Waypex Wegends (Apex Legends): A Thread About that Titanfall Battle Royale


I wish I could play this game, but I tried it at a friend’s house. I and my teammate won quite easily… as neither one of did a single point of damage to another player. I will never be able to top that.


I hope they can maybe work out a way to put a limiter on pings without players having to go into a menu to mute them. That’s not something you want to be doing when there’s enemies nearby, so having a system that recognizes “oh, this person is just mashing the button relentlessly for no reason, maybe time to shut that person up,” feels almost necessary to at least alleviate some of the nuisance of this situation.


There’s a tough line to walk because while the pinging can be used to grief, you can also live ping enemies while downed for your teammates. I do think they could lessen the number of pings a player can do without completely neutering an otherwise phenomenal system though.


Definitely, which is why I didn’t want to like spitball a solution. I feel like there has to be a solution somewhere for it, because god it’s just the most annoying thing that just highlights that someone is an asshole.

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I won with Caustic today! Now only need to unlock and win with Mirage and i’ll have a victory with every hero!


I heard Rob refer to Apex Legends as “ApeLegs” in the most recent podcast…

I can’t tell if I love it or hate it.


“Apelegs” has become increasingly popularized in the online discourse, which is just strange to me. What’s wrong with just calling it “Apex”? Same amount of syllables, less letters to type, and doesn’t sound awful.

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Because its not a terrible unfunny meme to be beaten to death on twitter, duh


If people were willing to seriously push “plunkbat”, I will talk about my simian locomotion all I choose.

Further to this:

Between this and the lack of reporting functionality, there has to be a faster way to allow this to be responded to. I might suggest putting some kind of mute on the Esc menu as a starter, which would at least not bury it in 2-3 UI layers.

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I first saw Aplegs first on RPS (noteably the former parish of one Robert Zacney), who also tried to make Plunkbat happen.
Aplegs is goofy but you’d have a hard time convincing me that Apex isn’t also


I don’t follow how “Apex” is goofy? Like, it’s a common enough word, part of the name of the game, and it’s evocative of the goal of a battle royale. Namely, to be the last person (or team) standing, thereby reaching the “apex” of skill. Compare that to “Apelegs” which is pretty nonsensical and has nothing to do with what the game is about.


I say “Apelegs” doesn’t go far enough! We can condense even more! What if we go…“ApLe” (pronounced ‘apple’)? It’s shorter AND still captures the essence of the battle royale experience–trying to taste the sweet fruit of victory :apple:


I had no idea that the hitboxes where so goofy.


Plunkbat is fun to say. ApeLegs is fun to say. PUBG and Apex are not. Serious topic has been addressed with complete seriousness :slight_smile:


Yep, it’s a good early indication that someone’s not going to be a helpful squad mate.

This would probably be impossible, but In addition to a smart throttling of excessive pings, I could use a smart snap-to of the latest ping. Yesterday I lost an engagement we could have won if the ping my downed teammate hit had been easier to find. It was close to me and around a corner, and funny geometry meant I couldn’t actually see it. (Same goes for pings from the jump ship. Maybe I’m just bad at the game but sometimes it’s hard to find where someone has suggested, let alone agree with it in time to make the jump.)

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I frequently can’t find the “land here” pings. They are too small, and not bright enough. If they pulsed, or were a different color (neon yellow, maybe?) I think I’d have an easier time.


Right! Make 'em great big, so I can tap them too, instead of trying to land my pointer close enough to ‘okay’ it instead of landing somewhere juuuuust off from the first suggestion after too much fiddling with the thumbtack.


Not super sure where else to post this since I didn’t see anything about group finding in the OP (I’m still kinda figuring this forum out, so its probably posted very obviously somewhere and I totally missed). Is there a good way to get in touch with other Waypoint fans to play? I’ve been playing on PC since release but its been mostly solo, would love to play with some other fans of the site/podcast! Should I just post my origin ID here? Is there somewhere else I should go?


There’s a Waypoint Discord server you could join, which is invite only. I’m not on it myself, but above in the thread people talk about using it to group up. It’s more private than the forums in case you don’t want your Origin ID floating around the web.

The instructions for an invite are in this thread: Waypoint Discord


I won 3 consecutive rounds tonight one of which I ended up with 12 kills. I’m afraid I have reached the peak of my gaming career and everything will be downhill from now on.

Edit: Apparently discourse is not a fan of my long image.