Waypex Wegends (Apex Legends): A Thread About that Titanfall Battle Royale

I don’t think anyone has shared the new gun they announced on twitter yet

It can use the devotions turbo-charger hop-up to skip the initial barrel spin, but it can also use the prowler’s select-fire hop-up to enable single-shot laser beams that are accurate at long-range


I got it on my first game today. It still feels like the energy ammo spawn is a little low, but the gun was fun to use. I got the select-fire mod and tried out the single-shot mode. It’s tricky, because it has to charge before it fires, and it still has drop, so aiming accurately will take more getting used to. But I did manage to land a few shots, and it hits hard!

The Rock Paper Shotgun review established the correct shortened name for this game: Apelegs.


I renamed my Origin profile, “Waypex_Wegends” I hope no one on here minds, also Apex Legends is pretty darn good y’all.

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I’m SloQlap on Origin. Friend me up so we can play.


Hey, just throwing this out there, maybe loot boxes are gross and inherently unethical?

“Once I bought my first bundle my brain became wired in a way that I wasn’t going to stop until I got the heirlooms,” Cole told Kotaku . “The feeling of going box to box wasn’t even enjoyable. … As I opened more and more crates, I would move on to the next crate and skip over the new items I got entirely if I knew it wasn’t the heirlooms. Not even unboxing the rare legendaries items excited me.”


i’m coming out on top of about 1 out of every 15 fights i get into! still having fun, somehow…

The most frustrating thing to me is how they incentivize ridiculous spending with how purchasing the currency works. Not only do they have the option to spend $100 on Apex Coins, they throw in bonus coins to sweeten the deal! I know this is pretty standard in all free to play games, but it never stops feeling slimey and exploitative to me.


It’s very easy for me to dismiss loot boxes as harmless when I’m not sensitive to that sort of thing (as far as I know), but since so many people are, and this is designed specifically to exploit them, they shouldn’t be in games ever.
Have a store where you can buy the cosmetics you want, it can be that simple.


It’s the best value! You’d be throwing money away if you buy the cheaper options. Ugh.

I’m really loving Apex but man the loot boxes are so disappointing. Even putting aside the messier aspects it’s just not a system I feel good about engaging in. I’m not going to spend money on something without knowing what it is. Of the ~10 packs I opened for free I got 2 character skins I liked (one was common so I just crafted it for everyone else) and some weapon skins that were neat, I guess. If I had spent the ten bucks to buy those packs I would feel like that money was totally wasted.

As someone who used to be firmly in the “If it’s only cosmetics it’s fine.” camp, we know too much about how loot boxes affect people to just assume everything will turn out okay. We know that people won’t only buy what they can afford or that only the rich will be whales, not when there’s that gambling itch that maybe you’ll get something rare this time. The part that feels the most exploitative to me is that the cosmetics have rarities at all when, other than legendary stuff that has some extra flair, it’s all the same.

I’m really not trying to complain or rain on anybody’s parade or anything, I just want this thing I like to be better in a way that’s less harmful to others.

Have a store where you can buy the cosmetics you want, it can be that simple.

I’ve spent a decent amount in Warframe because it is that simple. Everyone knows what they’re getting, the price conversion is clear, and there’s no pressure into buying more than I want. It does do the “best value / spend more for a bonus” thing but when the items cost a fixed amount it feels less shady to me. If the things you want cost x amount of premium currency then you can just see what the dollar value is.


Yeah, the monetization in this game isn’t great. Lootboxes are, to me, just inherently bad no matter what. When the game launched there were people defending Apex as having ‘good’ lootboxes since there’s no duplicates and you get them for free but, if anything, I’d say that makes it worse because it makes the idea of buying a whole bunch that much more enticing.

On top of that, the store isn’t great either. 1,800 coins (aka 20 USD) for one skin is a lot. Even the Valentines skins they had were 1,100 coins each but to get that many coins you still have to spend 20 USD so unless you but 60 USD worth of coins, then those prices may as well be the same. And then there’s the bizarre “Exclusive Skin” thing they have where you can buy a skin with the earned currency… but only if you already own the Legendary skin that they’re selling for 20 dollars.

I really hope that the battle pass doesn’t feel so gross because this game is so much fun and I’d like to give Respawn some money since I’ve put so much time into the game but I’d like it to feel like a fair purchase, y’know?

Unrelated to all that, I had an odd experience yesterday where I was playing a game in the morning and ended up placing second after getting killed by a streamer with about 30k viewers. I was curious and watched the end of the match from the stream VOD and it’s just so wild that he was just casually talking to some people (not even his teammates!) about microphones and whether push-to-talk is better than a noise gate or not. His team just made quick work of us and he didn’t even seem to be focusing on the game. Those top level players are just on a completely different level, it’s absolutely wild.


Speaking of another level, I don’t feel too bad getting killed by people like this:


About that bamboozle.

Works on me every time.

I’m a fool.


I agree! I want to give Respawn some money but don’t want to buy coins and boxes. I hope the pass has some depth to it.


so something like 100 kills per day average since the game came out with that character. :smile:

Anyone else having problems running this on PC? The whole game freezes on me and there’s a 50% chance I’ll either return to the game (having not already died) or am booted back to desktop completely. Had a bad time with connection issues on PS4 last night, seemed fine on Xbox - so at least I have three platforms to choose from. Started thinking my PC was developing problems but I think it’s an Origin problem, since Steam and Blizzard seem to work just fine.

Yeah the lootbox stuff makes me so sad. I’m happy to spend money on characters and on battlepasses. The lootboxes just make the whole store seem disgusting and exploitative when it really doesn’t have to be there.

I like Warframe a lot but it has it’s own monetization problems, a random login bonus of premium currency discounts to encourage buying more than you know you need for example and the use of a Disney Vault like system.

Tripple Take + choke + 1x or 2x on last few circles is so nasty and I love it .

my least favorite apex legends player type is “breaks off halfway through jump, runs in other direction, immediately gets into firefight, gets downed 1000 meters from you, and mashes on the ‘target spotted’ button while their voice chat indicator flashes like a strobe light before instantly disconnecting once they get executed”


Oh you’ve matched with them, too??

I had three — three! — situations yesterday where my team has high ground, good gear, and an advantageous circle that’s pushing other squads toward us in the final three. I’m pinging the ground and saying “bunker up, gang!” And at least one but sometimes both my squad mates go Rambo-ing downhill, and get downed. sigh

Another game yesterday I was jump master, pinged a location, and both my squad mates jumped solo to an entirely different map position without any pinging at all to let me know where they were going, and they promptly got eliminated. sigh

It’s interesting to see the kill counters start to diverge wildly now that we’re a couple of weeks in. I feel like the odds of success for a truly random trio are much lower then they were in the start, especially in the endgame where real coordination now really seems to make the difference.

Despite all that: this is kind of all I want to play and I’m having a really good time.