Waypex Wegends (Apex Legends): A Thread About that Titanfall Battle Royale


Ugh I get the excitement of wanting to be the first to break something, but I personally don’t care for all the data mining stuff. One, I’m just not one for spoilers, but with the potential for misinformation and the possibility that stuff starts affecting the development cycle…I could really do without…

edit: This is not directed to you personally btw. It’s my thoughts on dataminers. Upon rereading, it sounds like it can be misinterpreted


haha nah i got you, no worries.


It’s interesting that they’d tease Octane with these jump pads around the map, but it’s also entirely possible that they’re not even teasing anything. I do just kinda wish the devs would just do an announcement of an announcement just to shut people up on social media. I think there’s at least another week before a battle pass announcement because of GDC, though.


Still loving this game, been playing most nights.

I’m glad I’ve not hit the cap yet because I would definitely be tearing my hair out looking at my low number of crafting materials and lack of legendaries for the characters I play as.


10 am pacific tomorrow. Season pass


Y’all ready?

This has a list of rewards:

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On a side note, I’m all about good feeling movement and traversal in games, and just knowing how good movement feels in Apex already, I can only imagine how Octane is going to handle…Could it be time for a new main? :wink:


I am not sure what sort of rewards I was expecting but this is not it. kind of underwhelming :sob:

having 20 of the rewards be badges that just show you made it to a certain level this season is lame considering that each reward will immediately be obsolete in 5 levels, and the default level badge actually updates each time you level up instead of every 5 levels.


It is kinda underwhelming, though honestly for these things it’s only 10 dollars so I dunno. It’s a weird time for the pass because between sekiro and baba i don’t really have too much time to play apex. Though I’ve put a few dozen hours into apex already so I feel like I should buy it anyways cause I want to give respawn some money cause they deserve it.

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I can’t for the life of me determine if Octane is free or part of the Battle Pass purchase.


According to a rep on Reddit

For 950 Apex Coins, you get the following by BP level 100:

  • 1000 Apex Coins
  • Apex’s first ever 3-stage Evolving Legendary Weapon Skin (Havoc)
  • Exclusive Epic PDW weapon skin
  • Legendary Apex Pack with Guaranteed 1+ Legendary
  • Epic Apex Pack with Guaranteed 1+ Epic
  • 5 standard Apex Packs…

The free track on the battle pass has separate rewards so all together you can get another 10 packs


I think seeing what this battle pass has to offer has just made me realize that I could kinda care less about the cosmetics in this game. I’m level 80 or so now and have long since given up hoping to get any cool stuff given there is like a billion weapon and character skins, you barely get loot boxes in the later stages of leveling up, and most of them look pretty rough anyways. I like the game a bunch still and wouldn’t mind a good opportunity to throw some cash at it, but honestly this isn’t doing much for me.


Yeah I’m feeling kind of the same. I really like this game but boy the monetization model right now just doesn’t make a lot of sense. Some of the legendary skins seem okay but not $18 okay.

The battle pass just seems really lackluster and I hope things change about it over time or the second one has a good uptake in quality. I like texture swaps if they are well done, e.g. CSGO, but these are just really meh and a numbered badge every 5 levels is just scraping the bottom of the barrel.

There’s a lot of cool cosmetic opportunities in this game I hope they capitalize on at some point.

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I probably will only buy this battle pass if I get significantly far in the progress so I can pay for the next one. Not much that interests me…


If I buy a battlepass, it’ll basically just be to support the devs. Not really interested in any of these cosmetics.


I don’t know what I was expecting when I clicked on this video, but it wasn’t this.


I’m surprised more people aren’t upset about the absolutely ludicrous prices in the in-game store. Like you said, you need to purchase like 20 bucks worth of credits to purchase one weapon skin, a skin for a gun you’re not even guaranteed to see in some matches. And as for character skins, better looking variants of legendary skins that aren’t even available to purchase at all until you have the base legendary version of it. It’s really poorly thought out and starts to feel surprisingly gross in a game that is otherwise so light and fun and accessible. Best case scenario for me would be they make the pricing way more reasonable and expand the selection of available cosmetics to purchase straight up, although I strongly doubt that’ll ever happen. I’d be just about ready to say fuck it and throw 10 bucks at this lifeline search and rescue banner frame if they made the process simpler. Otherwise I see myself spending little to no money on this game for the foreseeable future


Only reason I’m not more bothered by the monetization is that it’s pretty easy to ignore. I’ll probably buy the battle pass to support Respawn, but I hope they can come up with a more satisfying way to make money. Preferably something more than cosmetics, though I’m not sure what that would be.

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Add me on PS4 (GuruOfReason) if anyone wants to grind that battle pass.

Just put the magic phrase “discourse.zone” in the friend invite.


I saw a suggestion for custom death boxes on the subreddit and I want it to be known I’m all the way here for things my enemies will get to truly appreciate unlike my cool bloodhound banner that is seldom ever seen.