Video Games vs. Videogames


Careful, only one of these options is objectively correct.

  • Video Games
  • Videogames

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(I considered adding “anime” as a third poll option, but I’m genuinely curious about the results)

Video games or videogames?

Even if we disagree, I’d just like to say I’m glad this question wasn’t, “are video games sandwiches?”

Are video games/videogames sandwiches?

Never really been anal about either usage, but I default to videogames when I type.

Also in before the inevitable “gif vs jif” thread.


Video Games

Follow AP Style.


I prefer “:b:️ideo :b:️ames”


Never mind, this is the actual correct answer.^^^


Worth noting that one of the best books on the medium is merritt k’s Videogames for Humans.


I’m glad the official site style is correct.

Board games.
Computer games.
[guess what comes next]


Merritt’s reasoning is why I use “videogames” actually!

One word implies that they’re a wholly unique medium, two words implies they’re a subset of the broader medium of “Games”


I picked it up for a similar reason but from Douglas Wilson, designer of Johann Sebastian Joust, and his talk at Stanford University.


The correct answer is Vidya James so I’m gonna abstain and protest this election


I instinctively looked for an RT button


videogames dot com


These are all really weird ways to spell deathstranding, y’all :confused:


I think you mean transfarring



I’m from 300 years in the future and I saw this thread using “technology.”

We call them “holo-grames.” Everyone loves them!

Gotta go!


…but isn’t that what they are?


They’re alright.


this is what everyone unironically calls me


Why would they be fighting? They’re best friends.