Wandersong is a real gem and I hope it's not being overlooked!


I finished Wandersong on my Switch today and hot diggity is it a good game. Nobody seems to be talking about it and there are very few reviews so far so I wanted to start a topic about it because this game looked up at me like an orphan puppy with big wet soulful eyes and I just want to hug it and show it to all my friends.

The main character for 99% of the game is a goofy bard (whom you get to name eventually). He’s not the bravest, he’s not the brightest, he’s not the strongest, and he’s definitely not supposed to be the one to save the world, but he’s got a big ol’ heart with a song in it and he’s willing to try his best.

You might like this game if you like:

  • singing
  • dancing like no one is watching
  • pirates
  • coffee
  • witches
  • varied gender presentation
  • constellations
  • fairies that are also chaos fish
  • misunderstood trolls
  • seizing the means of production
  • not being sure if you’re doing the right thing
  • not-overly-difficult puzzles
  • light puzzle platforming
  • so many varied feels

It reminds me a lot of Night In The Woods, but with an underlying joy and naiveté (and slightly less polish and less sophisticated writing).

Please play with this orphan puppy! Look into its wet soulful eyes! Or if you have already done so, let’s geek out about it!


This game looks like my kind of jam, but I was looking for reviews of it and couldn’t find any! I guess I was looking for permission to play it for some reason?? Anyway, I may just take this post as that permission haha


Destructoid is the only outlet that I’m familiar with that has a review. They liked it.


Guess what, I played Wandersong! I beat it the other day! I went looking for a discussion about it and found this sad orphaned thread here D:

Anyway, here’re some thoughts:

  • One unique thing I fixated on is the fact that the game often lets you sing and dance while you’re locked into conversations with NPCs. I never got tired of making my own comedy with goofy dances at inappropriate times.
  • The game’s writing has some truly charming moments and some really funny ones as well. In particular, I remember talking to a bomb-selling NPC in Act 3 and my character pointing out how unreasonable it is to carry bombs around all the time. There are a lot of moments where Wandersong subverts video game tropes for the purpose of comedy more so than commentary, which I find super endearing.
  • I don’t always have the patience for kumbaya, let’s-all-get-along kinds of stories, but Wandersong did a good job of both believing in inherent goodness and also acknowledging how naive that belief can be. The Bard is unerringly good-hearted but also kind of awkward and dopey and often annoys people with his positivity. There are a lot of characters who provide the voice of “No, everything is not fine”, whereas other media with this sort of message just tends to bask in positivity all the time.
  • I won’t go into detail, but the way that you name your main character is wonderful. It caused me to end up with the name “Gari” (I pronounce it like “Gary”) and if I’d had full control I’d never have come up with a name that good.
  • In the later parts of the game, there are some really nice discussions about emotional vulnerability, and I utterly adore Miriam’s whole character arc. I think her relationship with The Bard is where the game’s writing shines the most.
  • All the things I said above are bolstered by really charming art and music and a bigger world to explore than I expected from the game.

I really liked this game! It’s goofy and weird and earnest and was a lovely game to play during the holidays, so I’m absolutely seconding OP’s recommendation.


I picked this up because I realised I had £10 worth of coins on my Switch and have been meaning to check it out. Loving it so far, I just reached the pirate ship and the sense of humour is just absolutely clicking with me completely.

Yes, I love this. A woman sadly explaining to me that she brought her accordion to this town so she could play with her mother but her mother passed away while the whole time i’m dancing in front of her is a weirdly amazingly dark and humorous thing that I love that the game lets you do.


I’m actually quite mad that Wandersong went past so many people. Anyway, I’m not very good at describing why a game is good at something so let me just say this:

I had the worst year of my life and even though playing Wandersong didn’t solve any of my current problems, it did help me to find hope that things might get better.


So I finished Wandersong tonight (i had a quiet New Years Eve in with my girlfriend playing games and finished it up.) I love every bit of this game and am rewriting my GOTY list to put it on there.

I relate far more to the Lil Bard than I care to admit and can’t remember the last time I wanted to hug a fictional being as much as I want to give Miriam a big ol’ hug.


Even of Wandersong hadn’t already wormed its way into being my GOTY, the scene with Lil Bard and Miriam in the discotheque would be in my top moments in video games for the year.

Warms my heart that the game is getting some late appreciations this year!


Yes! I loved that whole scene.


Ohhh I just got this from the Switch sale and I am gonna check it out after I finish NITW. I’m glad people are enjoying it :slight_smile:


Just thought I’d bump this thread about GOTY 2018 to mention something cool I read (when looking to see if anyone else had bought those cool Bard pins from Yetee only to have them snap the moment they showed up like I did…)

Big spoilers, but basically there’s bad ending in the game which is kinda super dark and i love that it’s thered. So, you can play the songs to enter the Overseer’s areas without going through the Act to unlock it, as long as you know the song. So you can skip entire Acts by going straight to the Overseer of that Act. The game responds to this and has different dialog as a result. Also, when you get to the end and the hero kills the final overseer the game just ends because singing the Wandersong doesn’t do anything or save the world because you didn’t do the journey to make the world sing along. I kinda love it and am probably going to replay the game now to see it for myself.

Easiest way to find footage of it is to look for speedruns.


That’s actually pretty cool and makes love the game even more…