Waypex Wegends (Apex Legends): A Thread About that Titanfall Battle Royale


Well, the most powerful mid-range weapon would be the Wingman :thinking:


Trying this on PC with a few friends but man… I’m at a serious disadvantage using a controller I feel. I like using a controller though, hate mouse and keyboard. I think I prefer playing PS4 version.

Sigh : Really enjoyed a game with two randos for a while: We were moving together well, making lots of pings, well-equipped, and rolled through three squads after an early rally in a spicy drop. Felt good! We have high ground on an incoming team at about round three, but dude on my squad goes charging downhill to get them, into a little tiny death room shed and gets downed, so I throw a crap ton of grenades to clear space and manage to reach and revive him (Lifeline go!). He tries to keep engaging while I retreat to our perfectly safe high ground, heal and pop some shields, and he and our third both go down, in the same tiny death closet building. That’s when he gets on mic and starts berating me for losing us the match and calls me a slur. Guy, why do you feel like you have to be like that? Also I totally heard you tell your mom you would be right down, so it’s probably good that we finished up, anyway.

I feel I’ve turned a corner with this game, if I see an enemy in the distance. I won’t engage until they’re at least at medium range, or I can ambush them at a choke point. I’ll mark them sure, but you get randos who just start shooting and give away your position. I guess before I was actively charging (or sliding down) into combat to get a feel for the mechanics but this is now a early match tactic when people are less likely to have all the power armour.

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If it’s anything like Titanfall 2, you might want to try to stick to assault rifles. They were notoriously sticky on controller and helped a more grounded playstyle on the PC.


Yeah, some of the most powerful weapons right now really benefit from mouse and keyboard use, such as the Wingman and the Peacemaker. As someone else already pointed out, the assault rifles are generally your best bet for playing with a controller.


My Apex games today: Get a good start, one teamate literally runs a whole other location away, gets promptly destroyed 1 v 3, spams “Pick up my banner”, then quits when we don’t immidiatly drop everything to come get it. We then eventually lose because we are down a member.


Have y’all ever gotten matched in with people that are just so clearly head and shoulders way above your skill level? Because this morning I had a Wraith on my team that got 20 kills. It was honestly amazing to watch. Every time I turned around they’d eliminated another squad. I feel like most matches I don’t even see 20 other people, let alone fight/damage/kill that many. I like to think that my healing and spotting enemies made up for the fact that I only got one kill.

Between that and a handful of other players, it’s made me think that Wraith is probably the highest skill cap character right now? People can do some really wild plays with her abilities.

This video game is so fun y’all, I’m having way more fun with this than I’ve had with any other battle royale.


I think it’s been just long enough now that people are starting to realize the galaxy brain-play potential that her portal and void ability unlock. I get destroyed by her and mirage more than anyone else, and honestly don’t even feel bad about it.

One of my favorite things in this game is when they show the champion before the match and they have absolutely ridiculous amazing stats and I hear someone on the voice chat grumble “Jesus Christ” or “we’re fucked”. It’s funny every time. Just gotta pray it doesn’t come down to me and them during the finale.


I had a win today with two players who just cruised the whole match. One, it was really fun to watch them and appreciate their skill. It felt to me that we’re in and out of some good spicy firefights. And two, I like to think I was contributing tactically in ways not shown on the postgame screen, where my damage inflicted is 2. Two.



Like others have mentioned, while it’s impressive to see your teammates absolutely clean house with the competition, I think it’d be a nice addition if players could get experience from other non-kill related activities. Maybe stuff related to using your character abilities, i.e. bonus XP if you’re using Lifeline and heal teammates, Gibraltar and block damage with your shield, Mirage and opponents shoot your decoys, etc. I like that they have banner trackers that track stats related to abilities, but getting some kind of progression benefit would be cool too.


I wonder if that was the intention behind making the xp gain from time survived so much more than anything else. It incentivizes solid team play over rushing for kills or spamming abilities which people might do if there was a direct reward for it instead of waiting for a better opportunity.

There really should be some recognition for ways you contributed other than direct combat. Maybe instead of xp every character has an end of match metric that shows how they helped the team in a way only that character can. I would feel so much better with my low kills and damage if my team could also see how much my Lifeline healed them.


Jumping back in after only playing a few matches on launch day. I think I’m a Gibraltar main, but I need to play more Caustic to know for sure. R99’s my fave weapon so far.

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Wraith Is quickly becoming one of my favourites. Being able to detect when she’s being scoped by enemy snipers is great and you can just quickly vanish behind a rock. Plus when she’s running she looks like Sonic the Hedghog with arms splayed out behind her. It’s kind of silly since she runs about as quick as everyone else, but also great.

Unlocked Mirage earlier this week. Whilst not everyone falls for it, having the hologram can be great in certain situations. Pinned down behind a rock - send out a hologram. Enemies in that building - send in a hologram. I have found that more skilled players have been able to spot me when invisible after using my ultimate.

Out of the core characters I think I love Pathfinder the most, the grappling hooks are so useful for closing down gaps and getting to places quickly. His sunny disposition is also really great, considering how many of these robots I punched out throughout Titanfall 1 & 2. I’m not sure if the question has been asked yet on Waypoint Radio but…

Does Pathfinder Fuck?


I’ve got this one. RPS apparently was in the same headspace as Waypoint an co. when the game came out and asked community manager Jay Frechette “the only lore question that really matters. Does the robot fuck?”

Frechette laughs and claps his hands together. Some may have taken this as a gesture of shocked amusement, but I’m sure he was just overjoyed that in a room full of streamers and press, someone was finally asking the real questions.

“He’s been around for a very long time. I’m sure he’s got his stories. He’s seen a lot.”

So there you have it. Apex Legends: Yes, it’s real, it’s quite good, it’s probably downloadable on Origin for no money by the time you read this, and the robot canonically fucks.


I’m gonna be ‘that person’ and remind everyone of Rule 6.


It’s def better with discord and people you know, despite it being possible with pings.

I mainly have a rubbish time because I’m rubbish at the royal. But I do want to re-engage with the waypoint community.


This game is the best Tony hawk game in years, when I’m stringing jumps and slides down a hill I feel like I have to put Superman on.


Got a nice win with Lifeline, then thought I’d finally check Wraith out. Gets announced as a champion, drops confidently towards the airbase and proceeds to dive straight off the cliff before landing.

Pride does beget the fall!

Edit: Just noticed they added this sweet valentine’s badge :open_mouth:



I know exactly how you feel. What I’ve done to kinda address this is get the D.O.C. Drone Heal tracker (you can buy it with 60 crafting components) and just equipped it to my banner.

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The third match I played last night started with both of my teammates getting downed within a minute of dropping. I was able to knock one enemy with my fist before fleeing to find a weapon. I returned with a pistol and dropped an enemy shooting at us from a house. With the gunfire suppressed, albeit temporarily, I was able revive them both before they bled out.

We looted some of the crates around us and another enemy showed up. They engaged with Wraith and did not realize I was kneeling three feet away away in some grass. As they shot at my teammate they walked their head right into my crosshairs. Two shots later and our squad was in the clear.

It was smooth sailing for our team after that initial encounter with our Wraith tallying up 9 kills and Pathfinder using their ultimate well. I didn’t get any more as Lifeline but the ability to heal my team during fire fights made me feel like I was contributing.

In the last circle I climbed over a wall and landed in front of the final enemy’s well equipped shotgun. This very planned tactical death which was not at all a mistake allowed Wraith to flank and kill them securing us the win.

It was my first win in Apex!! The level of communication happens through pings was a big part of why three strangers with no mics were able to pull off what we did.


“Tactical death” — love it! Good work.