Vote for This Week's Zelda Permadeath Modifier Before Austin Loses His Last Life

It's all come down... to this.

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I hope we get the throwing spears one. I never found a reason to throw them outside of fishing while playing myself, and being forced to do so could make things pretty darn frantic if they’re the best Austin has available.

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I also voted for the spear throwing one. It seems like a nice interpretation of the weapon type within the game, rather than a meta gaming choice like some of the other options.

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Haha. I submit the throwing spears one! I was excited to see it made the list.

Permadeath is the first thing which brought me to this site. I had been only ingesting Vice gaming via Waypoint. I’ve been following Austin & Patrick from their GiantBomb days. I absolutely love this series. Permadeath is brilliant.

One thing I notice about the suggested rules for Austin are they seem to come in one of two categories. The rules either allow for interesting gameplay restrictions or mechanics, which further alter Austins experience and create a new set of challenges. The other feel like “bad hard mode”. Where we are submitting ideas to simply make the game excruciatingly difficult. I tend to enjoy these suggestions less, they only feel like a rule being imposed to make the experience worse for the player.

I get less enjoyment when Austin has to struggle because of our rules, compared to his navigation of the restrictions we place on him. I think many of us enjoyed the Hynox selfie, those are the moments I hope we continue to get from these additional gameplay adjustments.