Waypex Wegends (Apex Legends): A Thread About that Titanfall Battle Royale


This may not exactly be in the spirit of this thread, but I’m curious why it doesn’t seem any BR games are trying anything interesting with the “drop in” sequence.

I understand that its presence is mechanically necessary to this kind of game as we understand it, but I wanted to give this game a shot because it seemed like it could bring some unique elements to the genre. However, as soon as I loaded into my first match I was struck by how much that segment looks like Fortnite. From the animation, to the way the map looks from the sky, I couldn’t help but feel like this was mostly a cookie-cutter reproduction of other games in the genre and it kind of took me out of it.

I’ll 100% hedge this criticism by saying that I don’t typically enjoy BRs or shooters in general and its indicative of my hope/expectation to be blown away, especially after liking what I saw in the tutorial. As such I haven’t played or seen any BlackOut so if this does something there I guess my point is moot.

That said, I think it would be really cool if someone came up with a way to make that experience feel more unique either mechanically or visibly.


I already posted some of my thoughts in the Titanfall thread, but I’ll rehash some of it here.

I’m really enjoying this game so far y’all.

My only other foray into the Battle Royale space was a couple of rounds of H1Z1 when it first dropped on PS4, and it didn’t really gel with me. This game tho…

While the visual design is neither here nor there for me, playing it is an absolute blast. The shooting is solid, and the traversal feels sooo good. I haven’t played Titanfall 2, so I’m personally not missing anything with the absence of double jumps or wallrunning, but they sound like they’d only make this game even better.

Never in my years did I think that a ‘quick communications’ mechanic would be one of my favorite parts of a game, but Apex Legend’s Ping system is something special. I’ll echo the sentiments above that mention just how well designed and useful it is. In the 6 or so matches I played last night, I won one of them, had a 2nd place finish, and a 4th place finish, all with random strangers and no voice chat.

Really excited to see where this game goes from here.


Hey y’all, there is definitely a way to mute people in one menu or another. I think if you hit options/start/whatever gets you to a not-map menu, there’s a squad button that brings up your squad and there are speaker icons below their banners you can hit to mute your party.

I had a good amount of fun with this game already, but I feel like certain guns are kinda crap and I’m still struggling to really down enemies consistently. The auto shotgun, the EVA?, is extremely slow firing. I had encounters where folks were straight up in my face and I held that trigger down and it did not get the job done at all.

For those missing wall-running, you can still hold the jump button to climb up basically any vertical surface.


It will probably take me a while to get to even an average level of proficiency in this game, but I really do dig what it’s doing. The biggest thing for me is the ping system. The fact that you can communicate with randoms efficiently without using a mic is a game changer for me. I honestly don’t have a lot of friends on Xbox who are into battle royale-type games, so being able to actually jump in with random teammates and do some basic coordination is really great.

Besides that, it feels great, even without wall-running, and the different characters having their own different ability loadouts really lends itself to some nice synergies.

Definitely hope to play with some Waypoint peeps, as the only non-Waypoint people who I know who like BRs played a few rounds with me last night, and came away saying “well, this is okay if you don’t want to buy COD for Blackout, but it’s nowhere near as good as that”.

Needless to say, I disagree with their assessment.


The auto shotgun, the EVA?, is extremely slow firing

Tell me about it. I was super excited to pick that up, as it was one of my preferred weapons in TF2, and it was not nearly as satisfying in this. In TF2, that thing could just delete people in a second at close range. I missed the rapid rate of fire that it used to have. Given the close range you need to be effective with a shotgun, I definitely wish it was a bit stronger.

The Peacekeeper on the other hand? That thing wrecks.


I praised the ping system in the other thread. It’s GREAT!

I’m surprised at how well the hero shooter stuff integrates into the BR formula. Their abilities are genuinely helpful, but they don’t ruin the core gameplay of the genre. I’ve had a great time with Bloodhound and Wraith.

Also, the mechanic that keeps you grouped together during the drop is amazing!


Tribes-esque skiing is already a big ol’ check mark from me, sliding down hills feels so great.


