Vinyl Records: They're like CDs, only bigger and people still use them


I’m still on CDs, just for the sake of the collection being a tad too massive for me to want to bother switching to vinyl / liking owning the physical thing. Some fateful day there’ll be a semi-ironic resurgence and I will be considered the most transcendentally cool person on the planet.

I do envy those of you who get the lower the stylus down on the record player though; that does look like a wicked process.


You’re an internet denizen after my own heart :purple_heart:


I think I like record stores more than actual vinyl itself. Don’t get me wrong though, I love collecting and listening to vinyl & have got quite a collection going, but something about combing through records in your cozy local store just warms my heart.

Thumbing through bins and bins of records, remembering records you haven’t listened to in years, the stale but familiar smell of the records, hearing some obscure deep cut played by the owner of the store. I feel like I could spend years just browsing records in my local store.


Working in an independent record shop used to be my dream job, pretty much. The gradual and slow death of the brick-and-mortar record shop has been a source of crushing disappointment throughout adulthood.


The only silver lining to that dark, dark cloud is that it’s pretty much only the best of breed that have survived. Lots of record shops used to be miserable. The ones that are left tend to be great places.


My SO has been trying to convince me to pick up one of the Crosley record players for our room, since over the last couple of years her music tastes have blossomed in a way very similar to mine.

We spend a lot of time in our room together, but living with 3 other people who have completely different musical tastes and also living with a bird who prefers quite has kept me from getting it done.

Maybe one day…


Just as a little warning, the Crosley turntables. Some of them do look really neat, but the sound quality of them is less than appealing. But even factoring sound quality, their biggest issue is they have a history of using really cheap needles and shoddy mechanics that can damage a record pretty easily.

For the same price as one of those, you could by the Audio Technica AT-LP60 which is a really great starter turntable. They have a couple variants as well. One that comes with USB (which is to record vinyl digitally but you can listen to the music through a computer it’s hooked up to) and another one that comes with Bluetooth so you can use it for wireless speakers.


We actually only considered the Crosley because we had an opportunity to get one for $50, but it definitely wouldn’t be my first choice otherwise. I used to listen to my vinyls on my dad’s set up (who used to run a couple record shops) so I’m a bit spoiled!

Thanks for the info.


i love my records. i’ve got a pretty modest collection … my “system” is just weak though. it’s one of them all in one deals with the CD player, tape deck, and a couple of weak speakers separate. i’d like to take this thing to the next level some day but don’t really know where to start, don’t really know what is required, etc. like if i want more BASS do i just buy better speakers and attach them to my unit or do i need a receiver and some other junk? are there guides out there for how to do all this?


I actually got a phono pre-amp from Amazon gift cards I got for Christmas. It is pretty cool.



I pre-ordered this back in September but it happened to come the day after my birthday so I was very happy to finally get my hands on it.

The record even has the YoRHa logo on the center sticker it’s so good <3

Though I remember being really worried at first because my turntable kept skating on the surface and was worried that my record was scratched somehow. But after some re-calibration of the tone arm (which apparently the recommended 2.0 grams isn’t heavy enough for 180 gram vinyl according to the manufacturer themselves so go figure) it’s fucking fantastic. It feels so good to just set the record down for this soundtrack and make listening to it a true ritual.


beautiful. im terribly jealous.