Want To Share any Latinx Music?


This song gets played on the regular in my apartment by my SO.

Calle 13 :puerto_rico: ft.Totó la Momposina :colombia:, Susana Baca :peru:, Maria Rita & Rita Maria :brazil:,


Here is Vivo Para Ti by Eddie Santiago. He was born in Puerto Rico.


I’ve been getting latin psych compilations in my youtube recommendations lately and I’m all about it



Noa Sainz
No Science EP

la cantante vive en Ciudad de México pero es oriunda del norte del país —Saltillo, Coahuila es su lugar de nacimiento— y con el lanzamiento de FYT está contribuyendo a forjar una leyenda según la cual, en México el R&B contemporáneo con más frescura, sex appeal y finura, se hace en el norte.

Mi Canto (feat. Nelda Piña y La Boa)

Lado B

Mougli is an Electronic duo hailing from :colombia: that formed in 2016.

Que Bonito


La Tumba

Mala Bizta and DJ Platos Violadores
Se Acabaron Las Vacaciones


Pura Vida EP

Cumbiamba (Rafiralfiro Remix)

Guillermo Portabales

Que Buena Es La Rumba

Happy Colors

Sierra Leona




Gurisito Cosmico (El Buho Remix)



Sera El Sol
2018 - STEALTH


Here is Barbarabatiri by Beny More.



Centavrvs in one of the most popular indie bands in Mexico City. They come from three other bands and have played together since 2011. The name was chosen for its cultural symbolism: it is the nickname of Pancho Villa, “El Centauro del Norte”; the Alpha Centauri constellation and the centennial of the Mexican Revolution. They have defined their music as “Regional Mexican Electronics”.

Centavrvs :mexico:

Usted Señalemelo :argentina:

Baiana System :brazil:

Tamacú :mexico:


Here is a song by Ismael Rivera called Las Caras Lindas.


If you’re ever in Costa Rica, do yourself a favor and check out Epicentro, Folk Collective, Dance To The Radio, Super Legitimo, Perra Pop and every venue that opens their doors to any kind of act, as they have an influence on the development and exposition of local bands.

Bands like Las Robertas, Ave Negra and Los Waldners.

Vicepresidente, recorded and released their first official EP with the help of Daniel Ortuño from Los Waldners. Check out this nice write up from Paola Rogue in Dance To The Radio.


Following a long hiatus, instrumental rock band Niño Koi presents themselves as a more mature band in their 2015 return. “Logos, Pathos, Ethos”.

Pablo Rojas formerly of the Florian Droids. With Monte and his new project, Hijos, he continues to explore his innate curiosity for musical sound.


Finishing with José Sáenz and Árböl Pájarö Fuegö, two projects that I sincerely expect to rise to the occasion in the following years. Among newcomers Hijos, Vicepresidente and George West, I believe these bands are gonna be noticeable in and outside Costa Rica.


Here is a song by Israel “Cachao” Lopez called A Gozar Con Mi Combo.


Here is Todo De Mi by Ismael Miranda with the Harlow Orchestra.


Mi Pana (Atropolis Remix)

Mateo Kingman
Respira Remixed



BULLDOZER ATTACK is a musical group from :colombia:. Whose influences pass through Soukous, Funk, Rock, Soul, R & B, Champeta and ZoukBass. “T.T.T.” is one of the singles of BAILADOR CANIBAL, his most recent EP.

Con Altura (feat. El Guincho)

Rosalía y J Balvin

La Murga (Deejay Theory Remix)

Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe
Calentura: Global Bassment

Willie Colón & Héctor Lavoe was a salsa musical duo formed in New York, United States, with Puerto Rican origins in 1967 by Willie Colón (trombone, choirs) and Héctor Lavoe (voice, maracas). They were one of the first to present the sound of Latin music and New York salsa to the world.

Iansa (feat. Dana Maman)


Yukicito is a multi-talented DJ, producer, and musician whose “fresco tracks” are known to keep bodies moving across LA’s global music scene. A native of Osaka, Japan, Yukicito crosses borders and genres with rich mixes that range from Classic Soul to Samba, from Cumbia to Bhangra, from Afro-Funk to Japanese Minyo, and all the luscious grooves that fall in between.

