Watching the Entire Arrowverse in Order

Hey friends! I started this thread by wondering if anyone else has attempted this? I began this, almost as a media project (can bingeing be considered a “project?”) about 2.5 months ago and am well underway. It’s been incredibly fun!

I’m currently in S06 of Arrow, S04 of The Flash, and S03 of Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. It’s been a bizarre project, and at this time I’ve stil got about 250+ hours of TV to catch up on, but it’s a weird thing to do and I wondered what everyone else’s relationship to the DCTV universe was.

Have you watched any of the shows or are just curious? Did you watch for a time and fall off? Are there one or two Arrowverse shows you watch, or do you try to do it all? What did you think of the crossovers?

Right now, the most interesting thing about the Arrowverse to me is how its politics seem to try and respond to the time (especially Supergirl). Where I currently am at, this is all the first filming done post-2016 election, and WOW you can feel it.

These shows are, on a whole, super duper corny. I love it.

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Oh also the reason why I began this in the first place was when Crisis on Infinite Earths had come out a couple years ago; I just didn’t pull the trigger until earlier this year having just completed all the Star Wars animated series.

I haven’t reattempted this, but for a long time I was keeping up live with the whole thing as it aired. Skimming the episode list on Wikipedia I think I must have finished Season 6 of Arrow and would have been at the equivalent points for Flash, Legends, etc. It was a lot to keep on top of and as much I enjoyed certain aspects, I ended up falling off the whole thing, feeling the pressure to keep up with every series in order to get the crossovers. The classic comic book dilemma. It’s a shame, now I realise I only had one season of Arrow left, I kinda want to dip back in and see how it all ends.

Legends of Tomorrow goes from being a miserable scrap heap of a show to being one of the best shows on television, bar none.


I think its already well on its way! The first season was pretty awful (still enjoyed it), but I am in love with how the cast just goes for broke on the dumbest shit and acts the hell out of it. I just saw an episode where they basically said, “fuck it, lets just do E.T.” and threw every 80’s trope in there.

It feels like the show is perpetually in we-could-get-cancelled-any-minute mode, so they leave nothing on the mat. Stuff it all in, regardless of how threadbare our set design looks. It’s so much fun.

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Oh also also also I loved how garbage Constantine was and I hear he gets to come back in Legends, and I cannot wait. That show getting cancelled was a crime

Oh, I am here for the Legends love fest! The first season is indeed extremely rough but I think it became my favourite - while I was still watching it - just for how much it committed to the material. And White Canary rules.

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I’ve tried to do this a few times, thanks to my need of watching things chronologically. But it’s just too mammoth an undertaking for me :sob:

I’ve really tempted to jump back into Legends though! I really enjoyed the first season and hearing it only gets better from there honestly has me really curious! :smiley:

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Never has a forum title frightened me more.


My spouse had a go at this a couple of years ago, but I think fell off when Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow were added to the rotation. It’s quite an undertaking, but I’d consider it if only for Manu Bennett.

Manu Bennett is only in Arrow S2 so you get, like, most of Good Arrow and none of the bad Arrowverse stuff. That might be worth the trip.

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No spoilers, but I’m in S06 of Arrow and Bennet comes back, if at least for a few eps! Probably not worth watching to catch up, but I mean come on it’s Arrow. Not too much to “catch up” on if you’re a diehard Bennet fan ; ]

I can sympathize with the daunting-ness of the task, it’s ridiculous. The only way I can even attempt to do it is because I have a job where I can turn off my brain and execute for hours, so having TV running on my phone (earbuds in ofc) is completely acceptable. Add to that my ADHD and the fact that I’m not really productive unless I’m always a little distracted, and I end up actively looking for hundreds of continuous hours of content to fill the quiet hours.

And even then, I didn’t try it until contemplating it for over a year.

FWIW, the writing has gotten, like, a lot better in the seasons I’m in? We’ll see if that sticks, but for ex. S03 of Flash was really grimangst (yeah, what?), not really a lot of fun. Just sad and depressing the entire time. Cut to S04 and the actors are given scenes where they can be genuinely funny. It helps that the big bad of the season seems to be Blue Guy in World’s Greatest Gamer Chair

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