Videos You Think Are Cool!


I wanted to share some videos, you should share them too! Film essays, music videos, meme videos, gaming videos, any kind!


this is my favorite video


Some of my favorite Every Frame A Painting videos

Satoshi Kon

Jackie Chan


The only thing I could really think of right now was this video of some cubes doing a nice dance:


Not exactly a ‘cool’ video, but very well made.


this is a classic imo


This is, like, an inverse meme? By this point you’ve probably seen the “Hit it, Joe!” video where a dude whales on an old-timey piano–organ–one-man-band thing and it’s totally a jam. When I saw it, I listened to it for an hour straight, and then got really curious about where it came from. So, I dug around for the source: Turns out, it’s a guy named Joe Rinaudo playing the American Fotoplayer—an instrument used to accompany silent films—on a Californian public television show! A friend of his uploaded the full episode to youtube, where he goes into detail about it:


Every Frame a Painting is good. So is NerdWriter


Every Frame a Painting is gorgeous and insightful.

I also really like Mark Brown’s Game Maker’s Toolkit and Boss Keys series.

Also Adam Koebel does great advice for GMs/tabletop RPGs in general in his Office Hours stream/vods:


This is probably my favorite music video with two of my favorite dancer (Aya & Bambi)


I’ve been delving in to academic videos and research, and crowd simulation videos are pretty mesmerizing.




Okay, so 90% of what I post in here is either going to be fight scenes or dancing.


A couple classics:


I will visit this thread often, but for now:



I thought this was a v cool little breakdown of the turn-of-the-millennium Pokémadness and why it was unique to that particular moment


Brett Novak is a real talented filmmaker that only a small amount of people know about because he focus’ on skateboarding. Videos like this are what got me around on sports being a form of self expression & art.