Lluvia Con Sol

Orquesta el Macabeo
Salsa Bestial

One of the great sensations of the current Puerto Rican salsa scene, Orquesta el Macabeo recovers the island’s salsa tradition to update it with new ideas and the energy of its eleven musicians, with backgrounds in punk rock, ska and reggae. Formed in 2008, with almost 10 years playing all over the world, they present us with their 4th studio album: La Maldicion del timbal or “The curse of the timbal”.

Brillo Más Que El Oro (La Bala Apuntándome)

Combo Chimbita

Combo Chimbita Rooted in Colombia and based in New York, lives in the future. These first-generation New Yorkers—powerhouse vocalist Carolina Oliveros, synth and bassist Prince of Queens, guitarist Niño Lento, and drummer Dilemastronauta—began experimenting with different traditional musical styles during their late night residencies at Barbès in Brooklyn. New album AHOMALE is out May 3rdand They are coming soon to Seattle on May 21st at Barboza.

Sombra ou Dúvida

Sombrou Dúvida

Boogarins’ Fernando “Dino” Almeida and Benke Ferraz began playing music together with the teenagers in the central Brazilian city of Goiânia - creating psychedelic pop in their parents’ gardens, filtering their country 's rich musical history through a very modern lens.


Chicago Toys
Lost Niños


Futuro Terror

Bcore says:“Futuro Terror born in Alicante. They are more than ever, and in record time, one of the most important and powerful bands from the always well tuned east coast of Spain”
Terror de Futuro nacido en Alicante. Son más que nunca, y en un tiempo récord, una de las bandas más importantes y poderosas de la costa este siempre bien afinada de España.

Subterráneo Mar Jurásico

Los Mundos
Calor Central

En Tu Casa

Juventud Juché

Juventud Juché empieza en 2012 con 5 temas que formaron parte de su primer lanzamiento oficial, un EP (Sonido Muchacho / Discos Walden - 2012). Es una banda musical nacida en España.


Juliana Perdigão

Fuera de Lugar

Little Jesus


Here is El Piro De Farra by Johnny Pacheco and Pete ‘El Condo’ Rodriguez.


Here is Sonambulo by Tito Nieves.


Varias Mitades


Diosque was born in Tucumán, Buenos Aires. Daniel Melero, the father of the scene under Argentina, produced it on his first album. In 2016 he reached digital platforms (such as Spotify, for example) his new single “Toca mis huesos”, with Julieta Venegas with “Viéndolo” (cover of The Twist) as side B, made with the German Molly Nilsson. This single was a preview of his next album. “Llanero” was published on September 8, 2017.


Bomba Estéreo

New song from Bomba Estereo (Colombia) and Systema Solar (Colombia).


La Misa Negra
La Misa Negra

Amor De Mis Amores

Making Movies and Flor de Toloache


Hurray for the Riff Raff
The Navigator

Sube La Presión

La Yegros

Project led by the Argentine Mariana Yegros. Currently based in France. His latest album Magnetismo (2016) deepens his ties with Folktronic and Latin Alternative music.

Dejando Huellas (feat. Gus)

Flora y Fauna Ecosistema de Folkore Digital Argentino

This song is included in the compilation of Argentine digital folklore called “Flora y Fauna”

Organic folktronic recycling fusion of Latin rhythms, digital folklore, electronic textures and acoustic instruments from Buenos Aires-based producer, DJ, songwriter and soundscape builder, Cecilia Gebhard aka Barda.

Mais do Que Nunca


Sango & VHOOR (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)collaborate together for the first time on their 3-track effort called “Acima”. The project focuses on the idea of not allowing negativity to affect your motives in life. We are always above the negativity.


Futuro Não Demora

BaianaSystem gives to the public its III career album titled The Future No Delay. The album counts once again with the production of Daniel Ganjaman and co-production of the group itself, as well as the award-winning “Two Cities” of 2016.

Tú Me Llevas


Mougli is an Electronic duo hailing from :colombia: that formed in 2016. They were playing SXSW in 2019.

