Watch the ‘Watch Dogs: Legion’ Trailer, a Game About Building Resistance in a Cyberpunk London

Ubisoft revealed Watch Dogs: Legion at its E3 press conference on Monday. The sequel to Watch Dogs 2 follows the hacker collective DedSec to London. “In Watch Dogs Legion, your mission is to build a popular resistance to an authoritarian regime,” Ubisoft said at the conference.

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On the one hand, hacker grandma

on the other hand, they made a London Watchdogs but seem to be going full-on back to Gun Stuff, which basically kills all the interest I had in the notion of this game

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It sounds like you can create your own Dedsec that specs into non lethal, if you want.


That seems like it could be possible but the question would be if you get them killed is it going to be a huge hassle to find another one.

edit: oh or did you mean the organization as a whole?

I will admit the gameplay bit has me intrigued. There’s gonna be some thing where someone you recruit is gonna totally be a spy for the cops and it’s gonna get bad for dedsec and I’m really wanting to know how that plays out. But as a game I find this concept fascinating in one of these big publisher tentpole titles. It’s like a generic Ubisoft Open World Game Rogue lite. And I will admit that pandering to me with a variety of black people will 100% get my attention. I’m into that. Yes everyone seems skinny and fit, even granny can move around easy, but who knows. Maybe I’ll get to be endlessly frustrated at getting on and off trains in a wheelchair with super cops all around me. I dunno.

I’m still pretty certain, that the topic will be tackled so superficially that the game will loop around and be centrist.

I’m certain this game will be absolutely centrist. Your robot boss is gonna turn out to be evil somehow, and the final message will be “maybe what we all needed was a compromise between fascism and freedom”.

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I think it’ll be like, liberal utopian in the end.

Y’know, everyone everywhere on the compass has a ‘good heart’ and wants to restore the ambiguous Order Of Things as they were just nice and pleasant Before Everyone Was So Divided but maybe a bit better in some nebulous way, if mainly just to let the mechanics go on into the endgame without having to work around a big dedsec collapse or betrayal or whatever in the story ala the rebels in Wildlands.

Also zero story acknowledgement of mass murder by the player character(s) or its implications despite the how super humanized the NPCs are because that’s just WD’s MO at this point.

The “Bring Back the Bobbies” sign is telling me that they’re taking the stance that the old cops were good, it’s only these sci-fi future cops that are bad, which tells you a lot about the politics of this game.


This is my gripe with the marvel movies and specifically Winter Soldier. It’s like, we are so tied to our belief in institutions that we cannot fathom that all of these institutions aren’t trying their hardest for the good of humanity but just kind of lose their way a bit. Not to be that guy, but the thing I liked the most about The Wire was its insistence on Institutions always winning. Everything is designed to keep the institution itself up and running whatever that institution is. People are only as important as the façade they help bring to the institution.
This game feels like it’s going to end with either dedsec’s collapse under its own weight or dedsec creating a new government situation that looks shockingly like the same institutions that lead to the abominable dystopia we are now in.
There won’t be an acknowledgement that the shareholder capitalist lead government that centers white nationalism as it’s only real moral obligation is possibly an issue, and if they do even hint at it it’ll be in the way that says “yeah there are flaws but we have to work to hammer those out and this is the best we can do.”
Also shoutout @banksy. I didn’t notice that sign. So we can just ignore any hope that this game will even pretend to acknowledge any actual flaws in the current political structure.

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I mean the trailer basically screams: “What would we do without our liberal order?” It seems to hammer home how important it is to not go against the status quo, as only “chaos” can come from it.

Y’know, everyone everywhere on the compass has a ‘good heart’ and wants to restore the ambiguous Order Of Things as they were just nice and pleasant Before Everyone Was So Divided but maybe a bit better in some nebulous way

Yes. The “resistance” is not an emancipatory project at all. It simply wants the “flawed, but ultimatley best of all possible worlds” back.

Everything I need to know indeed.

He also told me of better skills some characters might be able to obtain, including one that an ally might offer that could disable nearby drones and make them drop from the sky. (Hocking noted that half of the weapons in the game are non-lethal.)

So yeah, non-lethal is definitely still a thing. I’d absolutely spec my entire force for it.

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ask any incessant white talk show “hero” of the dems or ubi’s publicists/writers and they would unironically agree with you.

radical centrism is making a big comeback in 2019-2020 video games it seems

god help us all.

we happy few is a stinky trashfire directed by a turdburglar and even it had the good sense to cast bobbies as baddies.

Ubi really can’t help themselves can they.


The faceless cyber riot police are bad which makes the old cops better by comparison and better is kind of like good. Can’t wait to join the resistance to fight for a good better future, by which I mean the past.


the very first lines to reveal this game to the world were “London. Greatest city in the world… well, it used to be.” and the thought that anyone writing hopeful political fiction in 2019 would write that with zero sense of irony is… fucking cosmically baffling.

such is Video Games.


Hopefully you’ll still be able to play through the game non-lethally as with WD2*, but if not I think the character switching provides an interesting out: if I have to use guns at least I can restrict their use to PCs where that’s more consistent with their background and character.

Given the potential for systemic narrative in this game I’d love to watch Austin and Rob play some of it. Speaking of, I wonder if you’ll still be able to play dress-up outside of those tacky masks?

*Well, going with the Arkham definition of non-lethal, i.e. “technically they’re still breathing”.

I mean on the one hand, yes, absolutely, but on the other hand, I feel like that attitude (“London. Greatest city in the world… well, it used to be.”) is kind of implicitly a prerequisite to a situation where a surveillance state gets to take over (it seems, relatively) bloodlessly?

I’m probably just boo boo the fool but I’ll remain optimistic I think. Mostly because it’s better than the alternative.

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Mixed emotions on this one.

Not having a main character by playing as all sorts of people is really interesting, especially if it’s thematically charged.

However, the REST of the game looks… pretty generic. The kind of generic where you take the same gameplay formulas and AI patterns from previous Ubi games and stuff them all in. Cover shooting? Check. Light stealth? Check. AI guards that act like the AI guards from Watch Dogs 2, or SP Blacklist? Check. Light platforming? Check.

It’s definitely possible for it all to come together to be greater than the sum of it’s parts, it’s just a shame that most of those parts look like they’re from other games. Which could be said about 80% of modern AAA video games.

But the possibility of recruiting and playing as all sorts of people is pretty exciting.

That said, I was really turned off by how brutally violent it was, and I’m starting to get really sick of using the excuse “well, if we’re going to have the player committing brutal murder, we need to make the bad guys even more bad!” It’s probably true that one could play non-lethal, but it still irks me.

On that note, I’m can’t describe how much I despise this tone I’ve seen in so many AAA games over the past few years. It’s this tone of really graphic violence being played off as quirky or silly. The Watch Dogs 3 trailer is a great example. Here comes a sweet grandma and then, boom, she just shoots someone in the face. Blows his brains out, and it’s all just silly shenanigans. There were probably plenty of games with a similar tone in the past, but they weren’t this graphic or brutal. And then these games want us to take them serious? It really bothers me.

So, mixed emotions, but slightly more optimistic than not. I may change my mind, but it’s on my radar for now.