Maybe it’s just me having to get used to the controls or something but considering how great it feels to slide down hills & use the grappling hook (When you do it right) I would love the game to feel like you can pick up momentum while you run but that may just be a personal taste thing.


I couldn’t play it last night, but it’s downloaded and I’ll jump in soon. Pings and traversal alone make it seem like it might have a fair amount of staying power.

And for those concerned you can only play 3s, I’d bet a significant portion of my next paycheck that Respawn adds Solo, Duo, Squad over time. I’m sure they’ve been monitoring the way Epic and Treyarch update their BRs, and there’s no way they don’t do the same.


a la Mirror’s Edge? I would love that too. And if they could somehow manage to implement some more of Mirror’s Edge’s parkour mechanics in general, my heart would absolutely melt.

Wait, am I just asking for Brink?


Was Brink just Titanfall but they fucked up?


This is the first BR to grab my attention. I’ve tried both Fortnite & PUBG, but neither really felt right or engaging to me. I also don’t play too many first-person shooters; the last one to actually hold my attention was Titanfall 2. Apex definitely feels like Titanfall (minus wall running, RIP) so it just feels great to play. The amount of communication between your teammates is amazing too; pinging is something that seems so obvious in retrospect and should’ve been in BR games to begin with.

Fingers crossed this games got legs. I’m all for the free to play model to get a strong community on here.


@danlur he only example of a Battle Royale game doing something drastically different with the initial drop-in is the CounterStrike’s mode where you pre-select where you drop and then puts a radius around you where other people can’t drop. It’s a… weird system? I will say though, Apex’s version of the drop-in is maybe my favorite version of it. Encouraging the squad to drop together, the use of pinging for suggesting and confirming locations, and giving every squad a colored smoke trail (so you can easily see if other squads are near you), it’s just all very well thought out.

I don’t think anyone has mentioned it in this thread yet but I just really want to shout out how they have eight characters and two of them are black women and Gibraltar has a boyfriend. Also they have Bloodhound who, in their profile description, uses they/them pronouns and has a somewhat ambiguous voice so you could read that as non-binary (although I’ve seen people suggesting that it may just be Respawn making Bloodhound be very ~mysterious~, so who knows). I hope that they 1) keep up the good representation and 2) put it in the actual game and don’t just call it a day with pulling a Blizzard of having some flavor text stashed away on a website somewhere.

I really hope this game keeps up the popularity. There was reports that it hit over a million players in a few hours, so hopefully that means it’s good to go. I would be really bummed if in a few months we hear that they’re shutting down servers or something.


This article talks with one of the community managers who says that Bloodhound is non-binary, it’s towards the end:

The words of a community manager might not be binding but the fact that someone representing the game is willing to say that probably counts for something!


In one fell swoop Apex Legends speaks more to PoC and LGBTQ players than OW did at launch, although I always like it when that’s better represented in the game.

I can see this game lasting, it has the benefit of being free and having few characters to learn, but the detriment of limited game modes and expectations re: Titanfall; It’s a toss up honestly, being EA they can just as well just pull the plug after a few months by their reputation.

I played some of it just now and … oof I am terrible. I’ve been confused by the UI at times and was too concerned about shooting to remember using my abilities, which I had no experience using.
It’ll take a few more sessions to internalise what guns use what ammo, can use what attachments etc. and fine tune the controls to my liking (I was fiddling with controls just as the training was ending and accidentally unbound my fire button, hah. Was so confused when I tried firing my gun my first match).


Oh no…do we just want to play Blink?!


I thought that had been made illegal?


I liked Brink…

I think it’s important that we all take a moment to pause and reflect on the fact that Apex Legends is a truly awful name for a video game. I know most of us are numb to terrible names after so many decades but this one deserves recognition for being the most meaningless Mad Libs nonsense possible.


It’s terrible. It sounds like a crap mobile game.


I told a friend it had released and he made a face and said “Oh is it a phone game?”

I think that may be why its just called Apex in marketing haha