Visual Novel Maker Says It Will Replace Its Striking Writers

A group of freelance visual novel writers are currently on strike to demand better working conditions, but the company they work for said it's ready to move on without them.

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It’s not like writing is important for Visual Novels or anything. They’re visual after all. I’m sure they’ll have no trouble finding people to replace those writers after this.


If you have 21 writers together maybe don’t go back and just start a co-op?

I mean, there’s a lot of reasons why 21 writers may not, even as a collective, be able to create their own successful visual novel apps with a high marketing budgets behind them.

The shit thing here is that the company CAN do exactly what they are proposing with little consequence. Their customers likely won’t stop supporting them, and most of them won’t even be aware of these events.

As ever, games are a trash fire.

It’s weird how they think their audience, queer leftists, will just be OK with this.

On what earth do they think their game is going to be successful at ALL now?

Jim Spanfeller created a queer visual novel studio? Crazy how that dude still gets chances.

It’s hard to say how many people who download the app are necessarily aware of this issue, like if they follow games journalism, or are ‘left’ in a way that means they care about labour issues. To look outside of games for a minute, there was that No Evil Meats company that did some wild shit - widely reported on - and there’s always a fair few people in the comments of a vegan, ‘ethical’ company that union busts whose replies are just “whatever, I still like the product.”

But I do wonder if replacing their entire writing staff on a series of visual novels won’t create the same result. There are plenty of book series I’ve dropped once they changed authors, and even if people don’t know or care that the new writers are kinda scabs, it might turn players off anyway.