Waypex Wegends (Apex Legends): A Thread About that Titanfall Battle Royale


I think I’ve settled on my go-to loadout being the G7 Scout and the Wingman.

The Scout is kinda deceptive being classed as a sniper, because I don’t think it’s very good in that role. Put a x1 sight on it though and it can be very effective at mid range. My friend who I play with is very much a “get up in your face” type player, so the Scout has been great for getting damage on the enemy to soften them up for him to finish off. I do the same thing with the Scoped Rifle in Fortnite.

The Wingman is just really powerful for how quickly you can shoot it. Biggest downside is the small starting mag size.


Solid Snake would be proud


Going back to the first two Titanfalls I was always a fan of the bog standard Assault Rifle R201 (now 301). Really missing the CAR sub machine gun though - I’m guessing they’re saving that for a later update. That and the EPG… Though that weapon probably doesn’t make sense for the slower BR mode turned Titanfall 2 into Quake 3.

For Apex Legends, I feel the Hemlock is one of my most trusted weapons for actually putting enemies down. The Prowler is also a bit of a beast as well and if you get the upgrade and go full auto it is devastating.

G7 Scout is great especially when fully speced with attachments, I tend to use is with sniper scopes. I also really like the triple take but I loved the double take in Titanfall 2, it was a sniper rifle that was perfectly suited to running and gunning. I like how you don’t have to be super accurate with it like Longbow and Kraber. I feel all three dots can shoot just above Gibraltar’s shield too.

I’ve really been enjoying the Peacekeeper lately. Seems to be pretty good at medium ranges. I tend to upgrade my weapons to heavy ammo as the match gets going.

Also Wingman, I just dig how you whip it out. The mod for it seems to be fairly common too.


I just got a very silly win as Lifeline where, upon seeing the final enemy, tried to hit 2 to get out my Mastiff and instead hit 3 and pulled out my fists but luckily he was close enough that I managed to finish the game with a single punch.

Also, there seems to be something going on in the game? Not really an ARG but I don’t know what else to call it? I saw the phrase “A Nessy Appears” show up in the kill feed once and RockPaperShotgun just posted this article saying that it’s related to little Nessy dolls that are hidden on the map. I’m very excited to see what this ends up being and I hope this means they’ll have a Fortnite-like approach to updating the game and not being afraid to make some wild changes to it.

Edit: Upon further investigation, there’s a subreddit that cracked it already. There’s 10 dolls and if you shoot all of them in one match then a big ol’ Nessy appears. I kind of hope there’s another step to it, because the way Nessy just rolls up and then leaves seems kind of weird, but who knows?


I got killed by a famous twitch streamer yesterday.

Over 100,000 people watched me get dropped by a Wingman.

This is the second time something of this nature has happened I think I’m cursed to have a bunch of strangers see me get owned online.

(also it only highlights how weird I feel about streaming multiplayer games. It’s incredibly unsettling to me that I could just be playing a game with randos but unknowingly have an audience of hundreds of thousands)


when your squad’s in trouble, but you really just want to get back to that care package that’s about to drop


Having a great time with this so far. The ping system is incredible and solves a huge problem with battle royale games as one of the many folks that doesn’t like voice chat with strangers. I also really struggled with the clunkiness of PUBG’s UI and inventory system combined with the extremely slow speed of play and fast TTK. I spent a few minutes slowly accumulating gear only to INSTANTLY die to the first person I saw. This feels like a much nicer balance of those things, and the fact that your squad can revive you helps a ton. Feels like they put a ton of thought into this game.


I tend to be okay at games, I’m rubbish at AL, but I’m enjoying it regardless. Realising how cool Pathfinder’s movement is is making things a lot more fun and while I thought at first the character based stuff is just a garnish, it’s actually a very major part of the gameplay.

If you’re finding the shooting difficult the gunfeel in Titanfall 2 is exactly the same, and I’ve found even after trying the tutorial of that my steadiness and control has increased considerably.


So what would everyone here want out of a new character?

I would like to see something like a character who’s a mini Titan, TF2 established that those AI cores come out so why couldn’t you stick that on a Pathfinder like body?


I want a character with leap on cooldown as a tactical ability and passive ability that gives you a half-second or so of speed boost out of a slide. Ult that lets you Vanquish slide around for like 10 seconds for damage reduction while in a slide for escape or high skill offensive gambits.


…And with that thought my anxiety about playing online games just multiplied :frowning:

Since I don’t watch streamers, it had never occurred to me that that could happen/could have already happened. Adding a “Don’t Stream Me” Flag to my game feature wish list.


A grizzled old character from back in the day who can wall hang for a small period of time (low stamina in his/her/they old age). Their skills could be a slight damage increase to guns with an Ultimate that calls in an old Titan that is purely defensive and cant be mounted, it’s basically an auto turret


Good question. I like support, so I’d play a new healer like Doc in R6: Siege. Tactical could be to fire a healing pistol at allies to heal them over time. More mobility than Lifeline’s AOE heal and more skill involved in nailing a shot.

I also think it’d be cool to have an engineer-type legend with the ability (maybe tactical, maybe ultimate) to transform ammo types. I don’t need that Energy ammo. Yo, Benji! Can you convert this to Heavy ammo?


I would like an ability that lets me disengage from combat just a bit faster. I keep trying to Destiny-hunter-dodge and it keeps not working. I would love to be able to dip away from the line of fire and quickly get my bearings before being gunned down, basically.


Bangalore kind of has that with the speed boost on damage which is nice for dipping out of a fight but something like a dodge on a cool down would be cool!


I really enjoy people with unique ways to move like pathfinder. Having someone who could double jump in order to get to higher areas without the help of a zip-line would be cool. Maybe have it on a cool-down rather than passive so it stays balanced.

Maybe someone who has some sort of glide ability so they can jump off of buildings and cliffs and go a little further rather than have to climb up a balloon.


Played a few games this morning after a few days break, and i’ve been really loving the single shot weapons. I think enough has been said about how great the Wingman is. (Funny because it was probably the worst pistol in titanfall2 haha). But i’ve had a ton of success with the triple take and the DMR.


Sigh: Really enjoyed a game with two randos for a while: We were moving together well, making lots of pings, well-equipped, and rolled through three squads after an early rally in a spicy drop. Felt good! We have high ground on an incoming team at about round three, but dude on my squad goes charging downhill to get them, into a little tiny death room shed and gets downed, so I throw a crap ton of grenades to clear space and manage to reach and revive him (Lifeline go!). He tries to keep engaging while I retreat to our perfectly safe high ground, heal and pop some shields, and he and our third both go down, in the same tiny death closet building. That’s when he gets on mic and starts berating me for losing us the match and calls me a slur. Guy, why do you feel like you have to be like that? Also I totally heard you tell your mom you would be right down, so it’s probably good that we finished up, anyway.


I’m of the opinion that the Peacemaker needs to be toned down. With the choke it just does too much damage and its range without it is still incredibly far. It’s better than ARs at range. With the choke all it does it add a one-shot kill at close range and no weapon can boast that kind of feat. I like using it, but it’s such an overtuned flavor-of-the-month weapon that needs to be looked at.


Oh I’m 100% sure the Peacemaker’s effective range is going to get nerfed on the very first balancing patch. I also love it and have it as one of my main weapons, only ever switching it out for the Mastiff, but I wouldn’t mind it not being the most powerful thing in mid-close range!