Want To Share any Latinx Music?

I have been listening to a couple of Latinx artists lately and thought I would create a new thread for anyone else who wanted to share any Latinx or music sung in Spanish. Here is ‘Ella Tiene Fuego’ from the album Regalo De Alma by Celia Cruz that I have been listening to recently:


I respect the hustle, Celia Cruz.


Ana Tijoux rules!


A Dios Le Pido, La Camisa Negra and Mala Gente are all songs I heard on the radio all the time when I lived in Miami. All of them are by Juanes. They’re basically classics at this point.

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Can you tell I like latin rock.

Also Hips Don’t Lie is better in spanish.


Listen I’m sorry


Speaking of songs on the radio, I remember hearing Juanes on La Calle in San Antonio, Texas and Mariposa Traicionera by Mana quite a bit in the early to mid 2000s.


Tangentially related: If you like Latinx music and want some visuals to go along with it, check out this documentary about one particular artist.

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I love the Dutch angles and CG in this video, as well as the song being a bop

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this whole list speaks to be me on a deep, approaching saccharine level of nostalgia http://remezcla.com/lists/music/throwback-reggaeton-bangers/

Also a fan of ppl like J Balvin, Ozuna, and Bad Bunny whenever I hear their crossover stuff (aka the things they’ve done with Cardi B), but don’t know them well enough to recommend anything.

Also, in terms of massive hits where the spanish version is better:

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Speaking of Ruben Blades, I thought I would put up one of his most popular songs Pedro Navaja.

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this is one of my favorite albums to listen to while cooking and is pretty insane from a drumming standpoint


Nicola Cruz was born in France. Currently lives in the city of Quito, Ecuador; dj, musician and producer who has dabbled in electronic music adding sounds from the region of the Andes providing more warmth to the music and being one of the pioneers in proposing a so-called step-step from the dub-step but uses sounds from the Andes.

Tittsworth is a dj & producer from LA

Los Árboles
Nobody Cares About Your Good Intentions

Gigantes Azules - Bandcamp

Anthony Paucarmayta
Pawkarmayta EP

Peruvian electronic producer Anthony Paucarmayta just released new record material under the name of his musical project, PAWKARMAYTA. It is a four-track EP entitled ‘Supernova’, which comes to conquer us with his ancestral sounds, released on The Flying Monkey Records.

Anthony was born in Cusco, Peru, in constant contact with the ancient civilizations that have guided him in the cosmovision and ancestral knowledge.

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Kinky is a Mexican rock band, formed in 1998 as part of the Advanced Regia musical movement. Although a majority of songs are sung in Spanish, some songs contain English lyrics. Since the release of their studio album, Kinky has been signed with Sonic360 Records.

Here’s a single from San Diego’s Jackie Mendoza.

From Mexico: After taking the music scene by surprise in 2004, Priscila González, Luis Fara and Boscop Benavente have played some of the most important forums and festivals in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Spain. After releasing their 4th LP, “Oportunidad de Oro”, Quiero Club continues as one of the most representative and innovative bands within the Latin American independent music movement.

If you happen to be in Mexico City on Wednesday Feb. 27th, they’ll be performing at the NRML Festival, which by the way, a great way to find out about new Latinx music.

Another artist that’ll be a NRML next week:

Golden Choice

Little Jesus
Río Salvaje

Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny with Otra Noche en Miami

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Wow, those tracks were great @SloQlap thanks! Speaking of Puerto Rican rappers, I grew up when reggaeton was the new hot thing in music. I remember going to visit family in Puerto Rico and there were so many people playing reggaeton in their cars, on boomboxes, etc. Here is the track ‘Dile’ by Don Omar that played on the Spanish radio station often.


What part are you from? I’m from Mayagüez.

My family is mainly from Caguas. I grew up in the States, mostly Texas.

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Lo Bailado

Ximena Sariñana

Performing at NRML Festival in Mexico City on Thursday, February 28 at 12:30 PST (2:30 CST).

Caderas Blancas

Mon Laferte

This Chilean singer premiered her sixth studio album NORMA recently so here’s one from that album.

El Señor

Juan Wauters

From Uruguay, ‘El señor’ is song of Juan Wauters’ new album called ‘La Onda de Juan Pablo’, a diary through his journey making music in Latin America.

Find A Way

Elastic Bond

Miami-based recording artist Elastic Bond brings an urban edge with a tropical twist to the indie music scene combining the hypnotic grooves of electronica with different styles of soul, hip-hop, funk, and Latin.

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El Jefe

Mexican Institute of Sound is an electronic music project created by Mexico City-based DJ and producer Camilo Lara.

Ritmo de Amor

Los Macuanos
Music band from Tijuana, Mexico and their new album is called ‘Epílogo’.

Sueño en Paraguay (El Búho Remix)

Chancha Via Circuito
Tributaries: A Remix Album


Alex Anwandter

The Chilean synth-pop artist brings his resistance to the dance floor in “Latinoamericana”, his fourth full- length album. Already through National Records, this new LP addresses the recent shift to the right of global politics.


Speaking of synth-pop, I remember hearing Don by Miranda! on the radio as well.

And I just saw this video of Fania All-Stars performing Ponte Duro in Zaire, Africa. The dance moves are so cool!