Waypex Wegends (Apex Legends): A Thread About that Titanfall Battle Royale

The only thing I would want them to change is a dual wield hopup that just let’s you fire two. Ironsights just becomes fire the right handed gun and primary fire is left.

Just a fun buff that still makes them impractical to use.

I bought a legendary skin for a gun with my crafing materials, which is probably a bad choice rather than like 4 epics, and not even for a particularly great gun (R99) but i just love how it looks. Also i think the Spitfire is just a beast of a weapon, probably the best gun on consoles imo


Actually can I just have a space cowboy who’s ability is clone any pistol weapon they have drawn?

I mean, find me the Borderlands character that wouldn’t easily transfer over to ApeLegs.

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Had my most heart-stopping and lucky Apex match last night playing with my brother.

Our 3rd died and left like a minute into the match, so it was the two of us for most of it. A few deaths and respawns, a couple wild near-death goose chases (we were the geese lol), couple lucky care package drops, and a couple lucky ring placements later…this all happened.

Can I retire now?


That’s some damn good playing!

In contrast I won a game today where I literally did 50 total damage. My two teammates had 18 kills between them and literally just killed everyone before I got there.

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Definitely not alone on this – the Hemlock is really nicely balanced in terms of giving you enough firepower while being a bad type of gun.

I love the Spitfire too – I don’t necessarily think it’s too good, but it gives players with poorer aiming a real option to use at the endgame. It isn’t absurd – it’s hemmed in by both the low damage per shot (which doesn’t stop me from sniping with it because I have no control over myself) and the potential for it to be circumvented through ducking/weaving.

It also chews through ammo like there’s no tomorrow, so it requires a lot of gear set up.


I like Hemlock but not for burst. Definitely feels much stronger if you change it to single.

I’ve done well with Spitfire as well but I feel like that’s never happened against above average players. The movement penalty is severe if you’re shooting at somebody who knows how to strafe.


@SloQlap that smoke shot was incredible!

Here’s a win from the other way with a few of my buddies: Spicy Market Win

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I’m loving this game, but I’m starting to find very little motivation to play it. Other than the common complaints about the game, I’m having trouble staying interested as

  • I don’t have a lot of people who play it, so solo queueing can be painful. (I pretty much have accepted this by now as a PS4 player when all my friends play on PC, but still a factor.)
  • I’m past Level 50 so loot boxes are less of a drip feed and more of a slight raise in humidity now and then
  • Most of the cosmetics are either redundant from one character/legend to another or just plain ugly, especially for Epics/Legendaries (tho I did luck out and got the only legendary legend skin I like ( Officer Williams)).
  • The badge achievements in the game don’t have really unique flavour to them with nothing that takes advantage of the Legends traits and differences.
  • I feel very little connection with the characters in the game beyond surface level interaction and their abilities. What military did Bangalore enlist in this sci-fi world? Why is Gibraltar considered one of the best competitors in-universe? Why is Caustic so edgey?
  • There are only seven Legends in the game right now so team strategy is pretty rote (I refuse to believe this “Mirage” character I keep hearing about is real. No one would make a character design that bad.)

Yes, there is rumoured to be a new Legend and cosmetics around the corner with the “Battle Pass”, but, with what I’ve seen so far, it has so much to fix that I doubt it will be much more than a temporary band-aid.

I still play it when I have time, but it’s getting harder and harder to answer why I’m playing it.

On one hand I get people’s complaints that they’d like more cosmetics and boxes and a battle pass to work on (as would I!), but on the other hand… when did the chased carrot of multiplayer shooters stop being just playing and getting better at the multiplayer shooter because the game itself was fun to play?

That other hand also just makes me feel old, since BACK in MY day we didn’t have any fancy pants progression systems.


I mean, true, true. But two things:

  1. I already play fighting games, which, given how badly they have adapted progression systems, pretty much is getting better for the sake of getting better. It’s still there, just a different genre and with an added local social aspect.
  2. There are also like 40x as many multiplayer games vying for my attention as compared to even 15 years ago and I’m a player that appreciates a breadth of experiences rather than a narrow fixation. So unless a game has some way of keeping every match fresh, it’s gonna get bumped out in favour of learning something else. If while I’m waiting for the big gameplay content, like new maps or new characters or new guns, that means adding other, more cosmetic ways to keep it fresh, like arbitrary goals to unlock items or the ability to play dress-up, then so be it. Just allow me to have each round be something interesting. Otherwise, I got like 5 other multiplayer games on my PS4 alone that I could be learning to play right now.

Yeah, I totally get why some people need more reasons to play a multiplayer game, but I’ve reached the level cap two weeks ago and still play almost every day for a couple of hours because of how fun it is.

Of course, I’ll be getting that Battle Pass ASAP!

Playing Mirage is the most enjoyable time you can have outside the Lifeline/Wraith/Bangalore meta. BAMBOOZLING never gets old. What a fun word to say.

Also, I like the legendary skins for Bloodhound, Wraith, and Caustic. They’re nowhere near as good as Blizzard’s skins for Overwatch, but who else is?

If you wanna party up on PS4, my PSN ID is Howlin_Forever

Anyone here can add me if y’all want to! Just let me know you got my ID from discourse.zone


Dang, congrats on the level cap! I’d like to run a couple matches again with ya sometime! Quite a few people I know have recently picked up the game, so everytime I’m on, I’m in games with them atm.

@Devour if you’re looking for PS4 peeps to play with, you can hit me up as well! I’m BlueBl1zzard on PSN. Same as youngliar, just shoot me a request saying you got this from the Waypoint forums.

Got carried to a win by a 13-kill player last night. I’m surprised by how consistently the extremely good players have also been some of the calmest and nicest players. Maybe I’ve just been lucky so far, but it doesn’t usually work that way!

My main complaint remains how executions seem like they take priority over everything. They need to be on a different button or better yet just let me turn them off completely.

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Meant to share this the other day:

Yea? Nay?

I think I’d like some kind of action when downed, even if it’s something single use like Gears of War that allowed you to blow yourself up if you had a frag grenade equipped when you went down.

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