Visual Novel Maker: Release Date announced


Created by the people who brought you RPG maker, it’s a Visual Novel Maker. It comes out on the 16th of November. Looking at the videos provided, it seems very similar to Ren’Py, the current most popular VN engine, but with substantial bonus of having a user interface that more people would find easier to use, making it more accessible.

I think this could be an interesting tool, though I’m fairly confident that it’s going to have a price that will scare off most hobbyists. Would any of you consider buying this?


i am the type who’d want to program the juicy details in, or use HyperCard for it since I’m a old tech nerd


what’s the price? I don’t see it listed on the page.

That being said, I’m working on a visual novel so this is of high interest to me.


There’s no price that’s been released yet, as far as anyone can tell. I poked around for the same answer and all I saw were a bunch of unanswered direct questions to the developers about how much it’d be; given their usual fare, I’d be willing to put good money (pfft) on the $30 to $40 range, minimum.

If you’re looking for a similar program that’ll probably cost a lot less, though, I do know that TyranoBuilder has been out for a while and is just shy of $10 on Steam right now. The HUD is essentially the same as VNMaker’s, and I haven’t been able to turn up that many features VNMaker will have that TyranoBuilder doesn’t.


i’m in favour of anything that gets game dev tools into more hands, and a boost to the exploding VN scene can only be a good thing for the future of the medium


I love TyranoBuilder and have used it for multiple games, but I am still excited about this because I assume that it will include a massive set of default art-assets the way RPG Maker does. I love how playing with RPG Maker feels like having a sticker-book.


That’s a good point. When I played around with Ren’Py, as there aren’t any placeholder assets, I found myself using Ace Attorney sprites as stand-ins instead.

I’m interested to see what scripting can be done as well. That’s the big benefit of other engines, the ability to extend your stuff.

If it’s good, I may try making a mystery VN, trying some weird stuff out.


now it’s just a matter of time until someone makes the space funeral of visual novels


I would be so down for messing around with this if there are default assets. Odds are good I’d just make a very self aware comedy game with everyone wondering where’s the plot.


Heck yeah I’d buy that for a hot doller, two if it includes the plot are the friends we made along the way.


Maybe the experiences we had on the way were the real plot.


I piddled around in RPG maker when I was a kid, but this seems like a genre people could complete 2-4 hour stories as opposed to trying to build 100 hour sprite-based JRPGS.

Has anyone used Twine before? It’s a bit more structured for text adventure, but you can incorporate visuals into it without too much hassle. It’s been out for awhile and is still free.


I’ve used Twine. I wouldn’t recommend it to make visual-novels. Without having seen the Visual Novel Maker interface, I imagine it will be much more similar to TyranoBuilder. Here’s a TyranoBuilder tutorial I made that may give you an idea on how much easier and more flexible a visual-novel engine can be than Twine.


Twine is also an absolute mess to use.

It doesn’t have an undo feature. HOW DOES IT NOT HAVE AN UNDO FEATURE.


If someone wanted to make a game that had some more map/inventory-esque things going on in it like The Last Half of Darkness or Waxwork as an example would VNMaker or TyranoBuilder be able to do something like that? I feel like there’s a lot of tools and programs geared towards adventuresome and dialogue heavy games but I mean something like this particular type of first person deal:


Tyranobuilder would be fine if you just want text, background, foreground objects, branching choices, sound effects, and music. You could even make it so that objects in the foreground can be clicked on to branch. It does have the option to have some variables you can change for things like stats, but I’m not sure if you could display it as a separate text box from the dialogue. Displaying inventories and doing item combinations seem like they would be a hassle in this engine. It’s probably possible, but I wouldn’t do it.
I’m not sure what a good engine would be for this type of game. I don’t have experience with these, but here is a list of engines that might be worth looking into.


It’s not very used anymore, but Adventure Game Studio might be a good option here, if you want to emphasise the graphical/point’n click/interactive aspect! It’s basically the reference game making software for 2D point’n clicks.

Otherwise, yeah, you can definitely do similar things with Ren’Py, TyranoBuilder and probably VNMaker, but you might have to stretch the usual limits of the engine to do something very interactive.

I know for sure it’s 100% possible to do this kind of game in Ren’Py, I use it a lot, and there are a few VNs made in Ren’Py with a big exploration chunk… But figuring out how set up the basic gameplay in an engine originally designed for dialogue might take you a little while.

Definitely interested to see if VNMaker will allow more hybrid games like this! Ren’Py is great, but sometimes it can be hard to know which part of the engine can allow do to build something very specific.


Someone suggested that modding Legend of Grimrock is an option.
Make sure to look at the usage rights though. They don’t allow you to sell the resulting game and it may be difficult to distribute it since it requires a copy of Legend of Grimrock. But assumably your target audience would already own it if they like this style so maybe the Steam Workshop would be a great venue.


The documentation for Visual Novel Maker is available: