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Raiz (Nicola Cruz Remix)

Bomba Estereo

Señor de las Piedras

Nicola Cruz



The results of a DNA test spur Puerto Rican rap icon Residente to set out on a global voyage in search of his roots and fresh musical inspiration.

Odebrecht, Corrupcion, Sicariato & Libro Verde



Jorge Drexler
Salvavidas de Hielo

Canto de Amanecida, Cuculí

Folclor Imaginario (Canciones Recopiladas por Margot Loyola Palacios y Algunas Otras Que Parten Desde Ahí)


I really like Davila 666, they’re a Puerto Rican band with early punk vibes. Very Dead Boys, New York Dolls, Stooges, with a lil’ 60s pop influence.

This is the best version of this song bar-none.


Camino Largo (El Búho Remix)

Canalón de Timbiquí
Tributaries: A Remix Album

:colombia: Grupo Canalón de Timbiquí performing live in the KEXP studio.


Mexican Institute of Sound
Suave Patria - EP

:mexico: IMS (Instituto Mexicano del Sonido) es un proyecto liderado por Camilo Lara, en el que mezcla estilos mexicanos de folk con electrónica y hip hop.

La Rumba Me Llamo Yo (Canyonazo Remix) - Soundcloud

Dayme Arocena

:cuba: Daymé Arocena’s work encompasses the rich, diverse musical make-up of the Cuba she grew up in. Rooting her compositions in Cuba’s classic rhythms, she looks outward to the world she’s spent the past two years travelling. She will be performing at Carnaval de Bahidora 2019



:mexico: Mexican duo of electronic music with Latin American rhythms.

El Techo es el Suelo

Quiero Club
El techo es el suelo

:mexico: After taking the music scene by surprise in 2004, Priscila González, Luis Fara and Boscop Benavente have played some of the most important forums and festivals in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Spain. After releasing their 4th LP, “Oportunidad de Oro”, Quiero Club continues as one of the most representative and innovative bands within the Latin American independent music movement.

Violencia River

No Somos Marineros
Lomas Verdes

:mexico: No Somos Marineros is a Mexican band of Hardcore and Math Rock. This song, “Violencia River”, is a single of 2013 and is the first song that was recorded in a studio by the band.

Carreta Furacão

El Shirota

MEXICO: El Shirota is an original band from Chiluca, State of Mexico. Since 2013 it is a fundamental part of the harsh sound that makes its way through the chaos of the city. The Shirota has released their studio pieces, Chiluca No es Satélite EP, ESH001 and ESH002. They are about to release their third studio album.


Davila 666
Davila 666

:puerto_rico: Describing themselves as like “Menudo on drugs,” San Juan, Puerto Rico’s Davila 666 combine Stooges-like garage rock fire with the occasional sugary pop melody.

La Magia

Little Jesus
Rio Salvaje

:mexico: Banda de la Ciudad de México fundada en julio del 2012.

Elsa y Elmar

Culpa, Tengo

:colombia: Elsa y Elmar is the name of the musical project of Elsa Carvajal, a singer-songwriter from Colombia. Describing her songs as “spiritual pop”, in 2014 she won the Grand Prize in the Latin category of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for her song “Me Viene Bien”, and in 2016 she played in front of 40,000 people as the opening act for Coldplay at their concert at the Estadio El Campín in Bogotá.



:colombia: Duo Techno de Bogota. They will be performing at Carnaval de Bahidora 2019.



:chile: The Chilean Fran Straube is a drummer, producer, singer, front-woman and indispensable reference of independent music in Latin America. Rubio released his new album Pez, whose twelve songs, or at least all except “Fábula”, had already made known in a series of five EPs that spelled the name of the project: R, U, B, I, O.

Nunca Es Tarde

The Guadaloops

:mexico: The Guadaloops is a group formed initially by two young Mexican musicians: Fermín and Fernando, originally from the north, after a few months in the capital they made their first musical work entitled “only music” that came out in December 2012 digitally and it was printed in June 2013. For more than 6 months he has been composing, recording and editing this second LP full-length work, which contains 10 songs.

