VRchat - Anything good, or all garbage?


So VRchat is quickly becoming A Thing, but I was wondering if there are any good, funny videos of it that aren’t too porny and don’t feature the Hot New Racist Meme.

So far, all I could find is this wonderful clip from Andy Milonakis:

Having a lot of fun on @VRChatNet pic.twitter.com/qWCwr545WH

— Andy Milonakis (@AndyMilonakis) January 4, 2018


Seems like a fun things for content creators I respect to wade through and pick out the best bits for my viewing pleasure. But, even as a VR headset owner, I have less than zero interest in trying this myself.


I’ve watched a bit of a few different streams at this point. There’s definitely some absurd fun to be found if you could get the right group. Unfortunately, it all seems to be buried under a mountain of racist and transphobic memes.