, I’ve had for the $30 I spent on Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, I really wish there was a way to say “thank you.”

I hear most people hating on micro transactions, and to be fair, they’re rarely implemented in a way that isn’t egregious, but if PUBG implemented an item store, you can sure as shit bet I’d fork over another $100, because to me, the game is worth $130.

  • Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 - Despite its flaws (esp in handling LGBT issues), Persona 4 is still my favourite game of all time. I walked through a blizzard to get this game on the day of release and if they would have said it was three, four, even five times as much as I paid for it (even without knowing how much I would have enjoyed it), I would have paid it. I think many people would agree, as I know quite a few people who ended up buying a Vita purely for Golden.
  • Rez - I am legit going to buy a PS VR when I have money purely to experience one new level of this game made for VR.
  • Mother 3 - How much you want me to spend for a legit release, Nintendo? $100? $200? $500?
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 5 - I literally bought the big special edition for no other reason than I would have paid well over $100 for the game.
  • World of Warcraft - I’m probably past the $1000 range at this point.
  • Super Mario 64 - Especially back in the day. The N64 launched with two games and it was well worth it just to get this game. Also, DYK that in Canada, N64 games were more than $100 because our dollar was so low?
  • Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC - With the way FC ended and the unlikelihood that SC was ever going to come out, there was a time where I was in a “name your price and I’ll pay it” mood when it comes to ever getting an English localization. Hell, I even bought 5 extra copies of FC when it came to Steam just to give away to people.
  • Overwatch - I have sunk more than $100 into the game because I feel the game is worth spending money on. I don’t want to lose the carrot on the stick of loot boxes with every level up, but I still want to support the game I’ve already sunk hundreds of hours into.
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Pretty damn sure you could have bought a 3DS just for that and been satisfied.


If we’re going by how much time we end up spending and how absorbed we get into a game, then I guess my example right now is Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds- and nobody’s more surprised to hear that than me.

When it came out I definitely looked at the price and thought $30 was maybe a little steep for what it seemed to be. But then I took a slight leap and decided to buy it when the Giant Bomb guys were speaking so unexpectedly highly of it.

It’s now been a couple of weeks and I’ve easily spent enough time playing it (or thinking about it when I’m not playing it) to justify twice what it cost; probably more.


PUBG does have a community market for all the cosmetic items, I’m sure they will be adding more to it.


Yeah, that’s true, I just want to see my money going to Bluehole (never gonna get over how weird that studio name is…)


I think for more people than we’d like to believe, this is a question of “how much of my weekly after taxes can I spend on one thing and not feel bad about it the next time I have an unexpected expense.” Most of us could easily name games we spent 30$ or less on in the last few years that are new faves. The “price the market will bear” v. “the worth I extract/imbue” is out of whack across the board, not because of our gratitude & appreciation, but rather the serious ass drop in value of real wages since I was a high-schooler, or alive at all for that matter…

…This maaay not be the question you were asking, though…

…I mean Mass Effect 2 & KotOR


The sooner I can buy stupid over the top character cosmetics, the sooner they make a lot of money off of me.


All I want is some black leggings, a motorcycle jacket, bootlets, and gold jewelry for my dope ass murder-lady so she can murder people harder.

And maybe some ray bans. Yeah. Those will help her do more murderin’

Also, sorry I missed syncing up with you the other day - I’ll be on later tonight if you’re around.


Yeah, that’s a really solid point. It’s easy for me to forget that wages are not what they used to be (though I’m in the same millennial boat, I was extremely lucky to land something relatively cushy a few years ago.)

It would just be nice if there was a way to quite literally ‘tip’ developers.


I don’t have a PS4. The collector’s edition of Persona 5 was only available on PS4. I bought it and the PS3 copy, totaling $198 Canadian. I’d buy the DLC too, but it’s not cross buy, so I’ll wait till I get a PS4. It’ll probably all be bundled together by that point.

A lot of the games in the “games you’ve bought multiple times” thread are games that I’ve bought because I think they are a good value and worth spending the money on.


The efficacy of this stuff scales upwards (in terms of dev/pub size) poorly, but supporting them as you might your favorite bands or filmmakers is a good start. Gift the actual thing to as many people as you can financially, and evangelize to the unconverted. A vocal fanbase & a long tail can be hugely helpful.


If any of the games that I played upwards of 60 hours actually cost more than whatever I purchased them for, I would have judged them much more harshly, making the time/value hurdle higher than they otherwise were. So, I don’t think my 100+ hour faves would actually make the cut.

After some thought, I think the games that qualify as being worth more to me than what I paid are the ones I hold the warmest sentiment towards. Basically, the games that I constantly refer to, that I feel shaped my tastes in some way, and that I played a lot of:

  • Final Fantasy X
  • Persona 4
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  • The Sims 2 & The Sims 3


I’m in the boat of like. I probably have games that are technically worth more than 100+ I guess. But I would. Not have played those games if they cost that much.

Also I am kinda uncomfortable with the idea of conflating enjoyment of a thing with increase in that things monetary value? Like. I dunno. I like Telltale games a lot and don’t mind giving Telltale that money. But it feels weird to go “oh yeah these should cost more”


Yeah, at this point I mostly regret playing with younger people (and being a younger person) with beta TERA, the first time I played a Bluehole game. With instability, disconnects, etc. in beta there was a lot of discussion of “staring at the butthole logo,” when someone was asked where they were/went.

Which is… basically something I think of every single time I see that splash screen.


Yep, you said it, Mother 3. As difficult a sell as it would be to the rest of the world, I’d pay a significant amount of money to own that video game on a legit platform.


Aaaaaand today is the day I realized that Bluehole makes Tera. I take back everything I said. They don’t need any more money. If I could give that cash directly to Playerunknown and his team, I would.


Bluehole owns TERA?

News to me.