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Who else here has a Playstation Vita and loves it? There’s not a gaming soul out there who hasn’t heard of its various faults, so I wanted to see what other people really like about it.

Unexpectedly for me, it’s the sleep function. I hear the original model had some issues, but my Slim can be put to sleep in the middle of a stage in something hectic like One Piece Pirate Warriors 3. Then, I can pick it up a week later and be right back to where I was with a negligible amount of battery gone. I often need to get into a certain mindset to sit and start up a game, but tapping a button and already being there gets around that block.

And speaking of Pirate Warriors 3, I gotta say that the amount of full-fledged Koei games alone that are available on this thing would’ve sold me on it, but also getting whatever PSP and PS1 games I can download off PSN too rules. I’d like a portable everything-device some day, but this comes a lot closer than anything else I own.

I don’t want to go on any longer but I really do hope there’s a Vita 2. I’d love to get a Switch, but I still want a focused portable. Either enforcing cross-buy or at least offering a big discount could go a long way towards getting people to give it another chance!


The Vita is probably my favorite system ever and it’s basically death is so sad to me. TBH I feel like the switch might eventually supplant my love of the vita because it is the only other system that really captures why I love the Vita. Like the vita had a bunch of games that felt like they could come out on a full console and that is great.Also you mentioned the sleep function which does exist in other places specifically it’s predecessor the PSP, the DS systems the ps4 does it and so does the switch. these all happen to be my favorite systems.


I have loved my Vita. It introduced me to Persona–in fact I went out and bought one and Golden on a day I was feeling particularly bold with money. I mostly enjoyed it because it allowed me to catch up on a lot of PS1 games I missed in a convenient, portable and slick package. My time on it has waned as I haven’t been as interested in the steady stream of Japanese games coming out for it, but I’m looking forward to playing Zero Time Dilemma, Trails in the Sky SC and Steins;Gate on it within the year.

My charger cable finally gave up yesterday and I went to a few stores to find Vita stuff is mostly off the shelves now, which sucks. Found a generic cable at Gamestop.


I went through stages of buyers remorse and eventually ended up at “actually this is great!”

I’ve been passively playing FFVII on my Vita since February. The sleep function is indeed an awesome feature for that game, especially if I need to quit and there are no save points nearby. I feel like FFVII is actually a great portable game because of how many weird minigames they shoved into that thing.

There’s actually a huge selection of games for it once you factor in PS1 titles and PSP ports. Not to mention the Steam indie ports. It’s a damn shame it died the way it did though.

If the Switch turns out to be the Vita 2.0, like I hope it will - I’ll definitely be picking one of those up.


I didn’t mention it on the 3DS because I have a New 3DS and while it does have a sleep function, it definitely uses way more battery passively, even with StreetPass and the like disabled. I have used sleep on the PS4 though- it’s pretty nice but not so crucial when I have a solid state drive installed.


The Waypoint Forums are a Vita-Friendly zone so long as I draw breath.


Not only do I own a Playstation Vita, I actually spent human money on a Playstation TV (which I am using currently to play Persona 3 Portable). It’s good!

The Playstation Vita proprietary memory card is a crime, and Sony should feel very silly for it.


I adore the Vita, have so many great games for it. Danganronpa, Zero Escape, Muramasa, Cold Steel, Gundam Breaker, tons of indies/PS1/PSP games etc. An exclusive I really liked was Freedom Wars which is a VERY flawed game but has killer style and actually helped me understand the hunter genre.

It’s unfortunate that it didn’t sell all that well and still carries the stigma of having nothing worth playing. It’s true that actual Vita exclusives are rare and mostly not very good but it was so cool to have good portable versions of a lot multi-platform games. It also sucks that the hardcore Vita fanbase is insane. They pump the machine up way too much and still, in 2017, refuse to buy games that don’t have a Vita version. Twitter is a hellscape of bad Vita owners.


Despite the lack of “vita” games I’ve never run out of things to play on my beloved launch model. Never had any issues with sleep mode either and I’m glad to see it made its way onto the Switch.

That being said, most of my gaming on the Vita was re-releases of games I missed elsewhere. It’s a fantastic back-log handheld.


I love my Vita and I am enjoying the switch. Both get me through my commutes on the underground.
Does anyone think we might get a Vita 2 based upon the potential success of the Switch?
Currently playing through Steins Gate 0.


I love my Vita. It’s filled to the brim with great stuff, especially when you include PS1/PSP games :stuck_out_tongue:

I just wish it had more buttons. I managed to make a setup that works for Armored Core, but Tron Bonne/Megaman Legends are nearly impossible to play.


I don’t think I’ve ever bought a ‘new release’ on my Vita, but I’ve easily gotten several hundred hours of playtime on it. I consider Persona 4, Rogue Legacy, and Disgaea 3/4 the definitive versions, even if they are ports - and two of them were ‘free’ with PS+.


@Undie I hope so! If they at least give it HDMI-out, they can bridge that gap without another device like the PSTV.

@Nishastra Is it the turning with the skates on? I set the upper and lower left of the touchscreen for that. It’s not perfect but it’s pretty okay.

@Ithaca The only new releases I’ve gotten are Gundam Extreme VS Force (because I was so excited for a western Gundam release) and Toukiden 2 (because it wasn’t digital only for once).

If nothing else, I hope the Switch doesn’t push the handheld market to HD too. Some games are simply too expensive to pursue along that axis, while still not being small-scale enough to hope indies take it over.


I just wish there was a way to appear offline while remote playing with PS4. Whenever I do it tells me that I’m appearing online because I’m online on my Vita.


I forget exactly what the problem was, I just remember spending a good while messing with it and not coming up with anything that I liked.

I just can’t… intentionally use the touchscreen, especially the rear one. If it’s for anything more than bringing up a map screen, it doesn’t work out well for me :stuck_out_tongue:


The key feature of the Vita was that it was portable. I’ve never understood the people who criticized the Vita for not having exclusives. Who cares about exclusives? This is the exclusive location where I can play Persona 4 portably. Done. I was sold. And that logic applies to most games available for Vita.

Luckily the Switch has come to wash away the rain, and I can’t wait to pick one up. The Vita is dead, but not forgotten. It lives on in each of our hearts.


What? This is all the Vita fans on this board? I AM IN DESPAIR.

Anyways, anyone playing Ys VIII yet?


Hope there are more Vita fans here, it deserved better than what it got.

At least it outlived Neogaf, who has been calling for its death since 2011 :wink:
Sadly, there won‘t be another Vita community like the initial one around launch over there.

Anyway, I am waiting for the patch of the translation to play the new Ys.


Love my Vita. I would have never experienced Persona 4, the game that got me into jrpgs, without it. I also played through my now favorite series, Trails in the Sky/Cold Steel all on it so it will always be a special system to me.

Also, I’m not done with it yet. I have a ton of games in my backlog to play on it like the entirety of the Ys series and Disgaea 4.


I still need to work on Tokyo Xanadu and actually get started on Trails in the Sky/Trails of Cold Steel. D:

Been a Vita owner since it first launched. Bought it while I was stationed in Sasebo, Japan and played Uncharted Golden Abyss because that was one of the few titles that had an English option on the JP cartridges lol