Vinyl Records: They're like CDs, only bigger and people still use them


Sometimes I just love 2 feel sad


Say goodbye to your spending money.

(Also, not to sound too /r/vinyl, but you might want to put your speakers on a separate surface from the turntable - it is very, very sensitive to external vibrations!)


Yep, or invest in some rubber speaker rests

I purchased mine off audioengine, probably want to just double check the sizes. They do offer small and large sizes for their own speakers but I can’t see why they wouldn’t work on others.


Nice little setup. I use the same speakers :grin:


i love vinyl records, own probably a hundred, but i take issue with your thread title - i still buy and use CD’s too, dangit! :laughing:



I’m actually really happy to see that it did cause dang I love me some Vinyl records.

Just a little heads up to folk that a vinyl boxset for the Nier games went up for Pre-order a few weeks ago

In case you love those games and vinyl at the same time. I know I slammed the pre-order button as soon as I heard.


Local shop was having a sale so I poked my head in.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Murder of the Universe

This was on Vomit coloured vinyl. They definitely nailed the look they were going for.

Very cool album, my favourite of the 3 KGATLW releases so far this year. Biggest gripe is it’s 3 separate larger pieces. The Tale of the Altered Beast, Lord of Lightning vs Balrog and Han-Tyumi and the Murder of the Universe. The album is on a single LP, so Lord of Lightning vs Balrog is split across 2 sides. It’s my fav of the 3, so it’s especially unfortunate. A better solution would be a 2LP with an etched side D? to avoid splitting across sides of the album. Oh well, not a deal breaker as I bought it. Came with a cool lyric booklet too, not expected.

Next is Electric Wizard - Dopethrone

Been meaning to buy this for a while, finally have it. I’m not a huuuuuge metal fan, but when I like an album I really like it. This album is just classic stoner doom metal. Highly recommended.

Finally, the indie shop version of Beck - Colors

I love beck and this is such a fun album. A little shallow, but not everything has to be about a the end of the world, or destroying the universe with a machine that vomits infinitely…



I mainly collect Punk and Hardcore records. Also been getting into more game soundtracks, huge fan of everything Data-Discs releases.


I need a setup like this. I’ve had my table on top of my receiver, which is on top of my speakers for too long. I need to do some rearranging in my apartment to make it better for my records.

I also need to find some junk sleeves for some records. I got 3 of the 4 Baroness records and if you’ve seen the cover art, man. I’m planning to get some record frames and hanging them up somewhere in my place.


dopethrone is a classic, indeed. very choice. :+1:


Tame Impala is releasing a collector’s edition for Currents and I think I need it very badly


I like records. I have a Technics SL-Q6 linear tracking turntable, Pro-Ject preamp, Andrew Jones speakers, and around 50 records. I generally only buy records that were recorded/mastered in analog or were mastered for analog by someone who cares, cuz a bad-sounding master on vinyl is really bad.

That said, my most-played record recently is Sir Lucious Left Foot, which, thankfully, happens to sound really good.


Over the past year, vinyl has kind of become My Thing. I’m not in it for the audio quality because, frankly, I can’t really tell the difference. (Ironically, I used to be an A / V guy. I’m good at adjusting levels, just not nitpicking audio qualities.) It’s just satisfying to have something to show for my music collection, something I can display and that takes a bit of effort to play.

My collection isn’t huge, because I don’t have a lot of money to spare, but it’s coming along okay. My most prized possession is probably my nearly perfect vintage copy of Talking Heads’ Speaking in Tongues that I snagged for cheap on eBay. That or the Wilco YHF album that was my first new, non-thrift store album.

And can I just say, there are few things as satisfying as “discovering” an indie band, going to their small record label’s website, and buying their LPs direct. Feels so much better than buying an mp3 on iTunes or something. Man, vinyl gets me excited about music.


Totally. Like there’s something about “hey y’all, listen to this album” and you just pull a record out, set it on the turntable, drop the needle down and just… let it play cause it’s only gonna stop when you have to flip sides or switch records. It makes listening to music a ritual again instead of just something in the background.


Every time I buy direct from Polyvinyl I get a few Airhead candies in the mail. It’s literally sweet. Stickers too!


I tried explaining to my buddy the “ritual” of records. Regardless of the sound quality difference, I feel that the experience of listening to records is unique.

Having said that, there’s also something to be said for loading up my cd changer with 5 cd’s and brewing a pot of coffee (or opening a six pack of beer.


I got into vinyl initially because I had heard that some albums were mastered with less compression and therefore sounded significantly better. The first record I ever got was ‘Viva La Vida’ by Coldplay. I was blown away by how much better that album sounded on vinyl than on CD on my father’s Technics direct drive p-mount turntable he got in the eighties. Viva La Vida sounded so much better that I actually believed that vinyl must just sound better. It wasn’t until listening to ‘Random Access Memories’ by Daft Punk on CD that I realized that I just liked the increased dynamics in the masters that were on the vinyl records I got (‘Dear Science’ by TV On The Radio on vinyl sounds so good!). That is when I figured out that digital masters can sound just as good and in fact better than vinyl.


I don’t listen to vinyl, but I love them as alternatives to game posters. (Now that tons of indie OSTs at least are making their way to vinyl via Iam9bit and Ghost Ramp. (Hopefully more soon.))

You get a lot of really cool art (often new and unique, instead of re-purposed promo stuff.), a big nod to the music, and it can go on a wall, or in a box, and hey, if you’ve got a player, it’s a poster you can listen to!

I figure it’s just a matter of time until there’s a version of the vinyls that come with digital game codes.


Figured since I got some new vinyl for Christmas, would be worth it to share some of it here o/

I actually screamed at finding Chopin Project because I didn’t even think about it getting a vinyl pressing. Deffo one of my personal chill out album faves.


Most new releases on vinyl come with a little card with a code to redeem for digital versions of the albums.

I collect vinyl because I like the permanance and the ritual of them. Plus digging up old punk splits and 8" makes me happy. My hearing is too damaged for me to make any claim about the sound, aside from enjoying the sound. But my favorite thing about them is that it gets us away from the metastasization of “just put shit on shuffle” which I cannot stand. Making a mixtape was an art. If you’re not doing that, you should listen to an album, as the artist intended.