Sigue Los Pasos

DJ Jigüe Y El Menor

:cuba: DJ JIGÜE is a Cuban artist who will be performing at the Carnival of Bahidora 2019.

Gasolina (Badsista Remix)

Teto Preto

:brazil: After the success of the EP “Gasolina” (2016), TETO PRETO starts its trajectory in renowned festivals around Brazil. In August, it put out the single BATE MAIS which is part of the long-awaited album PEDRA PRETA. The band’s first LP was released in São Paulo on 2018.

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That La Rumba Me Llamo Yo remix made me think, “Wait, haven’t I listened to a Spanish electronic artist?”, and then I remembered John Talabot. He is a Spanish electronic musician. Here is Estiu from the album Fin.

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Um Corpo no Mundo

Luedji Luna
Um Corpo no Mundo

:el_salvador:, Bahia, :brazil:

Color Cafe

Adan Jodorowsky
Esencia Solar

Hotel Lisboa

Natalia Clavier

Sube El Humo

Cultura Profética


Dengue Dengue Dengue feat. Penya

A tropical storm of electronic psychidelia directly from Lima, :peru:. Currently residing in Berlin, :de:.

Antofagasta de la Sierra (El Buho Nocturnal Remix)

El Gran Poder Remixes

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¿Qué Tiene?

Ximena Sariñana
¿Dónde Bailarán las Niñas?
Guadalajara, :mexico:

Cap.VII: Liturgia: Bagdad

El Mal Querer

La descarriá (Uji remix)

Corina Lawrence feat. Miss Bolivia
Of :japan: and :uk: origin, born on the :argentina: coast (Misiones) and migrated to :mexico:.

Sabana de luz

Helado Negro
This Is How You Smile
2019 - RVNG INTL.
New album out this Friday!

Over There (feat. Miles from Kinshasa)


Same System


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I was listening to Evolucion by Luis Enrique and I enjoyed the song Nena.

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Dentro de Ti

Draco Rosa
Monte Sagrado

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I don’t think I have put any songs by Hector Lavoe, so here is Aguanile.

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My wife introduced me to Chetes early on in our relationship, so he’ll always have a special place in my heart :slight_smile:


Cantemos (feat. Pedro Mo, Luanko, Cruz Kontrol, Mare Advertencia Lirika, Malena D’Alessio, more)

Rebel Diaz
América -vs- Amerikkka

Rebelde Diaz is a duo of brothers, RodStarz and G1, who grew up in Chicago and emerged in the South Bronx. They are children of political refugees from :chile: who fled a dictatorship financed by the CIA in the 1970s. Hip-Hop culture provided them with their own New Song. Its bilingual sound has been formed by pieces of South American folk, house and Latin percussion that collapsed with the boom and 808s breaks.


Bomba Estéreo

Bomba Estéreo, the :colombia: duo of Li Saumet and Simón Mejía, appears in three categories for the Latin Grammys: Record of the Year, Best Music Video and Best Fusion / Urban Performance for their album ‘Ayo’.


Y La Bamba

Y La Bamba es el proyecto de la cantante y compositora Luz Elena Mendoza. Su quinto disco, Mujeres, continúa con la afinidad de la banda con sede en Portland por la contemplación espiritual, pero va un paso más allá. Al salir de Ojos Del Sol, uno de los 50 mejores álbumes de NPR de 2016, Mujeres exhibe el alcance de la voz artística de Mendoza como nunca antes. “Soy como soy”, dice Mendoza, y esa declaración es una declaración audaz, incluso política, que posiciona a Mujeres como la oferta más desenfrenada de Y La Bamba hasta ahora.

Pateando Petróleo

Tus Amigos Nuevos
Triunfo Moral

Ha Sido

Los Blenders
Ha Sido

Dueña De Mi

La Misa Negra
La Misa Negra

La Misa Negra is a 7-piece band from Oakland, California, known for their unique blend of heavyweight cumbia and high-energy, Afro-Latin music. On stage, they deliver an electrifying performance that explodes with infectious dance grooves and punk rock energy, powered by horn and accordion-driven riffs, a fierce rhythm section, and a vintage-inspired sound.

