Wandersong is a real gem and I hope it's not being overlooked!


I finished Wandersong on my Switch today and hot diggity is it a good game. Nobody seems to be talking about it and there are very few reviews so far so I wanted to start a topic about it because this game looked up at me like an orphan puppy with big wet soulful eyes and I just want to hug it and show it to all my friends.

The main character for 99% of the game is a goofy bard (whom you get to name eventually). He’s not the bravest, he’s not the brightest, he’s not the strongest, and he’s definitely not supposed to be the one to save the world, but he’s got a big ol’ heart with a song in it and he’s willing to try his best.

You might like this game if you like:

  • singing
  • dancing like no one is watching
  • pirates
  • coffee
  • witches
  • varied gender presentation
  • constellations
  • fairies that are also chaos fish
  • misunderstood trolls
  • seizing the means of production
  • not being sure if you’re doing the right thing
  • not-overly-difficult puzzles
  • light puzzle platforming
  • so many varied feels

It reminds me a lot of Night In The Woods, but with an underlying joy and naiveté (and slightly less polish and less sophisticated writing).

Please play with this orphan puppy! Look into its wet soulful eyes! Or if you have already done so, let’s geek out about it!


This game looks like my kind of jam, but I was looking for reviews of it and couldn’t find any! I guess I was looking for permission to play it for some reason?? Anyway, I may just take this post as that permission haha


Destructoid is the only outlet that I’m familiar with that has a review. They liked it.