Tormenta Solar

Tormenta Solar
FAKUTA :chile:

After releasing her celebrated album Tormenta Solar in 2014, the musical project of the Chilean artist Pamela Sepúlveda took the time necessary to mature her songs. That’s why the maxi-single format of the two newest tracks — “Abrazándote” / “Perfecto Desastre” — is a perfect treat.


Perlas & Conchas

Single of their new album"Perlas y Conchas", the album is out on April 5, features a collaboration with Iggy Pop.



:puerto_rico: indie pop band formed in 2012.


Diamante Eléctrico
La Gran Oscilación

Diamante Eléctrico has established itself as one of the most important proposals of the Colombian independent scene.

Muñequita de Trapo

Los Wilds

Los Wilds is a Spanish band that has just released its new single “Muñequita de trapo” by Burger Records. In 2019 they have a tour in the United Kingdom and the USA.


Institucionalizado (feat. Ceci Bastida)


LA: LUICIDAL is ex Suicidal Tendencies: LOUICHI MAYORGA & R.J. HERRERA and features Marty Ramirez, Mando Ochoa (singer).

Piedra Marea Fuego

Marina Fages
Épica & Fantástica

Marina Fages is a musician and artist from Buenos Aires. Composer, singer and guitarist recorded two solo albums “Madera Metal” (2012) and “Dibujo de Rayo” (2015), both published in Argentina and Japan. “Épica y Fantástica” is her third studio album, co-produced with Diego Acosta and edited by Disco Baby Discos y Marder, the improvisational artistic collective. In Épica y Fantástica she continues on the path of rock by adding pop synths, always with an experimental spirit.

Hondo Agujero

Le Parody

Clavel (feat. Weird Inside)

Javier Arce



Nakury is MC, Documentalist, Activist and Cultural Manager. The :costa_rica: began her steps in Hip Hop with Graffiti and Breaking to later enter the world of rhymes. The content of her lyrics is highly daily, social, but at the same time philosophical and surreal.


Ghetto Kumbé

Ghetto Kumbé began when they met to form a sound system where the drums and the traditional rhythms of :earth_africa: and :colombia: were the main course. The project arises in the city of Bogotá, a city that welcomed them since they come from different cities of the Colombian coast, which gives it that Caribbean and special touch, A touch Africolombia to return to the ritual of dancing and drums.

Chancha Via Circuito feat Lido Pimienta - Jardines (Thornato Remix)

Chancha Via Circuito
Wonderwheel Recordings 15 Anniversary compilation

Devagar (Zuzuka Poderosa & Saso)



There is a new album from Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 coming out. Here is Kitipun from the upcoming album.


Algo Esta Cambiando (Jamie Prado Remix)

Bomba Estereo

Bomba Estéreo, the :colombia: duo of Li Saumet and Simón Mejía, appears in three categories for the Latin Grammys: Record of the Year, Best Music Video and Best Fusion / Urban Performance for their album ‘Ayo’.


Ocote Soul Sounds

The track Pirata appears on live at kexp volume eight check them out! kexp.org/cd.
Ocote Soul Sounds is Martín Perna (Antibalas) and Adrian Quesada (Grupo Fantasma, Brownout) and their extended musical family spanning from Austin TX to New York to Washington DC to Sao Paulo Brazil.

Boogaloo de Johnny (Quantic Remix)

Johnny Pacheco
I Like It Like That


Havana Meets Kingston
Havana Meets Kingston

No Da Para Na

La Dame Blanche
La Dame Blanche EP

With her explosive mix of hip hop, cumbia, dancehall and reggae, the :cuba: singer, flautist and percussionist Yaite Ramos Rodriguez, aka La Dame Blanche delivers a powerful and compelling sound which summons the spirits.

A San Juan Minute

E A Flow, Nebula, Velcro & Ikol Santiago

Único feat. Lido Pimienta

El Dorado Sunset - El grand baile de las identidades

Esto Es Real (8100mg)

Combo Chimbita

Combo Chimbita Rooted in :colombia: and based in New York, lives in the future. These first-generation New Yorkers—powerhouse vocalist Carolina Oliveros, synth and bassist Prince of Queens, guitarist Niño Lento, and drummer Dilemastronauta—began experimenting with different traditional musical styles during their late night residencies at Barbès in Brooklyn. New album AHOMALE is out May 3rd.