No Te Calles

Ruben Blades and Making Movies

Salsa icon Rubén Blades has joined forces with Latinx psych-rockers Making Movies to launch “No Te Calles”, a song and a movement. No Te Calles is the first single from the upcoming collaborative new album by Making Movies, to be released in May. The powerful voice of Blades soars over the explosive guitars and the rumbero percussion of Making Movies, produced by the legendary Steve Berlin, member of Los Lobos.


AJ Davila

Rompe tu Guitarra

Los Mundos
Ciudades Flotantes

Mi T Shirt de la NASA

Mexican Institute of Sound
Disco Popular

IMS (Instituto Mexicano del Sonido) is a project led by Camilo Lara, in which he mixes Mexican folk styles with electronic and hip hop.

Tambalea (feat. Lido Pimienta and Ceci Bastida)

Niña Dioz

From her debut EP in 2007 “Marcapasos” released by herself in Monterrey, NL. to be cataloged within "the 10 of the most influential Latin raperas of all time


Francisca Valenzuela

The Chilean-American singer, songwriter and activist Francisca Valenzuela has released a new video for her single, “Tomame”.

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I remember hearing Me Gustas Tu by Manu Chao on the radio quite a bit. Manu Chao is from Spain but also knows how to speak French, which is why some of the lyrics are in French.

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#BraveMonday, friends. We cast ourselves into the void, not to abandon ourselves to an inky doom, but instead to bring our inner light into the darkness. Here’s today’s dose of LatinX music to accompany you in whatever quest you are on.

La Revancha (feat. El Hijo De La Cumbia)

La Dame Blanche
La Dame Blanche EP
Paris, :fr: (via :cuba:)

La Paz Del Freak

La Mecánica Popular
La Paz Del Freak
NYC. http://lamecanicapopular.com/

La Inconformable

The Binary Cumbia Orchestra

Cumbia de Sal

Jungle Fire

Do Leme Ao Pontal

Tim Maia
World Psychedelic Classics 4

Bar Tacuba

Café Tacvba

En La Naturaleza (4-3-2-10)



:cuba: https://www.facebook.com/orishasthebest/

Blunt De Guayaba

Simpson Ahuevo

BANGAH (Pico y Palo)




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Here is a lighter song by Ruben Blades and Willie Colon called El Telefonito.


The video is timestamped to the first song “Magma” but honestly this whole performance is 10/10.

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Here is a song from Eddie Palmieri called Vamonos Pa’l Monte.

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I finished watching Twin Peaks The Return a month ago and I really enjoyed the performance of No Stars by Rebekah Del Rio.

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Tu Amor



Luisa Almaguer

Luisa Almaguer is a soloist project from :mexico: City, trans singer and composer of synth pop.




Sonido Gallo Negro
mambo Cosmico


Combo Chimbita

Born in :colombia: and based in New York, Combo Chimbita have been playing together for years. They are experimenting with different traditional musical styles. Afrika



No Me Encuentras

Tatiana Hazel

Juramento Mantarraya

Juramento Mantarraya

Sueco en Africa

Vaya Futuro
Tips Para Ir De Viaje

Sombra Ou Dúvida



Little Jesus

Por Eso (feat. Denise Gutiérrez of Hello Seahorse)

Sombras de Oro

Centavrvs in one of the most popular indie bands in Mexico City. They come from three other bands and have played together since 2011. The name was chosen for its cultural symbolism: it is the nickname of Pancho Villa, “El Centauro del Norte”; the Alpha Centauri constellation and the centennial of the Mexican Revolution. They have defined their music as “Regional Mexican Electronics”.

