'Warzone' Just Banned Over 50,000 Cheaters

The makers of one of the most popular free-to-play online games are responding to a wave of cheaters with a wave of their own, banning over 50,000 accounts.

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This is a good idea to stop the cheater’s growth.
Nowadays it is increasing very much there are various methods to make an advantage beyond normal gameplay & make the game easier & this is the best idea to make a loyal or perfect game.

Eh, I think between this and the more important Activision news a lot of people are moving away from Warzone. You already see on the Apex subreddit about people moving over to it including streamers from warzone.

When you start losing your streamers to your competition I feel like it’s an indicator the ship is sinking.

I play this about twice a week cause it’s the main way I keep in contact with some mates from back home and it is noticeable that hackers are becoming more prevalent. I was usually a bit sceptical because one of my mates has never been killed fairly in Warzone but we’ve spectated a few folk who have killed us and it’s not even subtle. It was funny though in one game to watch the cheaters who killed us losing to another set of cheaters.

I probably would’ve moved away from playing Warzone if we weren’t getting noticeably better and the game has never prompted me to spend any money beyond the initial Battle Pass.