Walmart Removes Violent Video Game Signage, Still Sells Guns

Walmart stores are reportedly removing "signing and displays referencing violence," including signage and playable demos for video games, following recent shootings at two of its stores.

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What a nakedly corporate way to try to save face. They’re not fooling anybody


Eh… I’m sure this is fooling somebody, actually.




Yeah, I mean look at the Joe Biden lead. A lot of people want to be fooled, or at least have the blindfold haphazardly pulled over their eyes to give plausible deniability to be fooled.

That oughta do it.

I know it’s foolish to expect any business executives to behave like rational actors, but I can’t see why the AAA game publisher heads would continue buddying up to a GOP congress that’s currently using them as a scapegoat for the current culture shock surrounding gun violence.

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Well, see, if they stood up for themselves, they’d be getting political, and we all know games aren’t political


You don’t understand it because you’re thinking like a normal person. Video game billionaires will gladly let themselves be thrown under the bus and be blamed for literal murder knowing that there’s no legislative threat coming so they just have to wait for things to blow over to continue lobbying to gut taxes and worker protections.


And even if sales drop in the short term, it will be the low level workers who feel the pinch.

CEOs have to be paid exhoberant amounts of money, dontcha know, that’s how they attract talent


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Simple reason: Most people in charge of game companies don’t care about video games, but do care about tax loopholes and hating gay people/trans people/women/brown people/black people/every other minority you can think of.

Video games just happened to be the racket they saw the most dollar signs in at the time.

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Wal-Mart sells waaaaaaay more video games (and makes more money from doing so) than it does guns. I think the only reason they even have guns at all is for AMERICAAAAA branding purposes. Removing the signage isn’t going to actually effect video game sales or the video game industry in any noticeable way at all. So it’s just a perfect empty gesture.


I seriously don’t get why gun nuts don’t just collect air soft guns instead. There’s a ton of events in any given state, and you get to actually play GAMES with them instead of shooting cans in your back yard.

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For real. Airsoft is fun as hell and you can get really realistic replicas if the weight and shit is important to you.


Plus you get to dress like that special forces operator you always dreamed of being but weren’t skilled enough to become.

Plus you don’t actually have to kill anybody.


I think you mean “wasn’t amoral enough to become.”


I wonder if @mods would be comfortable with a Airsoft general thread.

Probably not right now, but sometime in the future.

Because statistically (I can’t find a link right now) or the past decade (hmm) the gun industry is going through a thing wherein less and less people in general are buying A gun.

But there’s an increase in individuals buying many guns and accessories. So there’s a less diverse spread of people buying guns for hunting or shooting at the range and more people buying guns solely to help them fantasize about hordes of non-white people rioting outside their home so they can shoot them. It’s part of why the NRA attracts and caters to a certain crowd, those aren’t the only folks buying guns, but they have the highest amount of individuals who will be dropping $$$ on guns and gun stuff for the rest of their lives.

The AR-15 itself, its popularity is a thing because it’s encouraged by the NRA because it’s profitable long term - tons of cool looking tactical accessories get made for it that people love.

Part of why white supremacist mass shooters flourish in this country is because a very small number of people in a few companies want to make more money off add-on impulse purchases.

So the idea of actually playing a game with your gun? That’s like the farthest possible reason from why people get lots of guns today. Otherwise there’d be air soft guns everywhere instead.


The mods have discussed it, and an airsoft thread doesn’t line up with the goals of the community.