Centavrvs played on #KEXPMEXICO

Solo Quiero



Mexican Institute of Sound

Mexican Institute of Sound is an electronic music project created by Mexico City-based DJ and producer Camilo Lara. Along with groups like Nortec Collective and Kinky, M.I.S. is part of a growing Mexican electronica movement, encouraging fusions of folk and traditional music with modern sounds.

Jardines (Thornato Remix)

Chancha Via Circuito
Wonderwheel Recordings 15 Anniversary compilation

Chancha Via Circuito‘s albums have been released in :argentina:, the U.S., Europe and Japan. In their music is a reformulation of the Latin music world; the starting point was digital cumbia, but today, Chancha is forging unprecedented mergers between Brazilian rhythms, Paraguayan harp, Andean mysticism, the solitude of Argentine folklore from the Pampas, and spatial projection, all of which have been processed through a futuristic strain of post-dubstep electronic music.

No Me Quieres

Reyna Tropical
Reyna Tropical

:mexico: Expats based in L.A :airplane: Portland: “Reyna Tropical" is Fabi Reyna and Sumohair, they met for the first time in Nashville Tennesse on behalf of Redbull Music Academy’s Bass Camp at Bonnaroo. They got into the studio the same day they met, recorded a track that would later inspired “Reyna Tropical”.

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Here is an classic Hector Lavoe and Willi Colon song Eso Se Baila Asi. Also the name and cover of this greatest hits album is fantastic!

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Tama Tama

Omar Sosa and Seckou Keita


Lila Downs
Pecados Y Milagros

:mexico: singer-songwriter and actress. She performs her own compositions and the works of others in multiple genres, as well as tapping into Mexican traditional and popular music. She also incorporates indigenous Mexican influences and has recorded songs in many indigenous languages such as Mixtec, Zapotec, Mayan, Nahuatl and Purépecha.

Hacia Delante (Con Chato)

Nicola Cruz

Linda La Cumbia

La Yegros

:argentina: /:fr: Skittering rhythms, bombastic accordions, and thumping electronic bass characterize the sound of La Yegros (website), a rising star within a wide spectrum of genres: electronic, Argentine folk, dancehall, and soul.



:japan: born Yukicito found his love for :brazil: music after moving to LA as a teenager & emerging himself in the samba schools of one of the biggest Brazilian communities in the country. Soon after learning all the instruments & songs, he became a teacher & started making recordings with vocalists & musicians.

After several hit remixes on both Wonderwheel & Bastard Jazz, Yukicito drops his 1st original 5 track EP. A dance-floor fusion the African rooted music of both Brazil’s Atlantic coast & The Pacifico music of Colombia’s Pacific coast, we feel the roots & the thump of long running Los Angeles party called ‘La Junta’.

Nunca es Tarde

The Guadaloops

The Guadaloops is a :mexico: band formed by Franco, Fermín, and Fernando. Their “Neomexicano” sound has its own identity since 2012 and has resigned hip hop in Spanish. The word “guadalupe” and “loops” refers to Guadalupe, the Mexican symbol of folklore; the mother, faith and hope.


Bronko Yotte

New song from Bronko Yotte. He is the pseudonym used by :chile: Felipe Berrios for his musical expression of Pop / Rap / Soul.


New song from :argentina: artist Alika.


Prisma Tropical

:puerto_rico:, Brooklyn-based. SXSW artist. - https://www.facebook.com/balunband

Todo Podemos

Amor Elefante
Parque Miñaqui

Carreta Furacão

El Shirota
Carreta Furacão

El Shirota is a band originally from Chiluca, :mexico:, who, during the last five years, has managed to position themselves as one of the most interesting musical proposals inside of the panorama of independent music in Mexico. Both their recordings and live act have been a topic of conversation in specialized media and radio programs throughout his musical career in the country.

La Noche Total

Belafonte Sensacional
Soy Piedra

Belafonte Sensational was the stage name that in 2009 Israel Ramirez - a musician from Iztapalapa, :mexico: City, began to use to interpret his songs until the project became a band.

Jardin de la Paz

Mint Field
Mientras Esperas

Bluish Lovers

East / West

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