Waypex Wegends (Apex Legends): A Thread About that Titanfall Battle Royale


It’s always 60 seconds for the portal.

Played Mirage for the first time and I think he’s the only character that feels like they need a buff. His decoy is great but his passive feels useless because everyone immediately knows you dropped a decoy when you went down. His ults not much better and not being able to end it early and start shooting feels oddly restricting for the game. I would like to see his ults changed to where he doesn’t cloak and all the decoys move further and spread out while pretending to shoot as a way to confuse the enemy.

That said his quips are cheesy and great :+1:


Mirage’s “I won’t be censored” patch is so stupid it’s amazing.

Having a weird weekend. Everyone’s going for super spicy drops, guessing because that’s better for quickly getting ahead (and popularized by streamers?) but it’s not something I like that much. Also kinda feeling that the skill level of most players is rising very quickly, can’t get a lot done.

Edit: Lmao I say that and immediately get a solo win. Thank you, cowardly play!


Anyone else finding that Caustic’s traps are mainly useful for obscuring your position in a firefight?

And that the range of the Mozambique is goofy as hell? It’s basically a sawed-off, so why am I getting taken out at basically mid range?


I don’t think that’s true in this game – in other Battle Royale games, it definitely is about getitng ahead quickly. Typically, going in hot lets you loot very efficiently (since you kill others as they are looting, which means you are sifting through their chosen loot – which will tend to be the cream of the crop in an area).

Interestingly, I don’t feel that’s really the case with this game. While you can drop early and try to implement this in practice, looting is fast enough in this game that I don’t think it’s a major time save. In fact, dropping a little safer and advancing on people later is often the preferred way to get a bunch of easy items from a kill rather than going in hot.


Do reward packs stop dropping with each level up? I just went from 21 to 22 and didn’t get one. I was looking forward to it, too.

(Also, on my last match I eliminated a whole squad to get to a downed teammate who disconnected before I could pick up his banner… shoulda hung in there a few more seconds, buddy!)


Max level is 100, between 1 and 100 you get 45 Apex Packs total. You will always get the red level up currency even past 100 so you can continue to unlock new legends and those alt skin colors from the store.

To offset the lack of packs after 100 it sounds like there will always be a battlepass going on once we reach March.

Every player can unlock some of these items each season through normal play; those who choose to purchase the Battle Pass can earn everything available that season, around 100 different rewards.
No, Legends will not be included in the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass gives players exclusive cosmetic items and Apex Packs.

Each season runs 3 months.


I think the red currency is just for Legends unlocking, isn’t it? It’s the blue that gives you access to everything else, which kinda sucks without the battlepass.

EDIT: oh nevermind I see what you meant, the alt skins in the premium store. My bad. :+1:


Thanks! I hadn’t even realized there would be a Battle Pass.


I’ve only had two instances of toxic players and I think both were kids. One was a Russian kid who started asking what country I was from, when I said England he said he’d fucked my mother and Russia is the greatest country and stuff like that. Okay. He got dropped pretty early on. I just played dumb like I had never played the game before as he kept screaming at me to pick his card up and then to get it to a beacon. Get to revive spot and held the button down but release it just before the bar was filling.

“I think I’ve got it now. I’ve got to wait until the bar goes up.”

“Whoops missed it again. This is a really hard game!”

Repeated this about ten times before muting him and moving off. Now it has me who has become toxic.

Another player just messaged me to tell me that I was so bad at the game I should go to school in America where I will die in a mass shooting. Again, are all toxic players just kids?


I think I may have just “got good” or have an instinctive knowledge of game now. Had 3 wins in a row all with random teams and different champions and getting last kill in each game.
Favourite finale was running on last squad (I had no idea it was down to two squads as had just been in a murder town where must have been 6 squads come through and we got there half way through and cleaned up.)
I downed the first with a sniper shot. Turned to my left and saw another. Arc star to there head as they ran behind a rock. Threw ever throwable I had and took them and team mate out. It’s nice you can have really intense tactical battles but also just run into a team and it ends in seconds.
I don’t know why but I never want to camp in the game maybe the movement feels so good you just want to keep moving. Pushing as a team is really rewarded.

On toxicity I can’t stand bad mic sounds so just have a solo partychat (PS4). The ping system is so good I don’t think it’s a disadvantage.
It could even promote more positive play as have a more limited vocabulary thus making other players compromise more or think more about others.


Hey if you have Twitch Prime you get 5 Apex Packs and a Pathfinder skin right now!


I have finally gotten used to how this game plays and got a few wins in the last few days, it still elicits very similar emotional and physical reactions that PubG did for me in the final circles as you’re in one of the last two squads, which is really awesome.

The last win I got I was carried big time by two incredible players, all I saw was them running somewhere and killing squads left and right, they got over 20 kills between them and I had two - BUT I killed the last player with a melee which was pretty hilarious.

Also, managed to down a player by unloading a full SMG clip into their face as I was knee sliding out of a building towards them at full speed, and WOW that felt incredible.

But then sometimes I have matches where I miss constantly and make terrible decisions. I think it has a lot to do with flow - once you’re in it, you’re unstoppable, but a mistake early on can kill the vibe, somehow. I definitely have not experienced that with PubG. Anyways, this game is really good.


Hey everyone! I’m really enjoying the movement and tactics/strategy of Apex Legends on both PC and PS4 (though more PS4 recently). I’d say I’m average at best (managed to win once, placed 2nd twice in around 30-40 matches)

I’d love to play with people from the Waypoint community. I have voice on both but don’t mind playing with or without. Just add me and tell me that Waypoint sent you :slight_smile:

Origin --> sneekybeak
PSN --> beakperformance



I’m on a Monster Hunter World kick atm, but I’ll likely be playing some Apex in the coming days.

Also, that is a very good PSN name.


Won two games last night, and unlike my other wins they didn’t feel close. My team actually felt like it was perfectly in control of both of the final fights. Even got the second win with no one getting knocked down!


There are also a bunch of people playing often on the Waypoint discord server if you are into that type of thing :slight_smile:

Speaking of the discord server, I posted this link there but might as well put it here too - this is a bunch of player submitted ways to fix the crashing issues on all platforms, collected by Respawn folks.


I’ve won on the first game of the day two times now. I feel like i need to ride into the sunset.


Haha, thanks :smiley:

It was the first cringeworthy pun I could think of having to do with “beak”


I’m waiting for my confirmation for the discord :slight_smile:


That is my absolute favourite drop point because almost no one goes there and it has a ton of high tier loot