Waypex Wegends (Apex Legends): A Thread About that Titanfall Battle Royale


Just had my 4th win this morning using only the ping system. I had a pretty good round as Lifeline with a couple of kills but the MVP of the squad was a Wraith player with a Mastiff and 10 kills!

My favorite part is that our 3rd squad member was Bangalore and they seemed to be new to the game. After a few firefights they went down. I was able to recover the banner and made a risky dash to a respawn point and managed to get them back in the game and they stayed alive through to the end. It is the first time in a game like this that I feel like I maybe helped someone get their first win and it felt awesome!


One of my games last night, my two buddies each split off and landed at their own spots and promptly died, leaving me alone. Cut to 20 minutes later when the circle is small and closing in while i’m hiding on a wall behind a box like a coward, when the “You’re the winner” message pops up. I didn’t see a single other person the whole game and didnt’t fire a shot and ended up winning, it was incredibly silly.

I’m enjoying this game a whole lot.


Got my second win, and just like my first win I managed to get downed a few seconds before the end of the game. Thank you, talented teammates.


watching someone seal it for you can be so satisfying.

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I just got a win as Bloodhound that was probably the most satisfying win I’ve gotten so far. Most of the time it feels like I’m getting carried by my teammates and only providing a bit of help with spotting and such but this time it felt a lot more like we were all pulling out weight equally (even though most of the kills ended up on one person). Part of it was definitely the fact that it was a comeback victory where two of us had to be respawned in and we had to frantically scrounge for weapons from peopleboxes while being sniped at.

It’s been mentioned before, but I really hope they take the thing from Overwatch where the end of the match highlights what you’ve done well instead of just showing the same stats for everyone. Like, I think it’s weird that the game will tell you when you get an assit on downing or eliminating someone but then I don’t think it actually surfaces that stat anywhere. Showing someone having 1 kill can be deceptive to how helpful they were if they had a dozen assists, y’know?


There’s life time stat tracking options for that you can attach to your banner. I saw one yesterday on The Champion for items given to teammates which I thought was a cool thing to brag about.


I have to agree with everyone here in saying that the ping system is top notch. I’ve honestly just been muting my teammates just to be sure I don’t run into any toxicity while I play.

Sidenote–anyone actually run into any toxic players yet? Everyone I’ve played with (who I haven’t muted, of course) has been pretty chill.


I have speech to text on, so while I might have been in a few moments where other people were trying to be toxic, I haven’t experienced any where the algorithm was accurate enough to convey it. No one has taken to regular text to flame me either. Overall it’s been a much calmer experience than most online games I’ve played.


I had one game, early on, where we died, one person writes ‘gg’, I write ‘gg’, and the third person uses voice to go ‘you’re bad’ and presumably sets their PC on fire. Pretty mild as far as toxicity goes.

Game is still young, though. Plenty of time to ripen.

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My life in every shooter ever

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Slowly coming to the realization that if you and your squad are staying still for even a moment during a firefight you are going to get flanked and killed. Now I need to put that knowledge into practice.


I’m having a lot of trouble connecting and actually joining a game. I don’t know if its just me, or not


I’ve had some long delays in matchmaking or outright failures on Xbox, but not in the past day or so. Traffic may have ramped up with the weekend, though.


I could get into the stealth version of this game. Loaded in with a single other player (Bloodhound with almost a thousand kills!) who bailed as soon as we got to the jump ship, so it was just me. I figured I would get eliminated and recycle fast into a new match. I dropped and managed to avoid being spotted by anybody, geared up and skulked my way to round four in part by calling in my Lifeline care packages and then running away!

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I’m HubesMaster on Xbox if anyone is still looking to play


I for the life of me can’t stop playing but it’s really reminding me how toxic the multiplayer community can be outside of having a party of friends. Also the free-to-play ea-esque elements are really starting to drop in now that ive passed lvl 25 and you get packs super infrequently…

Also if anyone wants to play on pc add me: ryan_ca11


I had a match today where we won without firing a single shot.

Gibraltar ult on last circle killed the other squad.


After 30-ish hours I finally feel like I’m getting competent at the shooting and have been pulling my weight in some matches. I managed to get two wins yesterday and even got the final kill in each of them! (For a small bit of shameless self-promotion, I actually wrote up a battle report-esque fanfic of the action here.)

Also I had my first actual griefer when the jumpmaster made a last-second diversion while we were diving towards Relay (top right-most area of the map) and dumped us in the water. He just got on mic and laughed when it happened but I dunno, you can get back into a match so quickly that it didn’t feel like that big a deal. I guess I’ve been pretty lucky that that’s the first bad teammate I’ve had.


There’s some naive part of me that hopes the ratio of decent players to shitheads stays okay because shitheads will keep being driven away by the explicitly minority-centric cast.

I do know this is naivety, but i can dream while i play my vaguely-icelandic mystic enby with accessibility features entirely geared towards me not having to care about angry gamers, or shoddily transcribe them into text-to-speech for laughs.


I feel like Wraith might be the character that needs the most UI work in this game.

While I appreciate leaning into less obvious methods of interacting with the player might be interesting & there is something to making ‘the void’ an opaque concept, her kit needs some work to get it into a good place. Both her Q and ult are left less useful by how unclear they last for.

This is more of an issue with the portal, which feels like its duration varies by some unclear characteristics. Sometimes, my portals last until I’m at 40%-50% of another portal, but otherwise seem to fade at 25%. Does using them make them cut out quicker? I don’t know! It’s very unclear.