Waypex Wegends (Apex Legends): A Thread About that Titanfall Battle Royale


The Wingman is soooo good! I slept on it for days because PUBG muscle memory had me ignoring pistols outright.


G7 Scout feels great at a distance. Seeing that projectile drop is cool.

Wingman. Great revolver.

Prowler once you get the upgrades and go full auto mode. Just mashes out the damage in close quarters.


I know there’s been some SMG dunks, and it might be because the time I had it I fought someone without a good shield, but I like how the R-99 feels and had some good luck with it.

I like a lot of the guns though, that aren’t three round burst. Scout feels a bit too weak, I would theoretically like Wingman but no luck with it so far, same with Longbow - I tend to love powerful semi weapons but it’s just a teensy bit too slow firing.
Other good guns so far: Spitfire, Triple Take, R-301, Flatline, Peacekeeper (it’s also just a BA shotgun design and the hit dots are fun).

I’ve had a lot of good luck with LMG’s and shotguns, big mags or powerful close range damage is really useful, and if you find a good sniper you can really gain an advantage in a game with a lot of close range options.

Also same, it’s theoretically huge potential for damage but like a burst weapon I’m constantly thrown off when I begin firing it.


I’ve lost few fights are shortish ranges where I was just waiting for the gun to spin up.

It feels like it needs a much larger mag than it has to be effective. Miniguns usually have a huge magazine to compensate for the ammo you basically getting the barrels spinning up.


Yeah, for sure! I feel like the clip is like more than half empty by the time it has spun up. Also, energy feels a lot rarer than other ammo which makes the spin up rounds feel more wasteful.


got the plague doctor skin for bloodhound, so i guess that’s it for me!

I REALLY want one of the shaved-head skins for Wraith though. they make her look like she would kick my ass for drinking beer at a straightedge show


The devotion was my favorite titanfall 2 weapon so it’s right at home here in my hands haha! I also love the peacekeeper and any of the assault rifles tbh


The Hemlock is a BEAST, most of the game’s I’ve won I have done it with Bloodhound, a Hemlock, and a Peacekeeper or EVA-8


So I haven’t played any BR games and don’t play many online games at all.

Well I got to a particularly hectic part during the game and the game just quit out completely. No error message or anything, just straight to desktop. Would something like this be related to my computer or internet? With the PC I can lower settings. With the internet? well the games just not for me.


It just… does that

Apex feels like it needed a Beta tbh


This answer actually makes me feel better?

Like that’s bad but knowing that that’s a thing that occasionally happens versus a constant means I won’t mind giving it another go.

SIDENOTE FROM MY TECH ISSUES: I’m glad I could relinquish dive control person. Was my first game and definitely didn’t want that in my life.


I’m loving this game. I’ve gotten a couple wins, which is as exhilarating as ever (one of which was my very first game because my random squadmate fragged 10 people).

However, I’m already noticing that familiar and game-wrecking battle royale trend: The skill gap is real. I’m mid-30s, wife and kids, full-time job. I can devote a handful of hours per week to this game, max. I don’t stand a chance against the all-day grinders.

TL;DR: I’d like a Ranked mode, please.


The more time I spend with AL, like with all battle royale games before it, the more I just think literally every single PvP game is Not For Me™. I am a pretty competent vidja gamer and can PvE on hard difficulty with the best of them, but I’m just slaughtered every single time in BR games, without ever making more than a kill or two. One kill is pretty much all I’ve managed in Apex so far.


I was feeling pretty low this week, and this weekend a friend of mine wanted to play. I said fine but didn’t really account for how grumpy I was.

At one point my friend was unable to make a party to block our third rando out of voice, so they asked me to start it. For some reason I said “I am definitely not going to do that”, and said friend bailed out of voice altogether.

Anyways, while both of us were acting like quarreling siblings we got 2nd place. If that’s not an endorsement of the comms system in Apex I don’t know what is.


I’ve seen quite a few folks say they can’t find the “mute this fucker” button, so when you go to your inventory it’s the next tab over, it says squad, there are little speaker icons that let you mute players.


This is my first BR game and I’m loving it. I just wish there was a practice mode or I could at least try the characters out in the tutorial.
I’ve been on one winning team so far but I feel I’ll be a lot better once my heart stops trying to escape my chest every time that another team shows up.


Hey just a fun fact that might inform y’alls gameplay in the future.

Since you just have to walk into Wraith Portals to take them. You can actually grappling hook into them. This can result is some fucking bonkers shit in the middle of fire fights.


For anyone just jumping in or struggling so far, I found this guide to have some pretty helpful tips. Goes over a lot of aspects that would help a lot for people new to shooters or just don’t consider themselves very good at them (like me).

I’m liking the hell out of this thing though and have had a decent amount of success I guess, so here’s some extra unsolicited advice from a very average player:

-dropping away from your squad in this game is a death sentence in a way that I did not feel even in PUBG. The high TTK means that there are prolonged firefights where cover fire from teammates and coordinated flanking maneuvers are essential. Stick together and ping where you want to go next so your team knows where to move. Also the “I’m defending this area” line on the ping wheel is a good way of recommending your team hunker down in a building or other advantageous spot.

-as tempting as it is, I personally find it is often a bad idea to always finish off downed enemies, unless you are positive where the rest of their remaining teammates are or can safely eliminate them from a distance. Whether you’re shooting them, doing an execution, or melee striking them to death, these are all time consuming and leave you very open to be snuck up on. In my experience it’s best to finish the firefight and take out the whole squad, or use the downed member as bait to draw them out.

-Slide all the time! It’s very fast, you go ridiculously far, and it makes you pretty hard to hit and keeps your head lower to the ground. Slide into cover, do a sliding melee in a desperate situation, slide and jump if you’re trying to evade fire. It’s fun and it throws people off a lot.

Oh and I’m Foxtrot_505 on PSN if anyone is interested in playing sometime! No worries if you don’t have a mic or anything, it’s all good


If you aren’t using your gun or plan to in the next 3 seconds put that thing away you will run a lot faster making your looting faster.

Also don’t be afraid to use your ultimate more. If it saves you or gets a kill then it’s worth using.


After having played numerous games and not seeming to have gotten any better I think I’m about ready to put this game to bed for myself. I really enjoy the times when I’m navigating the world and finding interesting ways to get away from engagements or flank but I’ve yet to get in the triple digits in terms of doing damage in a game & I don’t have the confidence that it’s gonna get any better any time soon. I hope this game does well and I just wish I was better at it.