Waypex Wegends (Apex Legends): A Thread About that Titanfall Battle Royale

Plunkbat is fun to say. ApeLegs is fun to say. PUBG and Apex are not. Serious topic has been addressed with complete seriousness :slight_smile:


Yep, it’s a good early indication that someone’s not going to be a helpful squad mate.

This would probably be impossible, but In addition to a smart throttling of excessive pings, I could use a smart snap-to of the latest ping. Yesterday I lost an engagement we could have won if the ping my downed teammate hit had been easier to find. It was close to me and around a corner, and funny geometry meant I couldn’t actually see it. (Same goes for pings from the jump ship. Maybe I’m just bad at the game but sometimes it’s hard to find where someone has suggested, let alone agree with it in time to make the jump.)

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I frequently can’t find the “land here” pings. They are too small, and not bright enough. If they pulsed, or were a different color (neon yellow, maybe?) I think I’d have an easier time.

Right! Make 'em great big, so I can tap them too, instead of trying to land my pointer close enough to ‘okay’ it instead of landing somewhere juuuuust off from the first suggestion after too much fiddling with the thumbtack.

Not super sure where else to post this since I didn’t see anything about group finding in the OP (I’m still kinda figuring this forum out, so its probably posted very obviously somewhere and I totally missed). Is there a good way to get in touch with other Waypoint fans to play? I’ve been playing on PC since release but its been mostly solo, would love to play with some other fans of the site/podcast! Should I just post my origin ID here? Is there somewhere else I should go?

There’s a Waypoint Discord server you could join, which is invite only. I’m not on it myself, but above in the thread people talk about using it to group up. It’s more private than the forums in case you don’t want your Origin ID floating around the web.

The instructions for an invite are in this thread: Waypoint Discord

I won 3 consecutive rounds tonight one of which I ended up with 12 kills. I’m afraid I have reached the peak of my gaming career and everything will be downhill from now on.

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I got a win on Sunday because the two other teams got caught in a gunfight with each other as the ring was closing. We got to just wait for the stragglers to crawl our way and take 'em down.


I had a game today that, while not an actual victory, was definitely a moral victory. I had something like five or six games in a row where we’d spicy drop somewhere and I just wouldn’t find a gun. Sometimes I’d get a punch or two in but just zero luck with guns. Finally I get a game where I find one but it’s a Mozambique so I keep looking… and get a second Mozambique. By then my team had started fighting another squad so I run in with my ridiculous loadout of two Mozambiques and nothing else and somehow managed to do 235 damage and get two kills before we got wiped out by… It turns out that if you have six shots instead of three before reloading then you can actually do a bit of work with a Mozambique. And then I tempted fate with one more spicy drop after that and didn’t get any guns and immediately died. I know it’s all just luck but not getting anything for so many games in a row is really, really frustrating.



That uber driver knows what they’re doing–I absolutely love dropping in in the Bunker.

I’ve had a few rounds like that, too, combined with several matches in a single play session of being matched with only one partner. It’s pretty demoralizing, particularly as the skill ceiling is growing so distant.

I don’t think I have ever come out of bunker alive if a fight breaks out. Often a third group rolls up and sandwiches us.

BTW does anyone else feel like the spitfires a bit too good? Strong damage, pretty great range and accurate if you tap fire, plus you almost never run out of ammo.

My go to loadout has become spitfire + R99 for close up clean up.

My friend recently started swearing by it, saying he watched a video that “proved” it was the best gun in the game, and he started getting 200% more kills every game.

A purple extended heavy mag on the spitfire gives you a whopping 60 rounds to fire off before needing to reload, letting you just pin the trigger and suppress enemies for a frankly ridiculous amount of time, and I absolutely love it. Throw a decent barrel stabilizer on there and you’re golden. I feel like half the matches I’ve won there was a spitfire in my hands at the end.

Also, I feel like I’m the only one who really likes the Hemlock. I usually don’t like burst-fire guns in games at all, but I think this one’s perfect for mid-range encounters. It prevents you from giving into the urge to just spray and pray on full-auto and instead encourages you to just take a breath and rhythmically fire off your shots with more precision, and does a hell of a lot of damage even if you can’t land every one. It’s v helpful.

I’m a big Hemlock fan! I love switching it to single shot mode for longer range engagements, and then back to burst as it gets closer.

I’ve also recently discovered the joy of hip-firing the G7 Scout at relatively close range. Good times!

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Haha uhhh yeah that’s the same type of stuff I do! Totally, I can relate to that clip 100%, no doubt. Glad to see other people doing just as great as me in this super easy, not at all challenging game. Nice


Just wanna echo the spitfire praise. I can’t say if it is too good, but I know I have good games when I find it. It’s helpful when your aim isn’t very good.

The Spitfire with extendo mags is great! I think it’s balanced well with its rate of fire though. It’s slow enough that you can get outgunned at closeish range.