Ha Sido

Los Blenders
Ha Sido

“Ha Sido” is the song that opens the namesake album of one of the best Indie Rock bands in :mexico:. Their album Ha Sido, was produced by Carlos Medina from Little Jesus and was released in 2018.


Las Nubes

Remezcla sais: Miami-based queer power-pop band Las Nubes just released “QSW,” a fuzzy, dirty jam indebted to the canons of The Pixies and Mint Field. Las Nubes will be releasing a new album on Sweat Records later this year, so look out for grungy new sonic tides out of the 305. –Richard Villegas.

Estrellas Místicas

Triángulo de Amor Bizarro
Victoria Mistica

Galicia, :es: Triángulo de Amor Bizarro debuted in 2007 with an unforgettable album. In a few months, they went from obscurity to being in virtually every festival organized in Spain and Portugal. “El hombre del siglo V,” an album that ended up becoming a compilation of rarities and included some of their first demos, some new recordings, and some that had not yet been published.

El Sueño Pesa

Niños del Cerro

Their so-called “samba-punk” is made possible when Niños del Cerro, a quintet born in La Florida, :chile:, and the outstanding label Quemasucabeza, that celebrated their first 20 years in the 2018 edition of Fluvial, teamed up. After their debut Nonato Coo (2015), came the second LP, Lance, released this year with nine new songs.

Sonríe (feat. Santiago Motorizado)

Shaman y los Pilares de la Creación
Sueño Real

Shaman, the musician (indie platense rock) of the multiphonic with his voice, who likes the ternary rhythms, The music and the posture of Los Pilares de la Creación form a ritual with evident ethnic nutrients, a fusion between music features patagónica folclórica and rock. In this song, Santiago Motorizado singer from El Mató participates.

San Cayetano

Amor Elefante
Billetes Falsos

Amor Elefante is a band from Buenos Aires, :argentina: formed in 2009 by Rocío Bernardiner (vocals, guitar), Rocío Fernández (vocals, drums) and Inés Copertino (keyboards). They have released three studio albums and two EPs. Their new album is called “Billetes falsos”, recorded in collaboration with producer and musician Ezequiel Kronenberg (Rosal, Lucas Martí, Alice Caymmi, Laser Rays) to be released on march 2019. They have toured in Argentina, Chile and Europe both as a trio or full band along with Andrés Merlo (bass) who joined in 2013.



Montoya just released ‘Perla’, the second single off his upcoming album! The pan-international musicality of his Montoya project is rooted in the musical diaspora of his native :colombia:. This diaspora is vast; indigenous folk music hailing from Amazonian and Andean tribes; the cosmopolitan synthesis of modern reggaeton and traditional salsa taking place in Bogota and Medellin, and the Afro-Caribbean stylings of Cumbia and Champeta.

Ella Sabe


MULA is the union of three girls from the Dominican Republic who fuse electronic music with Caribbean rhythms. Since its formation in 2015 they have released two albums and traveled through 10 countries taking their futuristic Caribbean to some of the most renowned festivals in Latin America.


Here is Vivir Lo Nuestro, a duet by La India and Marc Anthony.


Lengua Larga

Helado Negro
Private Energy

NY: The son of :ecuador: immigrants, Helado Negro was born in South Florida in 1980. His childhood was suffused with tropical heat, humidity, hurricanes, all refracted with the rich sounds and colors of the various Latin American cultures of southern Florida.


Nicola Cruz



Belén Vidal is B-Flecha, a :es: producer and DJ that encloses a constant encounter of infinite connections that converge in electronics.

Cuánto Más


When I’m In Your Eyes

East / West

Jardin de la Paz

Mint Field
Mientras Esperas

From Tijuana, :mexico:.

¿No Es Lo Que Te Encanta?

Bravo Zulu

Indie rock band from :peru:.

Post Tenebras Lux

AJ Davila
El Futuro

Rebeldía y Swing

Viva Elástico

“Rebeldía y Swing” is the first advance of Viva Elástico’s new album that will come out in two sets: the first part in the middle of this year and the second in 2020.