'Warmind' Brings the Beauty of Mars to Center Stage

You can read all my (spoiler-filled) thoughts about Warmind, the newest expansion to come to Destiny 2 here. Right now, I want to talk about the planet it takes place on: Mars.

Mars is a huge planet with dozens of nooks and crannies to explore. Unlike Mercury, where Curse of Osiris took place, most of what you experience during the Warmind campaign is available to explore after you finish.

Mars reminds me a lot of Titan, with how easy it is to get lost, how much there is to explore, and how maze-like some of the parts of the planet are. It’s really, really fun to run and jump around just to see where you might end up.

There are some beautiful areas you encounter during the Warmind campaign, too. Most of the areas on Mars are enveloped in warm tones, lots of reds and oranges, and its story missions are no different. The exception to this is when you’re underground, where the landscape and enemies are frost-filled and icy. Sadly, though, I haven’t gotten pictures of those areas yet.

When I stand on the edge of a cliff, looking out over what Mars once was, I imagine a thriving industrial planet. What look to be tracks of some kind stretch into horizon, twisting and curving, leading to somewhere. I wonder where they went: I’d like to see that place someday.

Along with the Clovis Bray Exoscience lab where you can find Ana hanging out, there are many other cool pieces of tech around Mars. From square plates in the ground that rise up to start events, to huge guns shooting into the sky, Mars seems to be one of the more battle-prepared, advanced planets in Destiny 2.

Warmind is beautiful for its planet, and its planet only.

Well, okay, also for its main character, Ana Bray.

I already know I’ll be spending most of my time on Mars from here on out. It’s my favorite planet in the Destiny 2 solar system, and it is truly a sight to behold.

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I love how Warmind actively encourages just exploring and enjoying Mars. Even in Destiny 1, my favorite thing to do was just fly around on my sparrow and explore the maps. But until now, I’ve always felt guilty doing so in D2. Exploring and being part of the world didnt progress your character, but standing around and waiting to do the same 5 public events did. So I stood around and did the same 5 public events…

Now, I don’t feel bad! Warmind is filled to the brim with scavenger hunts and collectibles and weird secrets that all unlock weapons and lore. I especially love the items that give you vague text directions to a collectible that you then have to find on map with no markers or compass. The quests are actually pushing me into Mar’s nooks and crannies even more than ever before, and it feels like what Destiny 2 was trying to be from the start.