'Warhammer: Vermintide 2' Makes Me Feel Like an Important Part of a Team


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Whether it’s first-person-shooting, fighting-my-way-through-zombie-hordes, or pretty much anything else you do in multiplayer games, I’m notorious for being the person on the team who can’t figure out the map, gets too scared to move around alone, does the least damage-per-second, and always, always, always, uses the most items. I blame it half on me just historically not being the best at video games, and half on hesitation and anxiety to be the person in front, discovering the enemies or whatever else.

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I don’t hate that this happens. Some of my favorite gaming experiences have been in Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2; my friends all getting ahead of me, me getting all freaked out because I have no idea where to go, alerting a witch on accident because I got so scared I forgot to turn my flashlight off. No one has ever made me feel bad for needing a bit of babysitting. If anything, it’s something my friends and I have always had a nice laugh about.

Now, I’m playing Warhammer: Vermintide 2, and finding myself getting braver each round. I don’t feel quite like I’m leading the pack, and I still don’t have a full grasp of where to go on each map, but I am kicking serious ass. For my character, I went with Victor Saltzpyre, the Witch Hunter. He starts out with a sick ass sword, a pretty okay gun, and his special is a move that blows surrounding enemies back and buffs crit chance on the rest of the party. He is very, very fun to play. Taking some of what I’ve learned from Monster Hunter: World, I’ve been making sure to check my victory rewards after each round and I’m staying on top of upgrading my equipment.

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I’m not sure if being more of a part of the team in Vermintide 2 will help with my lack of teamwork in other games, but either way, I feel fucking awesome. Has there ever been a game that’s made you feel like an important, integral part of the team when other games haven’t? Let us know in the forums!

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Has there ever been a game that’s made you feel like an important, integral part of the team when other games haven’t?

Divinity Original Sin 2. I play a lot of games with my siblings and I often feel like the least capable in regards to ability to aim or think on my feet and the like. But recently we’ve been playing Divinity and the cool thing about this game is it’s turn based, so I don’t have to think so fast. Also, the game is designed so that any build you make is likely useful, and if it isn’t respeccing your character cost nothing. So me and my siblings have all been able to hone in on our unique roles in the group and discovering those roles has been really fun!

Also, I picked the Pet Pal perk at the start, which allows you to talk to animals, and that has led to a lot of interesting stories. At the very least, my role on the team is to talk to every animal in the world.


Is Vermintide 1 much different from Vermintide 2? A friend just picked up 1, and though I’m not normally that drawn to L4D-style gameplay, I’d pick up Vermintide 1 for cheap if it meant as good a time as people are having with Vermintide 2.


i really miss the days when Payday 2 was good, back before they kept adding dumbshit DLC where you can play as racist youtubers. the way that game finely tunes the specific heist roles is really impressive and the super hard difficulties are a ton of fun to pull off w friends.

also re: vermintide, theyre very similar to each other and to L4D. but if you do wanna try it, expect it to be a lot more difficult than L4D. the learning curve for the first-person melee feel is pretty steep but practice makes perfect


As someone who really liked L4D I was kind of surprised by how hard I bounced off Vermintide. There’s just something I don’t like about the combat, L4D’s melee was already not great and while Vermintide does improve it greatly it still just doesn’t feel good to me.


Yeah, Payday 2 (before they overcomplicated things and doubled down on the PROHARD GAMERZ pandering that was sort of why the original didn’t do the numbers 2 did) was so good. The tuuret and safecracking abilities were really my jam, and everyone in my 4 person crew had their roles that they loved and ended up good at.


The core gameplay is the same as the first game, you and your teams will fight hordes of Skaven (and now the Warriors of Chaos) as you complete objectives, collect tomes and other loot but in the second game they’ve given each character 3 different classes they can spec into, which is a huge change.

More than the first game, coordination (especially amongst friends) is strongly rewarded and encouraged. For example, in the first game, the soldier, Kruber, could typically manage big crowds with greatswords or swords+shields and in V2 has has much the same roll But now he also has a shout on a cooldown that staggers nearby enemies and gives everyone on the team temporary health, meaning he has a lot of utility has a team’s anchor and life saver.

So I would say the gameplay is very similiar but it’s more fun and refined because each class has more clearly defined jobs, which I think leads to more rewarding and challenging gameplay.
I’ve played about 80 hours of Vermintide 1 and I’m about 30 hours into Vermintide 2 so far. I love it and
would definitely recommend it, especially if you’ve got a few friends to play with.

I hope that helps and wasn’t just overlong rambling.


Extremely helpful. Thanks!


payday 2 is the most fun ive had just like… moving bags of money towards the escape vehicle like a one-person assembly line while all my teammates do the shooting


I have to say I have been diggin this game so far even if I can already see the flaws. The RPG stuff means that in order to play with other people you’ll have to either keep around old loot so as not to wildly outpower people at a lower level or just have a friend group that stays at the same level with at least one character. But the melee stuff is fun, the game looks great, the keep is neat in the way it seems to restore itself as you go along in the plot, and it has personalty. Though it would be nice if the cast wasn’t whiter than my family reunion in a snow storm


Destiny 1 raids, especially King’s Fall where strictly defined roles were crucial to success. It became really fun to be a “runner” at Daughters/Oryx.


Evolve and Fortnite. Oh and overwatch, of course taught me a a lot of the importance of team strategy and cooperation in multiplayer games


It’s less accessable to me than l4d, that’s for sure, but I’ve made some new friends that are into it so im going to give it an honest shot! I’m afraid I’ll end up bouncing off of it too tho.


this isnt exactly how the gear level works. i’ve found it to be pretty easy to jump in with low-level characters and high-level friends, just expect to be carried a bit. which is fine! its a teamwork game and if your job is “not dying and marking elites” then that alone can be very helpful. also three of the loot slots are global (the jewelry slots) so once you have one high-level character you can give that high-level gear to anyone else you want to level next.

edit: lol sorry i left out the important bit. the game doesn’t scale enemy strength with player power level. the enemy strength is fixed according to which difficulty you play on, so high item level and low item level friends can easily play together as long as the low-level friend is ok with whatever difficulty y’all choose