Waypex Wegends (Apex Legends): A Thread About that Titanfall Battle Royale


The “and it’s available now!” tactic will never fail to be an effective one for me, I think. I don’t love BRs and just hearing all the hype about it makes me want to jump on. I’m not sure how sold I am on on how it’s different or its aesthetics. I guess things will just have to pan out.

How do people feel about it? Did you play Titanfall 2, and in that context how do you feel about Apex Legends? If you didn’t, what’s your thoughts?


I don’t have time or energy to play it before going to bed but I like the look of it.
All the gameplay stuff from the shooting to the inventory and loot system to the ability uses seem incredibly polished and well thought out and they seemed to have done their own interesting thing re: dropping, reviving, and communication which is cool.

A few things I’m not sure I’m sold on though is not only the emphasis on squad play but the forcing of it (at least at launch), I’m always wary with random internet folk and someone in the Giant Bomb comments mentioned they couldn’t find a mute button…
Another is the character art, there’s just something about how they’re stylised and rendered in the game that makes them feel out of place with the rest of the aesthetic, and out of place from Titanfall. Softly lit toony skin shader, plastic-y hair on some of the models, one of the characters looking like he’s a couple steps lower on the graphical setting than the rest, etc.
In the end I do appreciate that they leaned more into Overwatch than Call of Duty or RB6:Siege though because they have the opportunity to create more distinct and likeable characters.

Last thing I’m luke-warm on although I’m sure they had smart reasons is the removal of what makes Titanfall interesting to me, the mobility (the mechs I get, that can get lopsided really fast) such as wall-running, double jumping, and grapple hooking up buildings; if we can’t get mechs I at least want to be able to outmanoeuvre someone or effectively escape a situation.

May post some more thoughts once I’ve put my hands on it, interested to hear the common sentiment on it over the week.


I was also ok when I heard no titans, but yeah the lack of double jumping and wall running is a huge bummer honestly. I’d actually just been playing a bunch of titanfall 2 the past couple of days coincidentally and I can’t get over how much that game’s movement is a never-ending joy to experience. Removing the two most integral parts seems like a very… odd decision. A lot of the titanfall DNA just seems absent from this now.

Still gonna give it a shot though, couldn’t bear to see another respawn game get overlooked. I’ll never forget what EA did to Titanfall 2 at release, absolutely terrible. I can forgive most of the other things they do on a regular basis that make them a bad company, but never that


Curious to know if they are still on source because if so I gotta hand it to them they’ve pushed the engine to the limit or done some heavy updating to it.


It looks fun, but I’m on the other end of the scale where I quite like BRs and am keen for any fresh take on it. Also Titanfall 2 gave me a lot of goodwill for the devs in terms of mechanics/level design, and a BR means they don’t have to do story which was a bit of a low point for me.


I’ve only played three or four rounds so far but I’m having quite a bit of fun despite being really terrible at it.

The amount of communication your character does automatically and the amount of pings you can do is really great, especially for someone like me who prefers to not use a microphone. So far only one of the matches had anyone in my squad using a mic but he was very nice and I want to imagine that it’ll always be like that but I know that that probably won’t hold true.

Having your squad drop as a single unit (with option to break off) is so incredibly smart and seems like it’s basically required since there is no solo option. The whole game feels like it’s very smartly designed, actually. The pings and auto-callouts, the slick inventory. Even stuff like guns being auto-loaded when you pick them up and attachments auto-equipping when you pick them up. It smooths over a lot of stuff that makes it a lot easier to just get in and start paying. Blackout did some of that as well and had the same result: getting in and shooting is really easy (especially compared to PUBG or even Fortnite where it feels like a relatively steep learning curve when you first start, controls for PUBG and building for Fortnite)

My main gripe with it so far is that I’m just not a fan of the seemingly Overwatch-style lootbox/skin situation. I miss the days when you could just go to a store and buy armor for your horse or whatever.

One thing I’ll be curious to see is how well it’s balanced and how they react to it. If you always have a 3-person squad, I wonder if people will figure out an ‘optimal’ set of three and how/if Respawn would change things to react to that.

Edit: Oh and one last thing! My computer is old and bad but it runs buttery smooth and doesn’t look terrible! Woohoo!


I thought the other Titanfall thread was where people were talking about this but I guess I’ll move over here. To those in this thread, feel free to also check out that one too. Here’s the first post in that thread since this Battle Royale game was announced.


So there’s no confirmation on where this falls in the timeline, yeah? Because Blisk is lookin a bit grayer than I remember.


Respawn stated that Apex Legends takes place 30 years after the end of Titanfall 2.



Fair enough, didn’t see that before.

If anyone’s interested, I’m trty0 on Xbox Live


So this is my first BR game & I won in my first game somehow? I’ve seen Breakfast & Battlegrounds & I am fairly certain this isn’t how thats supposed to go. To be fair I was carried the entire way and did the least amount of damage by far but I can see people maybe getting upset at that if this keeps happening? I’m not entirely sure what we did or didn’t do to allow us to win but the grappling hook is really fun and a great way to get into good positions.


I’m extremely good at getting to the last 2 squads. I just take solace in the fact that my killers didn’t get my gear.


Anyone know if there’s a way to mute mic chat?

(I’d loooove a solo mode :grimacing:)


Haven’t noticed anything in-game, but at least on Xbox, you can start an Xbox party and just stay in party chat without inviting anyone. Instant game chat mute.


Oh that’s a good idea. I’ll see if it works on PS4.

Edit: totally works. Thanks!


This might be my favorite battle royale now. Everything about it feels good and there’s so many QoL improvements over others. I was expecting to come in and find an okay game but so far I’m having a blast!

The loot boxes also don’t feel bad either? Maybe I’m an outlier but I would say they’re even better than Overwatches and the fact that you can’t get dupes is really awesome. The currency for unlocking new characters seems to be given at a fairly rapid pace as well.

All the characters seem super cool and the abilities add some great flavor. Speaking of I get the impression there is some wild stuff you can do with some if you get the hang of it. I accidentally threw my shield at some one as they were about to throw a grenade and it trapped it in there with them which then gave me a chance to shotgun rush for the kill.


Played a couple of hours with friends. Had a good time, getting 2nd once (we choked hardddddd) and winning one time (we almost choked hardddddd but we didn’t so yay). Don’t have a lot of experience with Battle Royale games, having only played a little of Fortnite.

The way this game feels is soooooo much better than Fortnite so I think I’ll actually stick with it for some time. Fortnite just feels floaty and… cheap. It was immediately apparent to me that this was made by devs who know how to make controls have weight and still feel fluid and responsive.

Bloodhound is alright! I just need to make better use of his super/ult. The black and white filter needs some getting used to.


I was up late playing this game. I talked about a couple of scenarios the game gave me on the Titanfall thread. But suffice it to say, though I was initially disappointed about this not being another Titanfall and how that Eurogamer article had a rather damning quote from a Respawn employee, I understand now that Apex Legends is a completely different thing but it still feels like Respawn approached it intelligently.

And if this does take off and give more exposure to the dope-as-all-f*ck Titanfall universe, after Titanfall 2 failed to do so. So be it.

I’ve only really used Bangalore, as I like the faster movement and the air strike.


Pathfinder is my friend & they should be your’s too.


It took me a match or two to get back into the habit of ADS before firing, but once I did I actually managed three kills in a match! I might not be completely awful at this folks!