Warhammer 40K Now Has Its Own Master-Crafted Tactics Game

What do you do with Space Marines? According to the fiction of Warhammer 40K, they’re functionally immortal superhumans encased in impervious power armor that is so well-crafted they hardly sacrifice any speed or agility. After all, as various games, sourcebooks, and novels all remind us, the “Adeptus Astartes” are the last and most elite line of defense of the ever-decaying Imperium, demi-gods of the setting's endless battlefields.

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Boy, I really could go for another One Of These since we’re not getting Battletech 2 or XCOM 3 any time soon…

It’s such a solid One Of These. It hasn’t really got an original idea in there, but it integrates all its systems in a nice, balanced way, and it has style in spades. I think I said this somewhere else, but it’s almost old Blizzard in that way.


Really wish this one had come to consoles because I am a huge sucker for the Grey Knights.

Theoretically every Space Marine legion is interesting if you dig into the lore (except the Ultramarines) but they can just as easily be boiled down to memes.

Dark Angels? A legion made up of "The Quiet Kids’! Blood Angels? Cannabalistically horny for Sanguinius! Black Templars? Catholic!

The Grey Knights are much more interesting and nasty because they’re like the FBI if the FBI’s whole deal was to snuff out demonic possession. Sure the Inquisition is about that as well, but the Grey Knights are the door kickers. Practically this means that they show up to somewhere where a Chaos Cult is active, slaughter them, and then kill everyone else who was within breathing distance of said cult. When they show up it’s bad news for everyone.

In the books they also encounter a lot of the cosmic body horror that 40K does really well. If anyone’s interested, The Grey Knights trilogy with Dark Adeptus in it is a good un. Very much a way to get some Event Horizon-y reading matter.

I watched a bit of rob and ren’s stream of this and I’m still floored that the grenade-throwing animation went into slowmo, and zoomed into the big word “WRATH” engraved into the side of the grenade. Absolutely not the tone I was expecting from this game at all, lmao


It’s very 40k. All grenade throws have that cool zoomed in slow-down, and I love it. Most of them don’t say WRATH, though. Maybe I need to requisition better grenades.

I’m really curious about going back to Mechanicus after playing this, which I think I will do. WH40K:CG:DH has plenty of that good space Gothic atmosphere. Mechanicus is absolutely dripping it out every augmented tech-port. The look, the dialogue, the music. It’s a similarly set up tactics game, but with a much more individual and quirky battle system. I think it’ll stand up.

I recently replayed Mechanicus. For me it was a much better game the second time through. Once you know that the time limit the game imposes is fairly forgiving it’s a lot easier to just vibe to the tactics (and enjoy how thoroughly broken your tech priests get).